Blmoon - Remember the Well?

  • Blmoon I posted this on my original thread but thought I'd put it out separately to get your attention. I just wanted to give you an update, my home life is in chaos we had a flood but my research is going well. I have been contacting lots of people and offices I never pursued before. A recent contact to a town clerk got me a quick response back of "here is what I can tell you but I really can't help you." Well I wrote back my standard reply of thank you for your assistance and efforts on my behalf yada yada yada. Then I went out on a limb and I mentioned that what brought me to ask about these people in this area was a psychic reading of sorts I'd been given that targeted the area of "Wells" Remember the well? Anyway, lo and behold a couple days later I got a call from a lady who lived in Wells and said that the town clerk had mentioned to her that she & I needed to do some work together. The conversation was remarkable and eventually led to me talking with her son the next day about the location of the old family farms the description matched exactly to what I mapped out as a the location, just on the cusp of the town of Wells. Really cool, still have much more to learn turns out the lady actually knew one of my distant cousins so she is sharing data on that him and his family with me too. I just thought I'd give you an update.

    Also I recently had what I call a flash, it was of being swept for lack of better terms to what looked like an old house of sorts, there was really long high grass, kind of wheat like in color, the door was made of planks of wood like 2 x 4's all next to each other, not a solid board, a little off from straight, it was gray and weathered. As I went inside I saw a fireplace, the hearth and mantle, the floors were old wide plank wood, nothing uniform. In walking around I felt very claustrophobic like it was real small but it didn't look it. What intrigued me was I could see it needed a good sweeping, it was dirty like tracked in dirt but not dusty, although it was old and obviously no on had lived there in a very long time. There was a loose floor board and when we lifted it mind you I don't know who the "we" was, there inside was a small book of some sort, something that looked like a letter opener and a thing I can only describe as like a bed knob thin and spindled with an old twine wrapped around it. For some reason I thought that was used like a plumb bob to check the plumb of a door or something you were hanging. I wondered if you'd share your thoughts on this? I don't know if it was a dream or seeing something, I'd like to differentiate between the two in this case.

    Should you get any new goodies for me please let me know.

  • can't talk right now but will get back to you. Great about wells! Glad to see all I gave you is stil panning out. I normally don't give so much but you had such a crowd speaking up and spirit assured me you would be patient and persistant with info--and you are. I do pick up on the dream but can't read right now--will get back to you. I need the energy for ME myself and I stuff. You know by the end of your time travel you will have a best selling novel! Blessings.

  • I'll look forward to hearing from you when you have the time. I do understand the need for "me" time more than you know. Touch base when you can, always interested in your input. Would love to hear your thoughts on the dream too. Have a great weekend.

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  • bump, just keeping in the list hope all is well with you Blmoon.

  • hello time travelor

    not surprised you found that book--waiting to be opened--the letter opener a very "male" symble and aspect of yourself still growing towards balance. You still struggle with that yin and yang the male aspect of your self that protects you--stands up for you. I remember seeing that your ancesters would help you reveal that struggle as you do share a similiar life with an ancester. The house you see is you and the invisable yet knowing "we" you feel is the intuitive guidance all this time traveling is bringing you. YOU and your higher self are in this search together. You still have problems with worthiness (you carry a dirty stain from childhood)--are still too hard on yourself, always measuring yourself for lack of perfection---perfection is your enemy and always the focus of your house--the house being you. When will you be good enough to deserve more? You are trying but it's like swimming upstream for you! Your hearts in it--the big hearth but still your perception squeezes the reality of your true space--it chokes the hearth. Makes you see the picture smaller than it is--you diminish yourself for lack of acceptance--shy away hidden in the tall grass. Now time is breathing on your neck--you know you must solve this before you get too old--time is important now--you worry you will not solve this in time. You are getting close! Pump up that male side of your spirit and COURT YOURSELF! Buy those flowers for yourself--be ever so loving and kind to yourself and also protect yourself as a perfect man would. Learn to say no to those who trample your boundries--disrespect your needs. You deserve love. Choose love. Blessings.

    PS--I see another very telling dream coming soon that will compliment this one.

  • Wow, that is much food for thought. Thank you very much for taking the time to give me your take on my "dream". I thought I was puzzled before. LOL Here I was imagining I'd found the family farm I seek and that there was some secret there beneath the surface. I take it I'm finding my way back to accepting myself and that I must overcome "the stain of my childhood" and just move forward. Putting old hurts behind me and finding a way toward happiness in the that anything close to what you are describing?

    Never in a million years would I have gotten that the house was a symbol of me. The hiding in the grass part, makes sense I always feel like the kid hiding behind mothers skirt, wanting to see but not wanting to be seen. I am so intrigued and yet still baffled. I'm sure I will seek you out again, thank you for taking the time for me. I really appreciate that.

    I recently came across a book of my meditation notes from years ago before the fire. In re-reading it I realize I was having successful meditations, that I had no recollection of whatsoever. The one point that stood out in reading over my notes was that often I spoke of feeling like I'd been touched, on a hand, arm, foot, head. Do you experience anything like that? I was seeing colors. I felt being dropped back to my resting place. I was shocked to read how many times I'd "gotten it", mind you it didn't hold much information but the experience notes were remarkable, even describing the spinning topsy turvy, sort of out of control helicopter sensation. If you have any insight on how I could get back to those types of meditation I'd sure welcome the guidance. It's amazing to me to see that now almost four years later I was getting there then. Sad that so much time has passed in between but there has been much life drama to deal with.

    Now how to get to trust my male self and court myself, there I am perplexed but I'll try.

  • You are right--the dream does mean both literal and spiritual events happening at the same time--that's what makes your journey so magical--the way your family tree search is also your own inner search. It is both and as you get these break throughs on one end it opens two doors! Isn't that amazing how life exhists on more than one level at all times. As I said befor, you could wright a book--worthy to be called literature about your family history--it is so fuill of truth and universal wisdom. Also, you lament that you slowed down or lost momentum and that is exactly what I picked up--that anxiouse lost time feeling off your dream. Stop that feeling it is not true and only clouds your ability to relax--it's like a visiouse circle. Selfdoubt breeds more anxiety and anxiety tightens your mind. Here's how I see it from a distance--first you successfully learned the tools for meditation and healthy detachment and you got it! THEN life said well here it is the challenge to flex that new muscle--put it to work--and that's where you are at now and have been for five years. Your challange is to live in the moment NO MATTER WHAT. Meditation is only half the equation. This is what you are learning and it doesn't mean you lost something it's just the next hurdle. The fortifying yourself part. The knowing what really fills you up strong and making that a part of your daily life NO MATTER WHAT. When you start actively nurturing and loving yourself it will pump up your meditation skills which are just fine but now you are challenged to learn more--it's all good and on time--RELAX. I'm not sure what your fortifying ritual is as it is partly your job to get that as it is too easy for someone to just tell you--it's part of you connecting with you as there is a disconnect. Here's mine for example--yes I am human as you and even more challenged by energy needs because I am a healer and psychic. I thrive on nature but get too busy to go away so recently I decided to bring that oasis to my backyard. I began building a special place in my yard--I also thrive on water--I have a pool and a fish pond and recently bought myself a fountain. I keep adding plants and lights and other things I love and everynight--because I also thrive after dark I put on my headphones--music also fills me up (and dancing!) and I plug in my fountain and sit alone in my own happy space--then I climb in my pool which I bought with a poetry prize and still wearing my headphones climb in my inner tube--a celestial blue color and just float around with the current of the pump. Above me the moon is so beautiful and my lights so festive and nature visits in delightful ways. The music helps keep me from using the time to think of taxing thoughts that pop up like bills or imagined hurts of the day. After pool time I again sit on my bench a bit watch the flame of candles and enjoy little surprises from nature. I have so much more energy since I made this ritual part of my life. It's been a slow project--I'm scraping by like ever one else but the universe backs me up. My new fountain was a clearence surprise I stumbled upon at the hardware--they sold out as I took my time trying to justify spending on such a non essential(or was it!) SURPRISE a nice man said I could have the display for $60--a $250 fountain! It gives me so much joy now I can't believe I was going to pass. See how easy we deny ourselves loving gestures for imagined perfect reasons? Treat yourself--to find that daily ritual that just fills you up with feel good joy and your dreams will reveal a grand house AND you will also solve your ancester search. BLESSINGS! you are loved.

  • I really want to thank you for taking the time to go over this with me, I know you get so busy and have to make time for yourself but I wanted to express how much it means to me that you are helping me to understand this, it really means a lot.

    I spoke with my brother about your interpretation of my "dream" and was surprised he too shared with me that it is in his words an event happening parallel to what goes on here. As if having one foot in the street straddling the yellow line, one foot is here, the other there. I never thought of it as being an occurring existence. I guess that is silly on my part but because of my research I have always taken the past as the past although it intrigues me greatly. I love that you said my journey is magical I feel that. Like a giddy little kid, it impresses me with each new thing I learn.

    I surprised myself in reading my old meditation journal to discover I was successfully "getting it" all this time I felt like I had that one moment with the uncle visit and the rest just sort of was struggling to understand and get there. Self doubt is horrible for me and I have to find ways to overcome it. As I shared your message to Court myself with my brother he laughed and said I just wrote down you have to do more for yourself because you always put yourself last. We're both guilty of that. The self doubt and treating myself better is definitely something I have to work on. I love that you got your fountain at such a bargain, no one is more deserving that is wonderful. For me I think I will buy myself the sneakers I so desperately need. Mind you they'll be a kmart special not Nike or anything like that but that works for me. The stress over money is a hard one for me I wallow in it and fully admit I am guilty of that. I am working on it, with my vision board and talking things out with my daughter and family, really taking each accomplishment as a great one but it is not easy for me. I am sorry you too struggle with these issues.

    As far as my fortifying method if I understand that you must mean how I recharge my batteries. Is that right? I really don't have a ritual, I guess I really need one. I often take walks and as I describe "talk to the sky" other passers by surely think I'm the neighborhood nut. I do have some cd's I got from the library that I use for meditation, more for the relaxation than the meditation but one is Mountain sounds birds in the woods, bubbling brook that kind of thing I really like that one. I also have one that is ocean sounds. I think one of these days I'd like to invest in something like an ipod but not fancy just to load my favorite music on and enjoy at my leisure. I wish I had the pool to chill in but ours here is not well not for me. Most of the time I just find some quiet time in my room, lie down and see what comes. Sitting meditations don't work as well for me. I've managed to get passed the falling asleep stuff. Sometimes I hold an object, I try to remember to do an intention before meditating if I'm looking for something or someone in particular to focus on. I always ask for the white light of protection before I begin but other than have no ritual per se. I really need to find some "me" time which I lack. So I take it I MUST find a way to make that time, find what works for me, do something for myself even if it is ten minutes of solitude with my favorite music or sounds. I am working on my anxiety issues admitting to feeling that way was a big step in itself.

    I need to find a way to see what is rather than what I lack and remove that darned word Lack from my vocabulary. It weakens me and I struggle with what we do without instead of basking in what we have in spite of our limitations. Relax, wow that sounds like it would be so great I just don't usually feel that way. I will work on it. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to deal with me and try to guide me. I have felt that for each step forward I am being pushed to the side as if against the shoulder not allowing me to stay on the path. I fear it is my own doing, fear as I'm sure you know is another issue I have. I keep trying to see what way to go next and yet feel blind to see it. I am amazed that this journey could be literally be in connection to the history I so desperately try to find the pieces of in my research. I picture it like two tv's side by side each with a different show on one is today and the other history am I in both places? Or is it my spirit is living the life of someone in both places? I'm not sure I understand fully does that make sense. If so which description is correct? And I won't be the least bit surprised if you say both.

  • I'm kind of thinking you see me learning here, and living the life of "mary" there. Am I correct?

  • I'll be looking forward to the day I solve that ancestor search. And I am so very happy for you that you got your fountain. A blessing indeed and to one so deserving.

  • BOTH! You really do see well--you just have doubt in yourself. We all struggle with doubt. I never get to a place of "being there"--all finished. I have my low days as well but the difference is when we become AWARE even as it is happening we detach and see it for what it is--the "this too shall pass" state of mind and we make free will choices to override. For me, when I'm having a fear stained day I can trace it back to some leak in energy and usually I'm just plain tired on some level but have let it slip by because we often miss the signs as empaths and will get a burst of energy before the drop but it really is the outside buzz of others racfing through us. Also, it can be a signal that I've been too reclusive and need to get out of my head and get outside more. My advice is stop the all or nothing thinking and don't measure your progress by bad days as everyone has them--even the most enlightened---it's not a sign of failure it just is what it is--a sympton you treat and move on. I'd say 99.99 percent of these posts are filled with nothing more than self doubt and most people are more intuitive than they give themselves permission to be. There's no moon right now so don't expect any big starts at the moment but the new moon aproaching is a great time to start a new venture. BLESSINGS! Buy those shoes--the ones you truelly love--let spirit help you shop and make them fit for a queen!

  • ROFL, I knew you'd say Both! I hope I don't make you struggle with my own doubt of my abilities. I never want to be a burden especially in asking for help or guidance from another. I understand exactly what you mean in the this too shall pass syndrome. So many people have asked me how am I so calm in the midst of my chaotic life that frustrates me so. I answer "this too shall pass." I have this odd peace about the insanity, it's not in my hands to control and thus why drive myself crazy over it. But I gather my subconscious is working on it. Trust my intuition imagine that theory. I will do my best. You have opened a whole new dialogue for myself and my brother. I'm sure more questions will arise in the process.

    I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that I am to be so close to solving my ancestor mystery. Like you say I feel it, I'm just not there yet. I trust I will soon be bouncing another dream off of you for your interpretation. In the meantime I welcome any advice, comments or messages you may have for me. All these many years I have been searching to learn who the parents of my great great great grandfather are? His wife is the infamous "Mary" if only she (or should I say I, LOL) could tell who the in-laws are my research could all come together. I suppose the answer will come when the time is right. Until then I'll keep hunting.

    I will get those shoes.

  • Had some quiet time yesterday, listened to some music, got to meditate. Didn't get much from it but soothing blue colors and a flash or two, nothing significant. Yet anyway.

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  • I got my sneakers! On clearance and with a coupon, name brand too, my daughter is so proud. LOL

    My dreams are definitely becoming more vivid. But they are not necessarily any kind of message, a lot of it seems to relate to the goings on of the day before etc. But this morning as I was waking I had a particularly strange dream. It didn't feel like a visit, in fact I don't think I knew anyone in the dream but I was being guided from place to place by them. I was in a strange setting and I was looking at a batch of paperwork, newspaper clippings, data, film or microfilm all sort of paper clipped together, it was all stored in a small box that for one thing didn't look like all the stuff would fit in it and secondly the box looked like a book only it was silver in color, even a little shiny. The article on top under the paper clip had written across it in what looked like black marker something about "From Anne...... collection" The name was my aunt, my mothers sister but the article appeared to relate to my fathers family, it had an odd headline listing A name that I think may have said Chris Cagney, the Cagney part I know was correct, son of ........and then my grandfathers name died. I don't know if it referred to my grandfather directly or if it said Mrs. (Grandpa's name). It was strange, I'm fairly certain grandpa didn't have another child elsewhere and doubt his other wives did. I never got to read the article. I remember asking a man breezing briskly by me if they had a copier or maybe a scanner so I could send a copy home. He excitedly said they did and began to show me the way. Anyway, like I said the dream was complicated, a lot of mush mixed together for lack of a better way to describe it. I wondered if I may have been experiencing a visit to the files "over there". Wondered what your thoughts are on that.

    At one point I was looking at my wallet and stuff kept falling out of it, papers, tickets, pictures (never saw any money) and the wallet didn't really look like mine, more like a mans wallet.

    Mind you I will be the first to admit it may simply have been a goofy dream. However, I did have another strange occurrence recently which again may be merely coincidental. The other day I noticed the year my mom was born came out boxed in our state. I mentioned it to my brother and told him I was thinking of playing the year dad was born, maybe it would come out next. He's a numbers watcher my brother and he assured me no way it was coming out don't waste your time and money. Well dad kept crossing my mind so I played the number with anticipation I'd gotten the message. That night my daughter decided to pay dad a visit at the cemetery just before closing time, much to my surprise and I thought wow that's cool, maybe this is validation I finally got it right. I stood at the grave and thanked him for his guidance, mentioned the number and my hopes that it would come out, we could sure use the money. The next morning I checked the numbers and do you know what came out, my dad's birthday straight. For two days he consumed my thoughts, I played what I thought was the number I was being the given the coincidental possibility of his birth year coming out, alas it was his birthday not the year on the right day, the right drawing, the right order, the right person but I still managed to get it wrong. Was that supposed to happen or did I just goof? I sure hope that wasn't my big win opportunity for this lifetime. LOL

  • Cool dreams RC, you should ask the Universe to see the Akashic Records when you sleep! Sorry for jumping in. 🙂

  • Hey Poetic, no bother at all, I was going to copy it to our thread. Could not think of the word Akashic to save my life.

    My dreams lately are very vivid just as I'm waking up but I am still having trouble remembering them to write it all down. They are complex, lots of people stuff, mixed together in odd scenarios. it's weird. I'm kind of hoping it's my mind flexing the muscle for the real messages meant to come through soon. Just hope I haven't missed another one.


    I just had a similiar incident of "missing the boat" Had to do with some very important concert tickets--very special ones--had them in my cart then let them go worried about the cash not in my account yet said oh wait another day!--next day--SOLD OUT! oh the bad old habit wanted so bad to get me to beat myself up--ouestion my own gift and it really was a thought I had to wrestle for days--still pops up--like you I got the message at the last minute--didn't realise the concert exhisted as it is a small venue but a very favorite musician. Like you I was so full of frustrations--how could I let this happen--why am I so off! And you know what--this event is my opportunity to gracefully accept these lost expectations in a kind self loving way. In other words it happened just as it was supposed to and this is a revisit time of old bad habits and flexing our growth. Of course I'm still calling the box office as a sweet person there said keep trying--we don't mind and sometimes a ticket does come back available.It's a reflection of my old shadow side that used to always be ready to except I missed something--wasn't fast enough--wasn't enough. Yep thats the words NOT ENOUGH! Can't go back there.I even have had the purse dream--the papers falling out so I think you are revisiting a similiar shadow side. That feeling out of control. The keeping track of your own worth

    OH--Anne she's the one who told me you would need to look in another direction for the person you are looking for--I recognize that feeling of your dream I felt that in my vision. Also the silver box represents the moon--silver is connected to the moon--and it was shiny is validation. You have gotten a lot of pyschic info--trying to make it fit--AND you also have a lot of factual data--real records and things in "black and white". Now how do you make it all make sense! The man's wallet relates to your old shadow side as well---the male side of you you don't recognize--but you are getting past that---beefing up your man side that protects you--enforces borders. AND wow it is so interesting how your journey for this lost man parallells your own journey to be complete--yin and yang--your male side who protects your female. Your story would so make a good book--truth is the basis for all great literature. I feel you are going to find him soon. Your own healing growth brings him closer. I will check in on the full moon--see if anything comes and I will pray for a dream. Blessings!

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