Can i please have a love reading?

  • hi, can i please have a love reading. my birthdate is 23/9/71, his is 22/11/71.

    thankyou in advance.

  • This relationship is best for friendship. It can be a highly exciting matchup and has a tremendous capacity for initiating and maintaining projects. But crtiical tendencies are also abundant here with each partner censuring the other for the very strengths he or she brings to the relationship. This judgment is viewed as unfair of course, and is met with opposition. Although activity here is often at fever pitch, the energy of the matchup is rarely wasted, and is ultimately used constructively.

    Sensuality manifests in this relationship toward food, sex and in particular art. A love affair or marriage is often marked by frustration: since neither partner can be happy with what they have, things rarely seem quite right. It is not so much finicky attitudes (although they certainly do exist) as much as a vague dissatisfaction, involving unfavorable comparisons to past or idealized loves. Paradoxically, you two readily share in your appreciation of art and the pleasures of the table. The relationship may eventually become a platonic one, you two becoming de facto friends and companions rather than lovers or mates.

    Friendship is indeed the most balanced form this relationship can take. It affords mutual enjoyment and development, free of the emotional problems of a love relationship. Such a good friendship can become central to both your lives and intense feelings of loss may be experienced by either person on the departure or death of the other.

  • thankyou captain.

    yeh the emotional problems of a love relationship... can relate to that.

    most of what is written here is true. i feel too that we have had a great friendship.. and i do feel intense loss at the moment.. we havent been in contact for quite a while. i miss the friendship very much. i feel we will be friends again in time. i hope anyway.

    "critical tendencies.." yes. agreed. " activity- fever pitch.. yes definitely" there has been times where the energy is unbelievable, like we are an unstoppable force of creativity. and the art the food the s.ex.. yes yes yes. we are both so sensual. i do miss him.

    maybe its a matter of focusing on that energy when it is there rather than that idealised love, that bit threw me ,, so true..

    to learn non attachment in love...

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