I'm still offering reading

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  • Okay one more question for this morning, and I promise that I will not bother you until later on tonight LOLOLLOL 🙂

    There is one violent employee there whose D.O.B. is July 27, 1974. Will this person also be one of the individuals going to jail as well?

    Thanks :0

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  • Hi Bartmanhomer,

    Love ya name.

    On ur other thread i requested a reading, but i never got it. So i spotted u again n thought why not try once more.

    May i request a reading by u? n will u have the time at all?

    My issues are:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman or alden writer libra is for me?

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    Whats the deal with my oldest friend connor, aries born Rome Italy?

    Will my back EVER be okay again?

    N last whatever else u see feel get.'

    Thank you so ever much.

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  • bartmanhomer, would love to hear what your cards say about the man in my life.

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  • Hi Bartmanhomer,

    I'm pregnant and everyone is against my decision to keep my baby 😞 I feel I'm cornered.

    do you see things working out for me and my bf?

    Jan 11 1984 (me)

    Oct 12 1977 (bf)

    Thank you.

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  • Oh thank you so much! It means so much to me. 🙂

  • You're welcome

  • thanks bartmanhomer, that seems to be the recurring cycle with us... is it even worth is what i want to know. i mean, i dnt mind going through the motions, i would forgive him a billion times, but i dont want to have it all go to waste.

  • Bartmanhomer:

    I am pisces born on March 12,56. I lost my husband 10 years ago, and after some disastrous relationships am looking for a companion and soul mate. Where do I look for him? I am interested in one or two men, but...


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  • Hello,

    I would like a reading if you have the time.

    Thank you

  • Bartman homer Hey see if i could bother you for a reading 8-19-1951 concerning work ,Thanks allot Delbert C

  • Hi bart thanx

    i long did, my next 2,5 years r mapped out. education LOL


  • Hi Bartmanhomer, pleased to meet you. I havent been here for over a month but I"m happy to meet a new face! If you are still up for doing a reading I would love your insight. :0) If you are inundated and tired then that's ok too :0)

    Will Christian finish medical school?

    Will this current insane situation work out?

    Will I ever find real, satisfying love?

    Thank you bunches x a billion!

  • Hey B ~

    Just wondering if you saw my post (page 1) It disappeared last night so I thought maybe it wasn't meant to be and was going to leave it at that but then it reappeared this morning...hmm, strange things going on! Lol! Once I post I wait, I'm a patient person. Oh, I so don't like to see multiple requests of a reader or be disrespectful in any way but since this odd thing occurred with the post, I wondered if maybe you had answered but it also disappeared? If you haven't answered and are just not getting anything, that's fine, maybe the timing isn't right.

    Hope you have a fabulous day 🙂

  • Dear Bartmanhomer:

    Just want to say its really sweet of you to do these.

    may I have one too?

    I was dating a man for the last 7 weeks who is a very sweet person who I was truelyy falling for and I believed he was too . but whos actions toward me and things he would say could be quite contradicting from one day to the next.. which was really confusing to me! But especially the last couple weeks we ere getting along amazingly well....all the sudden he turned on a dime, can you please tell me why. Does he truely mean the things he is saying to me?

    I dont think you need birth dates but mine is July 20,1964 and his is 11/13/65

    Thanks so much, I need clarification so badly!

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