I'm still offering reading

  • I'm still offering reading.

  • Oh one more thing Bartmanhomer, I am been working with my cards and making a place for me to meditate more peacfully, do you see me becoming more in tune with my sixth sense if thats makes sense. I feel stronger lately with the feelings and experiences I have since I was little and want to grow and working to become more in tune with them. Once I mentioned to a lady who claimed to be a psychic and later try to scam me, she stated that I would not grow with my sixth sense.

  • Hi Bartmanhomer,

    how do you offer your readings? via e-mail?



  • Hey Bartman… I'd love a general reading if you have the time.


  • OH!!!! there you are Bartmanhomer I was over on your "Yo this is crazy thread, so I will simply post and paste my question here.

    For some reason Admin deleted SportClip and mines.

  • Hello Again Bartmanhomer, I want to Thank You once again for your time and energy that you put into these readings. We really need you on this forum 😉

    When you are not busy with your friends and family, could you look into HOW I will help my friend (G) with this situation?

    The reason as to why I am asking is because this particular woman who is trying to destroy him is VERY Manipulative and Dangerous.

    So if you could do a different spread ie. HorseShoe?? I need to know how I could be of help when I do not have any power? What will he have me do??

    Me: April 21,1973

    Ex Boyfriend: June 30,1950

    Evil Employee: March 20,1968

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  • Sure Bartmanhomer, I'm In!

    First let me say, I hope you're having a fabulous day 🙂 Usually I sit back and observe for a while, read through many posts to see how a reader works and kinda get a feel for them, so to say, but today I feel like changing it up....So, let's give it a shot!

    The last 24 hours...WOW! Some very unexpected things have happened! Umm, I was gonna erase that last sentence, but I'm gonna leave it and re-phrase it. The last 24 hours some changes have occurred though not totally unexpected. I had a feeling from the start that this would be the outcome, just didn't expect it to occur as suddenly as it did or as soon as it did! Now without giving you all the details of the situation (at least for the moment), this twist may present me with something to consider or possibly make a decision about. So my question is how will this twist affect or alter the course of the path I choose or should I even allow it too? Walk away now or consider the possiblity that the situation presents? dob 5-21-64 if you need. Let's see what you get! Many thanks and gratitude for your generous offer.

  • Okay Thanks Again.....WOW!!!! That is quite some outcome!

    When you say violence..... do you mean violence from my Ex Boyfriend, The Evil employee, OR from the other employees in the company??

    Your insight again please.

  • pilot007: all of them.

  • OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope that my Ex Boyfriend is not going to get hurt is he?

  • Hi, I would love a reading...I am praying to save my marriage and I have a strong feeling inside that I can. I am looking for any guidance or information that i can get to help me and I would appreciate a reading.

    Thank you

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  • hello Bartmanhomer, I'm the Brett-miester

    I got some kinda question. What should I do......about the mess my wife left Us 4 with besides try cleaning up ??? I'm a leo, shes leo.....and desserted us 2 months ago. Where is this going ?

    Just curious about what you can say....thanks dude for help !

  • Okay, Bartmanhomer, I hope that you are not tired of me, I REALLY love the fact that you are willing to help me. MAN OH MAN if only his daughter had listened to me......sigh. I guess that you can not change destiny.

    I had warned my exboyfriends daughter about the employee's behavior. I TOLD her and him that someone is going to get hurt!!!!!!!!!!!! The one Evil employee has some serious rage.

    My TWO questions are : Will my Ex boyfriends daughter be notified about this once this happens?

    AND the person or people who attack him and give him stitches; will they spend time in jail?

    Thanks Again for your insight!!!

  • Also, When you are finnished with The Lovely Guitarro, and emptyheart2010..... Could you tell me when this situation is going to occurr?

    Will it happen next week , how many days?? I feel that this is going to happen really soon. Due to all of the drama and all.

    Thanks for spending your weekend with us Bartmanhomer.

  • Hi 🙂

    I'm going to move ,but i have some troubles.

    I was going to live with my friend (pieces) but ..now I will probably go with my another friend (leo).I also have to find place for living...

    I'm wondering ,how that will pass?I'm virgo

  • Hello Bartman

    When you find the time can you give me a reading regarding my family, friends, co-workers as to where I stand. I have been told there is someone close to me who is jealous and wants to hurt me or block me from going forward? But I know in my heart that I can only make my dreams come true no matter what people try to do or put in my path! my b-day is 7/16/60

    thank you Star49

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  • Good Morning again Bartmanhomer,

    Okay, when you are finished with the others, could you tell me :

    Will my Ex boyfriend's daughter be notified about this once this happens?

    The person or people who give him stitches; will they spend time in jail?

    Thanks Again for spending your weekend with us 🙂

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