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  • Welcome to the forum. I got the reports to for years before I found the forum. Even then I read and didn't get involved until about this time last year. Enjoy and Peace

  • Would like to just say hello here...I'm kind of a lurker - I don't know much about astrology and can't read tarot or anything, but I am interested in and believe in all of it. Recently I've been going through some inner struggles and am always turning towards astrology and tarot for answers. I like to plan my life to a tee, and want to know what's coming next, even if that's impractical. I am focusing on shifting my energy to the now. 🙂

  • Hi.. I'm also new, didn't notice the forum until today 😄 how great to have it. It would be nice to be able to chat as well, just a thought. Nice to meet you all, love and light.

  • hello to all im new to this forum..

  • Hi i been using site for long time and love it i am usually very positive but lately my life is crazy i belive jey i see the world around me and just dont understand if am fooling myself, i feel a peace, and love in my heart jet my life is very hard i feel as if i am been put thru a test and my soul crys out for help but my sprit tells me to relax am i crazy

  • crazy... noooooo !!

    Mia, but you - me- & the entire planet are seeking truth.. & sometimes we spiritually ignore the signs & messages ..we do not hear or refuse to see the truth...


    You can ease your heart & allow your Angels & Guardians to bring you peace & calm within your center core.. ..

    you can tap into this love & light energy ,by meditating in your quiet & the still of nothing around you.. & when you are one with the Universe... you will be able to hear your angels talk to you.. You will know it's them & not your own thoughts talking back to you.. :):):):)

    I hope this has helped & positive returns to your life again....with better clairty of thought & mind..Sister.. Welcome back to Tarot.. 🙂

  • Greetings. Anyone have any thoughts or feelings on the subject of "being cursed", or "having a curse on you"?

  • Hi BrianTristan,

    Welcome! Hope you like it here 🙂

    Being cursed - luck not on your side,as in fate being cruel to you for example?

    Or being cursed - as in done by someone, due to hatred, jealousy, envy etc etc?

  • All of the above Emergence. I wanted to get opinions on the subject, or should I say subjects, but I am not limiting the discussion, it is wide open as far as "curses", with the exception of fowl language (a completely different subject matter).

    My question does though suggest two versions. One of "being cursed", a rather Calvinistic predestination scenario indeed, this is your lot in life, or for at least an extended period of time. The second version of "being cursed", is having it done to you by another person, or an entity. Depending on your viewpoint, Jobe in the Old Testament for example, could fall under either version I suppose.

    Basically, I am asking for opinions, what people think is possible, that is the first part. And I am glad you asked for a clarification, cause I did not included the second part, and that is if you do believe it is possible to be cursed, then what can a person do about it?

    Although, it is meant to be fun and interesting, it is also meant to be a serious discussion.

  • Hi BrianTristan,

    Thanks for the clarification, it is certainly helping me to understand the questions better.

    I suggest you start a new thread on this. Copy and paste what you just wrote above in a new thread. Give it a topic "Being cursed, cursed etc ( whatever you think is appropriate).

    I am sure you will get more response this way. Most of the people here are up for discussions. We can learn a lot from one another.

    To start a new topic, simply click on the Create a new topic ( on the right, above).

    I am in a hurry now but I will definitely share my point of view in your new thread!


    All the best.

  • Emergence,

    I hope I did it correctly. It is still under Anything Goes>> . : /

    I hope that is right. Hmmm.

    Anyway, it is entitled, "Curses... foiled again. Or just for a while? Or for life?"

  • ... ooooops, did not finish my post.

    And of course, thank you Emergence.

    God Bless,

    Brian Tristan

  • sounds like you, beside the scorpio hype, are born with conflict. is there any messages from that space in the back of your mind that your not listening to? maybe theres something your not dealing with, an as a scorpio, along time ago you buried it so deep that you completely forgot about it? or are you too harsh on yourself? on another bit of conflict, catholicism isnt too keen on astrology and such things.

    personally i can relate to you heartOFjade.

    ...i dont have much, but those things come to mind, ppl around me tend to do those things (listed above) to theselves, even if they dont realize it. (atually today alot of ppl were doing that). feel free to talk on here, no one can trace you or do any damage unless they know you personally, of course you know.

    i wihs you good luck, and also if someone gives you a good answer, give me a reference or whatever(still dont know how this site works, only been a member for like a week)

  • Hello All,

    I am new here that is why wants to introduce myself in fron of you all so that we will know each other in good manner.

    I am alisa from India and interested in Internet Surfing and Forum Posting, as i thought forum posting is one of the great way to enhance knowledge & grab new things.

    Thanks & Keep Sharing!

  • Hi I am Sheelagh discovering my own powers and looking forward to learning loads.

  • I am so glad to find this forum, I have been with for 10 years and love it! How did I miss this? Merry meet to all! Bright blessings!

  • New to this forum. I've followed some interesting topics before but finally decided to step in. Interested in asking some questions and helping those that ask for it, I don't perform any services but I think I can lend a decent ear.

  • New to this forum and although I have been only a member for a few hours now, I have already found some great and kind people out there. Ready and willing to learn!

  • I'm entirely overflowing with excitement from the possibilities that a place that offers this range and type of information could have. The possible ripple effect from person to person & from person to the good ole' W.W.W. is flooring me right now, good things, I'm serious, you all may have just *abundantly added to the collective awareness of people, If people would consider it possible that a feeling UN-backed by linear logic could be accurate, and your guys website proves feelings are not imagination!

    Wouldn't it be great if rather than doubt, insecurities, and societal hush hush we would have believe, confidence, and the freedom be whoever we are and celebrate in that? the answer is yes, totally, and you know what guys, I'm feelin it, i think the worlds comin around, and everyone will realize Real power is from your own individually unique self. Good Job, touching people empowering them with self-remembrance, a place to let the clouds clear, anyone can embark or continue on their different paths of progression, really is a beautiful thing thank you, all who are responsible for the sites creation and all who add to the cause, job well done! it aint over yet, keep it up! ~~~ Truth & Freedom ~~*

  • hey i'm Jen and i'm new 🙂 i'm a Leo yayy~ nice to meet you guys ;D

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