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  • Hi, I'm new to this forum, joined the site a few weeks ago, someone had gifted me with a numerology reading and that one past life report thingy. I've been on this path for a few years now, and have especially had my eyes opened within this last year. Hope to pick up a lot of insight from others and maybe share some of my own.



  • I realize you posted this like a year ago, but i just joined and read it and noticed you said you lived in the jungle??? wow. i would love that! tell me about it???? Did you feel like Tarzan?

  • "a sad face is good for the soul' and i always say.... "if there never were any obstacles we'd never experience victory." -Pepper Simone

  • hi im excited about talking to people and learning new things about myself

  • Hey! I'm new,kind of slow moving. I am an Aquarian,VIrgo rising,Cancer moon. How are you? 🙂 Hope you guys are okay.

  • Hi Everyone.......I'm new to the site, but not to the subject. Some history about me: I'm a Leo with a Virgo rising & a Pieces moon. Very proud, mostly when it comes to doing a good job - whether it be simply helping a friend or performing a career duties. My moon in Pieces contributes to my being the most sensitive person in the entire world and I take most things WAY too personal, which usually results in my feelings being hurt much too often - working on correcting that. My Virgo rising gets me in trouble with new people by them negatively interpreting the look on my face/tone of my voice - working on correcting that too. Looking back at when I was younger, I seemed to only care about what others wanted and how they felt, but the older I get, the less tolerant I am about what others think/do and now I focus more on my own feelings/thoughts/wants and how I can make myself & my life better for me - not in a self-absorbing way, but in a self-realization way - and since I've REALLY never experienced the "freedom" of that before it's a very exciting time for me. Looking forward to meeting new people and learning more about Leos.

  • MrTarot

    I joined yesterday I love the forum I would love to chat with fellow Pisceans and that's what I'm trying to do. I came across when searching info about Pisces. This is great.

  • thank you. I am happy to be here. I am glad I read about the forum while checking my horoscope sent by email. I am just to the point where I am doing astrology daily and I believe I have rapid growth ahead of me!

  • It's just like me to bust in and start spouting opinions without even introducing myself, and that is exactly what I did here. Oops, I did it again. Nevertheless, for that I extend my deepest apologies. Sometimes I leap before I look, and step on toes.

    So, here is the formal introduction. My name is Meliora, I'm a 42 yr old Aquarian woman. I live in the Houston, Texas Metropolitan area, and yes I am a native. I aspire to be a professional writer one day, although I'm still a work in progress.

    I've been getting my horoscope from for about a year, and have done periodic readings over that time. I can honestly say that's horoscopes are the most right-on that I have ever had.

    Recently, I've done tarot readings more consistantly. I've never had better readings live than here. My first one was when I was fourteen years old in downtown Houston. It blew me away, the old woman stopped immediately after telling me I would be punished for something I had done in this life and past lifes. She named the thing from this life accurately and specifically and stopped the reading shortly after.

    That was twenty-eight years ago. In retrospect, I think she was right. Over the years, not only did I survive some amazingly bad experiences, I spent a lot of time punishing myself as well. Even so, I believe I have finally paid my penance, and I'm now coming into a phase of life where I want to let go of my self deprecation. I'm open to the good things that I beleve the universe has in store for my future.

    I think that may be why I spending more time here. So, thank you for the insight you have helped me achieve. It's mightly nice to see so many like minded people in one place, and I hope to meet and exchange with all of you soon!

  • Hello,

    my name is bruce and I'm a 29 year old avid professional student of all occult sciences including those featured on this website (amoung others)...

    I really think it's a fantastic and fairly complete online resource for anyone interested in tarot, tao te ching, numerology and just divination in general... the incorporation of feng shui is nice as well as an afterthought... I look forward to using it in the future to achieve many positive goals and gain valuable insight into other fields of esoteric study and guidance in general...


    Sun: Virgo

    Moon: Leo

    Rising: Scorpio

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been on the site for the last couple of years, but only recently noticed this little thing called the forums (duh...going through a Neptune transit). So glad to have found it, with all the awesome posters in abundance. Here's some basic info on me and I'll try to make it short, although I can't promise it, since I'm a Gemini 😉 I am a Slavic woman who moved to New York 15 years ago after the war ended in my native country. I just turned 43 (still trying to convince myself it's only a bad dream from which I will soon awaken to my perennial 19 year old self!), I love animals and have been rescuing cats for about 8 years, married -also for the last 8 1/2 years - to an affectionate but very angry Cancer man with whom things started going down the hill rapidly as of January of this year...I am an astrologer cerified in natal charts reading by NCGR with a life-long love and interest in astrology and the occult and I barely ever take any money for my services (past life issues, I guess). I am currently unemployed and on a suicidal mission of attempting to write a novel in a language that's not my native (may The Force be with me)!

    My astro stats:

    Gemini Sun

    Virgo Moon

    Aquarius rising

    This is only scratching the surface, since most of my planets are in Earth and Water, 2 in Air and only 1 in Fire (poor little lonely Venus making its only aspect to Neptune/South Node in Scorpio). I should mention that Pluto looms large in my chart, making aspects to Sun, Mercury,Moon, Uranus,Neptune,Chiron,Midheaven and the Ascendant - but fear not! No living creature was seriously harmed in the course of my existence, apart from myself haha...

    My only very Geminian trait is the need for communication (obviously!), both writen and spoken.

    In other departments (especially relationships) I can't seem to relate to all those tales of "light and airy" Gems. When it comes to emotions - kill me if you must, just don't give me lukewarm, please!

    There, I told you this could turn out being long. My life is currently in upheaval, so I'm afraid you'll be hearing more from me on the forums.

    To whomever had the patience to read through - thank you.

    And to all a good night 🙂


  • Hello Everyone,

    I just now joined this Awesome Forum. I wish to Thank the Tarot Admins/ for creating this space for us ~ I am looking forward to be reading your posts & your spiritual experiences ~

    Goddess blessings


    mille 🙂

  • Hello ScarsAndStars

    I am new to Tarot Forum, Just this morning i joined ~

    I had my BirthChart Read and i printed it out~ but all i know about my Moon & risingplanet is that Mercury is in my House ~~ what i understand about Mercury is that This BAD BOY~~ means BAD Business when it comes to all good things ~ It's M ercury Strong pull that keeps me from getting where i need to be going ~~ constant resistance Is what i am picking up From this planet Mercury~ Not A Fun & Easy time for those who have Mercury as their Ruling planet ~~~ TELL ME ABOUT IT ~~~~

  • Hello,

    I am an Aquarius and have been on here for a while,i haven't posted but 1 comment since i

    joined,i was looking over the sight as i always do and found Comic matchup Quiz,,and

    just for the fun of it i took the quiz,,,and i was amazed at what it said,,I have been HAPPILY

    MARRIED for 28 beautiful years,,i just wanted to see what sign i would be matched with was Taurus,,,And guess what sign my Husband is TAURUS!!!!!!!!!

    We were told it will never work and it has been 28 years and YES I DID work.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey MilleFeori (nice user name, isn't Italian just THE language of love 🙂 )

    Haven't checked in here for days so I'll try to respond to your Mercury query, but first I'll need more specific info on your natal Mercury (check your birth chart). I assume from your post that your Mercury is either retrograde (which doesn't have to be a pain in the behind in and of itself) or it makes some challenging aspects to your other planets. If you post your data here I'll be able to tell you more. What I do know about Mercury (I am a Gemini, a Mercury child all the way) is that this little silver-tongued devil in winged sandals is not really a bad boy, more of an imp or a trickster.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to put my two cents in on the so-called Geminian "two-faced" nature, since I feel that we twins have been much maligned because of this age old misconception. It's not that we strive to play or double-cross others, though, of course, one will find as many two-faced j**ks among Gems as among any other sign. True nature of our duality to me is represented by the ancient symbol of Janus, a deity with two faces looking in two opposite directions - one towards the upper world, world of physical realities, the other towards the underworld. This notion got lost in the sands of time and was only preserved in Greek and Roman mythology where Mercury was described as the only god that was alowed free access into the land of the dead to carry messages between the upper and the lower worlds. So, basically, every Gemini / strong Mercury type feels the inner pull and the need to exist in two different realities at the same time (and the more different the two, the better!), to walk between worlds, so to speak.

    This to me is very fascinating, as I find myself to be happiest and at my truest self when I am allowed to experience both the light and the dark side of life, to dance on the thin rope dividing the two, to learn and then communicate what I discover to others.

    It could just be my big Pluto, but I suspect I'm not alone in this...Any other Gems out there feel the same?

    And Mille, post your info, I'll be happy to "dissect" you, mwahaha 😉


  • Heyyy S~S just stopped by to see what's happening..


    Oooh Yes ~ I can relate to the Intro / Mercury Since this planet is my rising planet ~~

    So i think this means ~~ BIG Trouble for the Cancerians as myself ..Eh ..LOL

    Mille Fiori << Is the correct spelling.which means .. "One Thousand Flowers".... Yes Italian ~~ MilleFiori is also a lovely Sweet Liquor Drink with sweet esssences & aroma of delicate flowers ~~ Yummy

    mmmmm ~~ excellent beverage for anytime ~~ i sip a tiny amount over crushed ice after a hardly meal ~~~ help with digestion.....

    Dear Scars~ what exactly am i to send >> Info wise... please explain....



  • Hi again,

    Ah - Mercury rising, now I'm getting somewhere!

    O.K., this is what I need you to do: take a look at your chart and tell me:

    • what your rising sign is

    • how close is Mercury to your Ascendant (rising sign) - you can find this if you note the exact degree of the Ascendant and the degree that Mercury "sits" on

    • on the side or under the birth wheel, your chart should (although not always) list all the aspects that planets and points are making to one another - you will find the aspects to Mercury next to its glyph - it's a circle with horizontal half-moon on top and cross below,

    kind of does look like a little devil hehe...

    Hope that wasn't confusing to the point of making you sea-sick.

    Awaiting your info,


    P.S. I could use some of that delish sounding drink over ice right now - we're sweating our a**es off in NYC tonight, ughh

  • Good Morning,

    Mmmm We're close to each other, my old Hood so to speak ..LOL Cool Aaaaaah Millefiori

    Here it comes S~S Tall & Feminine jut like Like the Goddess Venus.... 🙂

    Okay here we go ~ I will do my best !!

    My Rising sign is in ( o2 ) Degrees Libra

    Mercury in in ( 15 ) Degrees Gemini

    I hope this is correct

    I'm here SS



  • New member here - looking forward to interesting chat

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