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  • Allo all.. guess the time has come for some bloggins.

  • Hello everyone, excuse me but may I introduce myself? I am parasvati.

    Briefly, I would describe myself as a very private person, basically a recluse and a writer, who lives on a little farm in the Northwest-- but it seems that even a "private" person can feel intense loneliness, along with a more common and mostly pleasant "aloneness", sometimes. So I am surprised and grateful to discover, after many happy years of rummaging around the website, this little forum.

    I look forward to having friendly and interesting discussions with some of you out there, on almost any topic you might desire, if you might be so inclined.

    ---much love to you all,


  • Hi All

    I have been a member here for many many years, but have just joined the forum today and I'm looking forward to all the interesting topics and people here.

  • Hello !

    I am new to the form. However have been with for 5 years. I am a Aquarius.... I really want to believe that psychics want to help people in need. I hope i find it here.

    Have a good evening everyone !


  • Hey! I am going through quite a complicated and confusing time in my life due to the people I have allowed into my life and the choices that I have made. My sign...Aquarius-friendly, humanitarian, intellectual, independent, and loyal. All I've ever wanted was to inspire others to be happy just being themselves...which I have succeeded and am most grateful, however, why is it becoming increasingly harder and harder each day to be the inspiration I need to live a prosperous life for me. All those that have spent time with me had great things happen for them while I continue to lose, my belongings; closeness with family and friends, Ipod, camera, laptop, and most importantly self control. How can I cease being the slave to feelings? How much can one single broken hearten mother endure before I believe in myself and have the confidence to show my daughter, and family what I am capable of? This is just me venting. I don't except responses or word platter of pity. I just thought it would help me with my struggles in motivation. Wish all well and with a smile:)


  • test

  • Sorry about the last post. Ignore it please. Anyway, can anyone provide a little psychic assistance? I realized yesterday that my digital camera is missing. Taking pics is one of my biggest hobbies so Im super saddneed that I cant find it. Worse, I am starting to think a person who was in my house early Saturday morning stole it from me. Can anyone provide some insight? If not stolen, where could it be? Thanks for any light you can shed on it. I dont want to buy another one, especially since Im still paying on this one. 😞

  • I already have opened a topic, and wanted to say hi from the netherlands 🙂

    Hope I can get some great insights from others, and vice versa

    so eehm..hi!

  • Death is also meant as rebirth. Meaning you are changing. Transformation. I decribe it as the caterpiller he spins a cacoon than comes out transformed into the beautiful butterfly. Issues about changes. Maybe your one who does not like changes. Deat is change to me. Hope that helped

  • Your good deeds will pay off well. Maybe the universe has not YET spun it's wheels in your favour yet. It seems to me you have put a lot of good in others lives. Your good karma will come I promise you that. I can tell you this when I read your post it sounded like it was me a long time ago. I have not changed as a person I am still the giver But I have changed as far as not wasting my time on the people who are not hearing me and saving my good energy on things I like to be doing. And have become more selective on my choices of friends. I don't care for the ones who suck the life out of me. Psychic vampires I call them .Lol. Hang in there. Your karmic wheel will spin in your favour. Life changes will happen for you in a positive way. Good luck to you.

  • trust what you feel

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  • Just read your post. A book on the after effects of 9-11 or during 9-11. Must be the libra in me to ask so many questions lol

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  • Hi i am new to this forum but not the site. I had a profile on here before but I didnt remeber my password so I had to do a new one. I like learning new things about who I am and receiving insight on how to make things better. Hopefully I can learn more and maybe even help out sometimes. Thanks everyone have a good day

  • hi just joined this site and i'm loving it people are very nice and friendly 🙂

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  • Hello to everyone here. My name is Wil and I'm new here. I am a Cancer, birth date 7/11/1965, 6:45 pm. I hope to meet some new friends here.

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