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  • I need some help with my cancer guy... anyone out there willing to give me some advise would be welcome.. I'm a libra and he's a cancer and it's kinda a long distance thing. I will give more details

  • Hi I'm Ocensus. Im not a sinner. Im wondering if the government governs this website on spirituality. Im glad drinking and smoking and drugs are not sins and Im glad im not a prositute. Umm if the government wants to put me in a hospital for my spirituality i code it as I love them but im not going. I love life. I love people. Im glad none of you are sinners who like this message. Have no Fear Ocensus is here! Cheers to football, cheesefries, Beer, Pizza, men in general not below! Women who amaze me! my neice my sister and my family. I love my future husband that i will meet one day. Thanks for having me!

  • I've been in many spiritual forums so far, this one seems quite friendly...i like the vibes here, glad i found you all wonderful souls. Happy to be here, to share and learn from all of you 🙂

  • Hello! My name is Stasha, I am a 33 y/o empath from california!

    I have a diffcult time reding my own life, so I look forward to getting some insight from others.

    I am also happy to help anyone that needs it. My specialty is reuniting twin flames!


  • Hi everyone! I'm AmberFire. I've worked with divination tools for the last 10 years but am still looking to grow. Pendulum would half to be my favroite with Tarot second and Candle Flame third. Hope to meet some others here with my same interest.

    Brightest Blessings and Positive Energy to all 🙂

  • I am returning, after a long pleasant, to be back!

  • Welcome back cat in the moon ,

    I remember you ,

  • Its Leap year today and I'm so upset that I can't find MR. RIGHT ???? I just don't know what's wrong, I'm beginning to think it's me? When will I find Mr. Right, that if there is one out there? 😞

  • Hi Everyone, I discovered this website recently, and decided to join and explore the site. I entered some info on myself when I signed up, but it doesn't look like it saved. Or maybe it did and I just haven't figured out where the link is LOL. Anywho, i'm a bit lost...lost in cyberspace but completely enjoying it. Looks like fun 🙂

  • Thank you for the welcome I hope I can now start a topic when I feel the need to discuss or get the wonderful help that is so generously offered to all in these forums. I used this site about 2yrs ago and have not had a computer, so I happily return.....,,, unfortunately I accidently mispelled my new name and I had to start all over again. Leinida

  • Hello! My Name is Taleb, I go by, MySelf. I have been on a journey to find my path for 3 years now, and finally i have obatined the knowledge of the old. Im 20 years old, and i hope to share this information to the world!! Please help me, everyone has a role, no one is better than the other. THank you so much.

  • Welcome and 93 I'm a long time Reader and Teacher of many aspects of Divination be it the Tarot, Runes or Celtic Ogam-Ogham. I would love to share my knowledge with you all. I have been doing Divination for over 40 years. I'm 61 years undead. Yes you guessed it I'm into Vampire's. I can't wait till the new season of True Blood comes on HBO on June 10th. They even have Pagans like me in the series. A very fun series. We Pagans are neither seen or heard on most TV shows. I love it when I see us depicted without all the usual lies and misunderstandings. You want to find us you have to find us on the Internet. We Pagans rule on the Internet. This medium is one of our best way to communicate with one another all over the world. What an amazing tool the Internet is. Let me know what topics you want me to talk about. Kudos Take Care and Blessed Be as we Pagans say. Keep up all the good work everyone. AbbottsInn93 Peace! Peace! Peace!

  • Hi guys hope you all are doing well

    Im a typical gemini girl from sweden 🙂

    Love tarot and horoscopes and all that, i find it beautiful actually and magical.

    I love this site and forum, where everyone is sharing whatever they have. So interestng to read what people think and sharing is caring they say.

    Have a nice day guys!

  • I have been interested in Tarot for a few years now. I have tried repeatedly to put together a full reading, but I am lost. I have read some books, and have 2 decks. I can understand what the indivuidual cards meanings are, but when I try a Celtic Love Cross, I am confused, and just not sure how to do a reading.

    The cards that keep coming up, is the hangman, and 8 & 9 of Swords. I have been alone for many years, a decade old dry spell, and wonder when my life will change, with a significant other. I am tired of lonely. So anyway, if there are those who need practice, I would appreciate an explanation in a language I can learn to understand.

  • Hello everybody!

  • Hi all!! I`m a new member that wants to get in touch with other tarot readers. Thanks!

  • Hello everyone I am new, looking forward to posting here.

  • Hello, Arim, welcome to the forum. I hope you find some useful information here.

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