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  • Hi all.Greeting from China.My name is Eric Zhou.I am an Aries and a Rooster in Chinese Astrology.

  • im new here and searching for someone who might give me a reading. I have gone through an unusual amount of change in this past year. getting married, moving cross country, and being away from all family and friends. personally i have grown ( to many ways to list.) but, i feel that expectations between my husband and i were not the same when we said "i do" and although i would and have done so much- i feel that it maybe best to end this before more pain comes from it. I also feel compelled to move back to my family and friends who i had to leave behind. as a libra, change is hard for me and i tend to weigh the pros and cons so much that i become confused with details and feelings. i need a clear clean approach, some one to give it to me straight. If you would be willing... i need a reading. Thank you for your time

  • Hello all!

    I just wanted to say 'hi' to all of the members here and let everyone know that I am here to help if you need me. I work with a group of psychics and would like to help to answer any questions that people have.

    I look forward to talking with each and everyone of you!


  • Hi Rotor,,I'm am thrilled. For beginnings. Are. Sooo fun"". Perhaps. Where ever the road takes you,,will lead you to all your hopes and dreams manifesting,, joy joy joy. From iowa

  • Hi Rotor,,I'm am thrilled. For beginnings. Are. Sooo fun"". Perhaps. Where ever the road takes you,,will lead you to all your hopes and dreams manifesting,, joy joy joy. From iowa

  • Hi everyone,,I'm new here as well...I love all my friends I haven't met yet,,,I would. Lobe a reading as well..not sure where to start

  • Thank you for the welcome! 🙂 I'm brand new to the forums, looking forward to learning more about myself and others; I'm Aquarian Sun, Taurus Moon, Sag Rising; I can believe in two opposite ideas at the same time equally, have lived all over the usa, am an artist. My main issue today is a woman who is totally down on americans/americanization. Tiresome. I'm neither a self-hating american nor an ugly one, I'm simply a human being on earth.

  • My name is Phyllis Le Chat (the cat). Happy to meet you, and hope you have fun here!

  • Hello! I'm new to this forum, but am not really new to the cards. Tarot cards have been in my life since I was a little girl, as my Mom reads them. I have always had an interest in the cards and a desire to learn to read them.

    I'm looking forward to this learning experience, and really like the fact that I can talk to people with the same interests!


  • Hey all, been a member of for years now and never used the forum. Glad I finally did. Great to be around like minded individuals...though the spectrum of people who are interested in astrology/tarot is huge! Blessings to all!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • thank you ,have a great fun day ,smile

  • sorry good morning rob .trying a few new things 2day this is one .smile notebook4me

  • Hello everyone;

    Thanx for the welcome forum. I hope to learn much more about a number of things-- and maybe some things I didn't expect? I love pleasant surprise.. 😉 Reiki is one of the gifts/skills I want to learn of.

    Today, I was browsing internet looking for a simple answer to a situation that worries me. But of course nothing is truly "simple" is it...

    I'll begin here then RETURN to refine my browsing/manuevering through this site. (I'm borrowing a dinosaur comp with DIAL UP so I can't be at ease to browse, read, or much of anything)

    I'm 62. Female. Disabled, pain related. I've recently been traumatized by a horrific domestic situation and it continues after 4mos. I'm currently renting a room from a long long time lady friend some 12yrs my Senior.

    BOTH of us have had abyssmal traumas in our lives over the years, so she relates to my sorrow and fear--Up to a point. My ladyfriend has been gracious enough to let me be here and I do pay my way. I do try to stay out of the way because this is NOT "My Space".. This is NOT my computer either (thank goodness lol) My friend is a Scorpio, maybe a double Scorpio--I'll ask her.

    My problem is that I was in my abussive relationsip for 3 DECADES so it's been very shocking to suddenly be out of "My Space" with nothing but the clothes on my back.

    While the "Charts" (et al) say that we are compatible as "an old shoe". I can't stand this woman's insensitivity at times. I'm shocked actually, that she is more selfish than I ever realized. She CAN be very giving but then "something" changes and suddenly, EVERYTHING in here down to the last thumbtack IS HERS. I'm afraid to touch anything or even hang up this computer...I HAD TO RESCUE HER WITH HER BILLS; all in the rears, shut off notice. MY good credit is now paying for THIS TELEPHONE line and a TV account that SHE JUST HAD TO HAVE...I could care less about TV. Nw I'm in HUGE DEBT and flat broke. It's as if I was USED to rescue her from her irresponsible happy go luky, devil may care behaviors. I doubt that all of this is just because of her sun sign...but what I see in day to day behaviors is TOTAL self centered, self absorbed, me me me me, eve paranoid possesiveness. I knew possessiveness can be a trait of a Scorp but that was with regard to male/female love interests...THIS is not a romantic arrangement. I'm having ANXIETY attacks from all of her unpredictable attitudes now.

    I've already spoken to a Counselor about my circumstances--and this DOES BREAK MY HEART because I do love her like a sister, but this OVERBEARING control freak stuff is CUTTING into my happy time, my healing time, and my creative nature. She is NOT ABLE to take suggestions or any constructive critizism. She will let me "organize" , but only a fraction of what I'm capable of doing and it was my "responsible" nature that she seemed thrilled that I'd come here and do--then held back on all of that. I'm puttng my name, secretly, on wait lists for Apts this past week and next.

    Is there ANY WAY to speak to a Scorpio friend without HAVING them fall apart? I will have to STAY here a while longer because rentals are few and far between. "HURRY UP AND WAIT"

    My ULTIMATE question really is: DO CAPPIES AND SCORPS as FRIENDS honestly work well together or is that just IF I WERE to find A DIFFERENT room mate, Which sign might be recommeneded? I'm very liberal thinking, open minded, humorous, helpful and yadda yadda as i said abouve...PISCES maybe?

    Thanks all. I'll return whn I can to see whatever is here. Have the BEST day you possibly can...Love generously, practice Peace, and hug someone--they might need that more than gold.....Namaste' A

  • hi, im new here, i just joined.. this is such a cool site. i will definately be on it reguarly!!! hope to make some really cool friends on the site and i will try my best and help you with some of your problems/questions.

    anyways, take care

    ciao. xx

  • I am new here to posting. I have had a few posts and the advice is great. I love, a great place to turn to for a bit of hope and inspiration. I am not sure if I am posting correctly as no one has answered my last post. Please let me know if there is a proper etiquette.


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  • HI there everyone . have a nice day. I am a new member , so as a starter I would like to ask just about anyone who can look into my crystal and tell me something about it . I am really curious and excited to know just about anything. thank you,. the picture:

    1.lucky crystal (x ray from macbook pro a bit edited) but the thermal photo is not edited at all taken by macbook. Anyway would love to hear just any comment .

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