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  • Sooo. Gratitude. A big subject, and one that is largely ignored by our society. I thank the deities daily for the work that I do. I know few people who are able to earn a living over 4+ decades doing something that they truly love. It's a wonderment. Many blessings, all. Dragonborn

  • Hi All!

    I've been a member of for literally years now but I'm only just now joining the forum. Funny enough, I joined so I could participate in the Thankfulness fund-raiser. My grandparents have both driven for Meals on Wheels in my community and my other grandmother has received meals from them so the cause is personal. It's an awesome organization and I'm so happy that we're doing our part to support it. I just KNEW was worth it.

    Lilac Moon 914

  • Hello !!!!!!!!!!Welcome to all of the new folks.! I know that everyone is going to enjoy looking into this wonderful site!! You will be able to find any and everything that you may need, and if they don't have it, Someone will direct you to the best place to find it!! I love, and would recommend it to everyone!!! Take care, and May you and yours be blessed!

  • Sonny,

    I hope you find the place you are looking for so you can ride free and enjoy being with us still!! We thank you!!


  • death is a very profound issue, not really all that negative, just a fact of life. Facing the fact that we will die is the best motive to use all the seconds of life available. I find that it helps me to move to a higher plane when I get stuck on a worry or hurt feelings or anger. Remembering that death will happen to us all at an unknown time helps me to treat the people and animals that I care for as well as I can manage in case it's our last time together. Life is so very sweet and it's so easy to forget that in our daily activities and squander the time that we have to love and be loved. whew! On a lighter note, Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Just Wanted everyone to know, I AM SO THANKFUL that I will be sharing my holidays with my children. Although, we do not always see eye to eye I have been truly BLESSED to have them in my life. And of course my grandchildren too............. Have a Peaceful and Bountiful Holiday

  • I've been coming to get my horoscope & card readings here for several years.. when I noticed about posting and donations for meals on wheels.. figured I'd better post.

    I have so much to be grateful for..

    I just turned 59... I've been married to the same wonderful man for 35+ years.. we own our home and car which is only two years old.. we live on a lake.. pay hardly any property tax.. and have two really great airedales for pets.. we're not wealthy.. but we aren't poor either.. we have a interesting and eventful next few years with a new president.. and despite the economy I think we are in for some great things in our future. Life is what you make it.. and I choose to make it a grand life..

    Sweet Gwen

  • Dear world, Thanksgiving and all.. I just had to say I am so thankful for the people in my path.. For the love I have found that I didn't even REALize that was there.. God I'm so grateful to what IS and to what becomes...I know know know its really all divine timing but sometime it is so hard and so long.. i'm not so patient by nature.. I get lost easily.. I feel deeply.. but want so much more. It's true..I have often been blind, but I'm always looking for the light and I thank God that I have that ability to keep on going no matter what... I pray for all ...and know i feel you deeply and have been blessed by all the love, love, love.. right back to you world .. always, completely, fully and with major.. were talking ..major passion!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING ... and Thank you for the the blessings..I'm feeling YOU!!!

  • Hi, new Aquarian here. I love this site. It has so much free stuff to do here. Thanks for providing this!

  • HEY,THIS IS MY FIRST POST! I am pieces!

  • congratulations on your road to recovery, i'm sure it has been very hard, and far from over... i applaud u... try Oregon, the coast there is beautiful, the mountains are complete serenity, the rivers and tranquil, i havent seen a place like it since, and havent had that sense of peace since i left... diamond lake and crater lake are awesome attractions, as well as Winchester bay, coos bay and pretty much the entire coast... you can just simply watch the tide, go crabbing, rent quads (the sand dunes are exhilarating) go site seeing, camping, hiking, swimming, and there isnt that whole tourist thing u see like most places, yes there are tourist, but not an overwhelming amount of them that just make u want to get the heck out of dodge.. they have city places to if thats what u like, and cool attractions there as well... i hope u have the time of your life, for the rest of your life, u deserve it!!!

  • Im new here. I'm a Virgo. I really not quite sure how to use everything in here but I am enjoying the forum so far.

    I wanted to reply on beautiful places. Southern Indiana is Woods, Lakes, Hills and pleanty of wildlife. I enjoy the serenity!!!

  • Sorry , I didn't know it would be that large. LOL I was trying to figure out how to put an Icon above my name.. Maybe I will figure it out..LOL

  • Hi, I'm a new member. I'm a Scorpio with Sagittarius rising, Leo moon. I'm here because I have no blessed idea what all that means. lol I also like reading about astrology, numerology, tarot, etc. and figuring out why they're so addicting to consult!

  • just wanted to say Hi....and continue healing....


  • Hi everyone

    I read my scope whenever I can to see how close it is to my actual life....I'm going through a weird stage in my life.....kinda rebirthing that I've finally enbraced....which has made my heart lighter....I'm a positve person and feel that there should never be a sad day....but I am finding out that it is o.k. to be is apart of life aswell as happiness...


  • I am new and have alot of time. I hope to be helpful and get to learn some new things add new perspective. I am looking forward to participating regularly.

  • woo-woo people!

  • Hello new to teh forum. Love it btw. Been using the site for a few years. I have my own set of Faery cards but still like to consult the original tarot from time to time... Sometime when I ask the same question of both I get very similar readings eerie but also very cool at the same time. just wondering.... For the new yes or no tarot good advise to take or not? Any takers on this subject?

  • Thank you 4 the welcome.

    we´ll see how much ill post n debate lol

    warn ya i can have a sharp tongue, but i useally make people laugh lol


    B Stoker

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