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  • Hi, just read your post and loved your optisimn as i am sure it has been a tough time for you, but you sound so strong and sincere i wish you every good thing. I have just joined this forum recently and have never done anything like this before but have a real interest in all this stuff. You touched my heart.

  • Hi Sonny,

    I am new to this as of this morning.

    I don't know how far you want to travel but WI. is peaceful as well as beautiful along the Mississippi River. I hope you're bleeding will stop soon and you are able to find Love again.

    Thank you for fighting for our freedom.

    May fate be kind to you.

    Sincerely, Susan

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  • I am very new to this. How do I post info about myself.

  • hi there guys..this is axeline..glad to be here.. and hoping that I could have someone to talk here.. and happy that I have found this forum.. hope that even in this virtual world, i maybe able to share things about my love life..

    see you around..!

  • Mille,

    Hellooo at last, it's alive, it's alive!!! (my computer)

    Sorry about the wait, I usually check on here every other day or so, but when I went to answer your post - BLANK - zippo! That happens a lot lately when I log onto web sites, it takes forever to open the page and then I see nothing, no page loads, grrrr! (Actually, we've been having a lot's of comp screw ups, but I've been laid off since January, so the money has to go towards the rent & the groceries right now and since Bill Gates refuses to come fix it for free - and damn! I won't pay him in s*x with THOSE rimmed glasses on, even if he's a Scorpio man hehe - I guess that, for the time being, I'll have to do with crappy Internet connection as best I can!)

    Anywhoooo...after my long rant : so you are NOT Mercury rising since your ascendant is Libra and your Mercury is in Gemini. As a Libra rising you must be very smart and very pretty, my dear (lucky you!). Libra thrives on beauty of any kind. Nice surroundings, beautiful music, pretty presentation - that's what rocks Libra's boat ; a refined appreciation of aesthetic pleasures. And let's not forget their need for fairness, harmony and a heightened sense of romance in partnerships.

    Mercury in Gemini (again, unless retrograde and/or hit by challenging aspects) is not only NOT "bad for business", as you put it in your initial post, but is actually very, very good!

    Mercury feels at home in Gemini (it IS its home sign, after all) and trust me when I tell you - as a Gem with my own Mercury conjunct Sun in Gemini - you could do much worse than that!

    Your Mercury in Gemini would make you much more at ease with words and a strong communicator - something that a typical Cancer can struggle with at times. In other words, as a Cancer - verbalizing your feelings probably comes easier than it normally would for your sign.

    Mercury in Gemini is very intellectually - and otherwise -curious, people oriented, versatile, thirsty for knowledge and capable of grasping ideas very quickly. They make for good conversationalists and interesting thinkers. They like to have friends among people from all walks of life, as different from one another as night & day. They tend to NOT judge anyone based on their status, bank account or the car they drive, but rather on how interesting (or boring) of an individual the person in front of them is. The downside of Mercury in Gemini can be an overactive mind that runs in circles and refuses to shut off (I could tell you stories of many sleepless nights), we tend to live in our heads a lot, an occasional outburst of verbal diarrhea is a common side-effect (we can't shut up when overly excited or angry) and sometimes it's just a case of "curiosity that killed the cat"...

    All in all, Mercury in Gemini (paired up with your rising in Libra) would make you communication and people oriented and can be very good for business, indeed, since it presents you with the gift of adaptability and negotiation and what business wouldn't profit from that?

    I suspect that you might not always experience this mix of air element with your Cancerian water as an easy, flowing thing and that's where your being wary of Mercurial " trick-or-treat" ways comes from. Also, Cancerian emotions and airy mind-power sometimes clash and translate into an inner conflict of heart vs. mind where it becomes difficult to decide which one to follow regarding the matter at hand (throw in a little bit of that famous Libran indecisiveness and you have quite a juggling act on your hands!)

    Some may say that water and air don't mix, but I say it makes for effervescence - rather like a nice glass of bubbly 😉

    Enjoy your glass!

    Hope that helped a little in understanding your Mercury.

    Live, love, be, believe -

    S. 🙂

    P.S. Where do you live, Mille? It's nicer where I am tonight (it rained and actually cooled it off a bit, I'm perkier and so are my kitties. The only one still crabby is my husband, but he's a Cancer, so that goes without saying haha...)

  • Welcome Back

    SS Wow i hear ya on the crappy computers.. happens to everyone .... bill gates Pffffffffht


    Dear SS, i was just logging off.... i need to read in full my Birth chart.... will do this in the morning, was a busy & full day... Ever feel like your brain is just so Dog tired.... that your eyes wanna close no matter how you force them to stay opened..LOLOL

    well that's how I'm feeling tonight.......

    before i log off....

    i wanted to answer your question ...

    I live in New Jersey... the WEt & Rainy State...... not what i call good energy...

    it's been a lousy wet summer & now We're hit with Hot humid air.....

    making summer even more unbearable.........

    anyways.. i thankyou for taking time to write & to read my birth chart.... i promise to get back to you tomorrow sometime... i wish to understand in full exactly my rising & my birth planet

    and how they conjunct to the Cancerian loving passionate sensitive generous

    adorable spiritual woman that i have become.....


    we'll talk more on Beauty and Good looks.... ( WHO ME ) Errrrrr...

    i don't think SO.... but i forgive ya.... LOL

    good reading though . impressive.... Thanks again...

    let's get some rest & sound sleep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    sweet angels dancing in our dreams... ....:) 🙂 🙂


  • hi my name is chrissy and im new here. i find divination to be very interesting,especially when it comes to tarot cards(: i look forward to being on here alot and i hope to make friends with all of you.

  • Ride your HD in a beautiful country side with pleanty of Mountains? I's head for New Mexico... Outside of Taos is Angel Fire..Perfect Place to ride and the beauty is over whelming... Not to mention so many friendly small towns in New Mexico to call home.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm from Canada and new to your Forum. I am new to most of this century's (and last century's) technology in that I've never really gotten too involved in chatrooms, blogging, newest gadgets, etc. So please accept my apologies ahead of time if I booboo something now or in the future! And feel free to share any tips on handling this "posting" business. I figured, no better place to start then with a group of individuals that have the best of intentions to learn and prosper in their development of Great Spirit's blessings. Not to mention the wonderful sharing amongst each other, that I've noticed.

    Thanks in advance.

    Now, to why I'm here....

    Not all together sure of how this will play out but had the compelling urge to keep coming back to visit site and sign-up. If there's one thing I've learned in my years of spiritual study it's to listen and do what I'm told (admitting chuckle here) once I firmly believe the message has come from my true intuition and not my lower self. So here I am.....ready to experience what cosmic energies have in mind at this time. Looking forward to learning, growing, sharing with like-minded individuals using a new and fresh approach for me. I hope to catch up with you whenever I can (scheduling is usually all over the place lol)! I have interests and am involved with many of the psychic/healing/living arts so feel free to chat about any topic of interest to you and hopefully any input I have is harmonious and perhaps even helpful at times...because I know I'll come out a winner simply listening to all the fantastic ideas and experimenting going on around me here.

    May we all reach for the moon, sit upon the stars, and rejoice in Divine Love! Blessings...


  • Hey, just wanted to introduce myself as a woman with some seriously confusing vibes. I don't know if they're premonitions, instincts, past lives, or the mess in my room screwing up all the chi energy. I'm pretty intense as Scorpios go, and likewise I tend to use the stinger on myself far more often than anyone else. My mind never stops going, and I have to use meditation a lot. I'm also into chakra healing, as that deals with many interconnected aspects of the mind and body. I'm just hoping this will be a forum where I can talk about all of this stuff anonymously without feeling judged. I was raised Catholic, so I have a lot of old beliefs that turned out not to work for me.

  • Hello Heart of Jade What a pretty name.... 🙂

    computers they are a pain in the butt .....

    now i know why ppl get frustrated and annoyed...... that makes me one of the annoyed.... Grrrrr

    energies are always all around us.... it's invisible light.. NO not like the Sun light..

    which in itself is theraputic & healing.....

    the light of the higher consciouness..... where are forgotten gifts and tools for the higher power exists......

    once we open that 3 rd eye chakra... nothing of earth or man.. will ever make sense or align to our inner core light being......

    these are energies that the Ascended masters know about..... !!!

    and what a gift -- for us to tap into such healing light........

    i hope this message has helped you to understand more the tools & gifts....

    peace & light


  • Hi, I am new to this forum. I need some serious help with my house. If anyone can give me some insight that would be great. I have the house that is 250 years old with extra guests, spirits. Also I have been experiencing feeling ranging emothions that are tied to them. I have been empathic to people but now it seems as if it is to spirits. Any helpful advice to grow it, control it, and use it help my situation of getting rid of negative energy?

    By the way I met a person that I felt was a sister from a past life and she has asked a medium and we are!! I feel great that I have her in my life. Do you meet people that feel like home or family instantly?

  • ! am new to this forum but I would like to say something about your 250 year old house. Talk to whom ever ,or what wver is there.Ask them to let you know how you can help them. There has to be a reason they are there . When I say talk to them , I REALLEY MEAN softly TALK TO THEM Choose how you would like them to contact you. BE YOUR normal self..... If you give it some thought, you will know what to do and how,and when. Dont expect instant results.Just pay attention They will contact you ,They should be less spookey now than way back then. Have a nice time , ROLA12

  • Hi Sonny, Ilive in the mid south , about half way between Memphis and Nashville.It is clean and green,and beautiful. If youre looking for a place to unwind but not get completely lost check out a small town called Jackson.Good Luck God bless YOU!!! ROLA12

  • hi everybody! im also new to, i hope to learn a lot from all of you n to have a great time! 😄 . im a capricorn 😉

  • I am new also, with some pressing questions. Before I expect my answers, though, I feel that I should help others with theirs, so if you are in need of any advice, I would love to try and help you. Thanks and hello!

  • don't worry, capricorn is associated with all things serious (including death) Saturn rules Cap and it's basically the "no fun" planet. Don't worry you aren't going to die


    a fellow Capricorn

  • did not want the spamers on top of the list

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