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  • Welcome to the Anything Goes forums. This is the place to post anything you like, whether it's related to divination or not! Use this forum to share what's going on in your life, interesting things you've read or seen lately, gripes you need to release back into the world and anything else that pops up.

  • Hi, just wanted to say I just joined and hope to learn alot I try to keep an open mind about everything in life especially today, so I look forward to chatting with all of u.

  • guess what. i was doing some type of reading and it said that my issues were death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GULP!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. im new. im a capricorn.

  • HI Ive been using this site for a while now but just joined the forum - good stuff - wish it was easier to fins the superkarma coin tho!!!

  • hi well i just joined right now, and i found this through myspace and it caught my attention when i realized that what my horoscope said was exactly what happend today, so little by little i ended up here now i love it

  • Hi! All I'm new to the Forum,but have been a long time member for readings and such. What's your favorite Tarot deck? Mine is the Haindl deck! What is your favorite Spread? Mine is the Celtic cross. That's all for now . Looking forward to making new friends!!

  • Need some help, for the first time I can leave Walter Reed Army Hosp, an go where ever I choose! But I want to go somewhere Peaceful, ride my H-D, an maybe even fall in love again..I have a deal to write a book, about where the team was on 9-11, in a strange land, after the most wanted man in history. I'm from the beach, an lived in the desert, an the jungle....Some one throw something my way please??!!!!! Sonny, Washington DC

  • Sonny,

    Glad to hear you have so much potential and freedom right now ... that's a great way to be. If you want somewhere warm, peaceful, near the beach, and with great riding for your Harley, I recommend San Diego, CA. It's so beautiful there, and also near a wide variety of geographical types, and the bikers seem to love it.

    Unfortunately, the LA sprawl is connecting with it, so it's getting more and more crowded and hectic.

    Boise, ID is also a great city, and often overlooked. The weather is great, and there are tons of wide-open plains and cool forest roads for riding.

    Best of luck!


    *I am a employee. The views expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of

  • Thanks Rob, Yea, I have to stay near a VA, or a Miltary Hosp. for awhile, still loseing blood if you know what I mean, an still learning how to walk on the leg. Have the fires caused any shortage of living spaces in San Diego? I have had my fill of tents, gullies, sand bags, an freezing temps, drinking "Hot Sause" to stay awake on ambushes. Pretty simple in "Sp-Ops" though, long as U had 556 AMMO, SideArm, an other things that go boom in the nite,,,,, an dont- forget- the- HOT SAUSE, simple!!!!! Again thanks for the heads up... Sonny DC

  • Hi!

    Have been receiving the readings for some time, but am new to the boards. Look forward to getting to know y'all!

  • Hi Sonny, this is my first time on here. I am dying to go for a bike ride, lol. Have you ever thought of the mountains? Pennsylvania is a great place for bike riding, camping, fishing, and PENN STATE football! Nice talking to you Sonny.

  • Hello to you all from the BEAUTIFUL NORTH WEST.! I have been using this site for a couple of years and always start my days with my horoscope and also read my families. I am not sure how much I will use the forums but for some reason joined today. Hum? I am sure I have something to learn from you and also I am sure I also have some things to say. So that said I think I will cruse around and see whats up.

  • Good morning, all. I am Morrigwen, a Capricorn who appears to be in spiritual says Tarot, and Numerology....and my intuition. In my physical existence though, I am suffering from Neuropathy from a severe Vitamin B deficiency, depression and bipolar ( I have been on meds since 1996, and have been "stable" for the last 2 years), and my husband of a year and 4 months recently infected me with an std, which I have been on 2 antibiotics for over a week for. An ultrasound will show if there is any damage to my fertility.

    You see, i spent a month believing the discomfort in my lower belly was due to pregnancy, only to be told by the ER doctor that not only was I NOT pregnant, but infected with this std, given to me by my husband, as he has been my only partner for years.

    Talk about double whammy.

    My husband refuses to discuss any of this, although his guilt is obvious. His ignorance toward me, his NOT asking how I'm feeling, his walking away when I mention it, is proof to me of his guilt and his lack of love for me.

    Yet I am spiritually in balance....maybe because I am stronger now for having experienced this pain and come through the other side, entirely whole and free.

    Free to be my true self now, and free to move on with my life. Being alone can be a healing time of discovery, as I've been told, and I agree.

    My body will heal, as will my heart, and I am looking forward to what awaits me. I have learned my lessons, maybe too well.

    Yet I continue on.....I wish blessings for all, and apologize profusely if I have offended anyone with my words.....but it needed to be told. Thank you cannot express my gratitude enough for the purging of this pain.

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • The death card came up in one of my readings, but I lost the reading before I could find out what it meant. Can you tell me or how do I look up the meaning of that card!

  • Hi Everyone,

    One Monkey, is, in fact, two monkeys who have an interest in the tarot. We wanted to share with people our podcast about the tarot at I'm going to post a more in depth explanation in its own thread but it's not a prescriptive deal or anything we'd like it to be interactive and we welcome questions, comments etc.

    Thanks for listening,


  • This post is deleted!

  • Having issues with death is more likely to mean that it is something that preoccupies your mind and or a fear of it and not that this is what is comming at the moment. Mostly i think what we fear about this subject is how, but really thinking about it too much can just make one nervous, so live your life fully, try to find a spiritual sense of death that suits you and comforts you. Maybe a "what will be will be" attitude will be of assistance to you.

  • My name is Eric Siversen and I just joined this site recently and its been a really positive experience for me. So I appreciate all the help and support from people on the site

    Thank you ,

    Eric Siversen

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