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  • I am a Sag with Aries rising and Leo moon and I am born on the sag-cap cusp... my dob is 21.12.86

    Can somebody do me a short reading??? I have gone through a lot many readings but nothing makes me really feel ok...

  • Overcoming a certain mistrust of yourself will doubtless figure prominently in your life journey, Faeryofthewilds. Yet you are gifted with a capacity for a kind of charismatic individualism that your particular karmic path calls for, though it will nevertheless demand that you redefine some of your more conventional attitudes. Though participation in clubs, groups or organizations will dominate your early years, you will remain a loner underneath and will do best when you separate yourself from the demands and responsibilities of daily life, and make a concerted effort to determine what you really want in the calm of undisturbed contemplation. Over time and with age, you will pull back from such social involvements in favour of the freedom to pursue more solitary interests. Once your inner guidance system of intuition and insight comes into full play, you are unlikely to be swayed from your course by irrelevant concerns, a tendency towards narcissism, an overwhelming need for approval or the desire to fill the expectations of others.

    You are here to shed your social orientation and to let the radiant light of your unique individuality shine forth, and to develop greater self-interest and self-awareness - you will find yourself by believing in your own prophetic vision. Many people will cling to you because of your magnetism and caring ways, but you must slip away in order to pursue your own personal star of destiny. You can become so bombarded by invitations, requests and demands from others that you forget to look after yourself. Focus your attention on yourself and your own needs and learn how to have firmer boundaries as regards others. You mustn't let anyone become too dependent on you or get swept along by other's desires for you - even those of your parent's or family. No matter how unusual or silly your dream may seem to others, you must be free to pursue it if you are ever to experience true satisfaction and happiness.

  • captain please help!! i did a 3 card reading and i think my ex is going to take me to court. the temeranse and tower card came up and the card reader i went to see that told me about my ex boyfriends addictions said something about my sisters and i being taken to court, something in that nature. PLEASE HELP!! is he? what cani do about it?


  • sweetoty,just make a thread for the captain..

    hugs sheila

  • Thanks Captain for the help...

  • hi my name is debora albornoz,was born the 7/9/88 I would want to know if edgar chamorro that was born the 17/6/88 is in love with me and will come back tome soon,thanks.

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