Can a video game character, leave a psychic impression ?

  • This is an unusual post - but, if I understand correctly... An intuitive person would really "pick up" on my energy with issues that had NOTHING TO DO with me being a creative person. (( The art that I picked in question isn't based on a real person... so don't be alarmed, if someone asks if this is based on a video game avatar.))

    The Character has an AQUARIAN birthday, but the Illustrator is a LEO. (( Some of you might be thinking, big deal... so what.)) Still, it's funny how a person will take a small amount of information and try to spin something. Is there a relationship between the Illustrator and the model ?

    Can a video game character... just show up, and fix somebody in such a way that a person's life improves at some level ? (( The problem is, ESCAPISM... that NEPTUNE SQUARE SUN.)) Yet, do Video Game Characters fall under the realm of URANUS and not NEPTUNE ?

  • Both the illustrator and the creator of a character put their energy into their creations, as do writers. Heroic characters (real or not) can inspire us to want to be better people.

  • Figuring out a few knowns... on one hand, isn't everything that people do is attached to some kind of Thematic Tale. (( To like, or to not like - it's still a story that wants to be told... and even though it has it's fingers on such interesting ideas about what is a REAL and a NOT SO REAL...))

    The Narrator has to step back - a bit and explain what the whole experience is like as the Third Person. (( It's all about the grammar of any language --- before the Narrator him / herself actually falls prey to being one of those unfortunates who goes down with the Titanic.)) So, yes - the fact that I had to drop Second Life... the virtual reality thing is going to be something that needs to be gotten over, since the last week I've posted.

    Is there such a thing as having withdrawl symptoms... it's hard to say, but even a social worker would have to say what their limits are. A persons' vocation / career / relationship has limits and if those boundaries get stepped on --- there's potiential of losing the ability to follow or continue that certain vocation.

    I did like that Character --- but, consider that there are many who come up with an identity. A thing to try out at the next Social Gathering such as a Comic Convention, or a Dress like a Pirate Day at a city function.

    After all - isn't a relationship about sharing one's time and energy with anything ?

    Sure, there's responsibilities - such as staying employed to take care of the utilities. Then if there is an obligation to issues like if someone is married, or has a pet dog, or has children. Yet there's that thing on the news in 2010 - about a Korean Couple that got so hooked up with these virtual video games and ignored the need of their real life child.

    Even in technology - are there limits ?

  • I've felt there's a need for closure - for this posting.

    Spent time researching how a writer, spends time and energy in creating material. Page by Page, Sentence by Sentence. Can't exactly just rush something forward when it's not ripe enough to be plucked.

    Yes, nothing compares to putting in the effort and practice. ( discipline ? )

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