PISCES GUY.. confused!

  • uuughh i am SO confused right now.

    i just had a three hour conversation with a sort of "ex".

    he vented and told me how much he cares about me and i made it clear i was confused about the matter and i didn't want a relationship with him. well, i don't want a relationship with him, but he said he'll always keep trying. i didn't make it clear i have no feelings for him.. i feel so horrible! he is soooo sweet and is everything someone could want in a guy, so sweet and he cares about me so much, so sensitive- but SOOO CLINGY AND NEEDY and he doesn't know who he is, personality wise. i could see us being great friends, but nothing more! the spark isn't there for me! while i was on the phone- yes. i have been depressed about a gemini ex, so i guess the pisces' constant flattery and sweetness really caught me off guard and made me giddy that i was you know.. loveable. but i don't want HIM! i want what i can't have, i need independence, a strong personality. he lets me step all over him, and i feel horrid because i never mean to do it! i want us to be best friends- but he wants more from me than i could offer him. i'm scared. i don't know what to say, what to do.. do i give it a shot? or tell him out of nowhere "HEY. I'M SORRY! i can't do this." when he opened his heart out to me again? i've hurt him aloooot these past three years i've known him. i know he isn't going to give up, either. i don't want to hurt him anymore. please help me? šŸ˜ž

    him; feb. 26 '96

    me; april 3rd '96

    --danielleisNOTsmiling. šŸ˜•

  • oh, and after i got off the phone with him he texted me "Night beautiful :)" i am a horrible person. šŸ˜ šŸ˜ž

    by the way, i was born at 4:07 am if that even matters.. šŸ˜® HELP. šŸ˜§

  • I have just the opposite thing with my Pisces guy. I'm a strong Saggitarian, he's a wishy washy fishie. We've had a thing going for 3 years now, off and on. he has even asked me to marry him but then every time we get close and start getting real, he gets scared and backs off. I follow his lead, I don't put pressure on him, but I'm really tired of being a yoyo on a string.,

    My psychic counselor told me that once a pisces man loves a saggitarian woman, he loves her for life. She said she can realy feel his fear and give him time. I've never given him any reason to mistrust me, I've never been anything but kind and loving. I get sassy and playful because that's what sag's do, but he's got a great sense of humor so we get on well and he said my spirit is what atrracted him. That and my big boobs lol.

    I really have never found anyone I can talk to about the things we talk about. We like the same music, politics, feel compassion for other people, love animals and we have enough differences to keep things interesting.

    But he's about to lose me. I love him like no other, but the push pull relationship is driving me mad. He pulls me in close to him and then pushes me away.

  • both of you kids need to give each other space. he needs to hang out more with the guys right now. you need to be straight up with him. age does have its benefits. you would be better with a LEO OR a Virgo. M L in Richmond.

  • Pices men can sometimes be that way. I had one for a boss. Funny wit and good judgement, except when it came to partners. If you wanted a man for a doormat, this is it. If you want a loving but full fledged man, try another Gemini or a Libra. Make sure that he is responsible and supportive.aquaduct/RIC

  • Bayrab,

    I sooooooooooo no how you feel. I have been off and on again relationship with my piscies and it is quite exhausting. He is so wishy washy, I often wondered if he had a personality disorder. lol...I just know you have to stand your ground for him to respect you, they are very sensitive yet manipulative. I think about him everyday, and although we are not together, he still contact me daily just about. I am at my wits ends and I just told him goodbye yesterday for the 5th time but this time its for real and I think it finally sunk in. I am heartbroken and just can't live like this anymore. It seems like nothing has been normal in our relationship from day one and I loved him like no other. I am a cancer woman and its not easy for me letting someone close to my heart like I did him. I hope all goes well for you

  • bayrab; i know how you feel about the compassion and the humor. he makes me laugh sooo much, and has so much compassion for everyone around him! i am the one who's always pulling him closer and then pushing away. i feel so horrible, but i just need someone stronger. i've flat out asked him "what do you think your personality is?" and he responds: "well.. i.. i don't know." we're very opposite people, but we balance eachother. i want to learn to be more like him, and he wants to be more like me. but want to be friends, without hurting him. he's saying he's willing to wait years and years. ah, geez. šŸ˜•

  • bayrab: and i hope your situation gets better with your pisces man! šŸ™‚ they may not be for me, but you sound like you really love him. i hope he lets you in, and you find peace together šŸ™‚

    god bless šŸ˜„


  • aquaduct; i definitely wanna meet a nice leo guy, this wishy washy pesonality and his overall sadness is too much for me. i KNOW i need to be more compassionate towards people, but he has hurt me before, and i need someone i can trust. he's sooo mellow and always seems like he's about to be asleeeeeep and taaalks liiiike thiiiiis.

  • blissful77: i can also relate. the pisces guy that's contacting me, contacted me every single day, always wanting to talk; he's too needy and clingy for my independent arien ways šŸ˜• i know i can't trust him, he is sooo manipulative. he can wipe anything i'm angry about with flattery and he knows just the right things to say, often cheesy things he sounds like he gets from a book- i've told him this! he gets caught off guard at my honesty. i don't want a relationship with him, i wanna be friends! i hope you're situation gets better as well, i have a venus in taurus which makes me veeery possessive and really, really like someone for a long time so i know how hard it is to let go- i've already let go of this guy because i we have been so on and off, and i've already gone through the process.

  • blissful, sounds like we love the same guy or he's twins lol., I've often wondered if my guy is bipolar or something! He loves me and wants me for awhile and then he picks a fight so he can push me away, and it's never over anything real! Then we don;t speak for a while. But it's not long til he 's testing the waters to see if he can come back into my world. I'm in my 50s and have been around the block so I know the difference between love and infatuation. I'm starting finally to catch on to his manipulation and set some boundaries. I've decided I have to just live my life and not worry about this relationship anymore. I'm turning it over to the universe. I still love him deeply but Mr, Pisces is taking a big gamble that I'll still be available when he figures out what he wants.

  • I'm so there with you, Ladies! I won't even bother to describe my fish because you have both describe it accurately enough. Yes, I think we are dating the same guy.

    I read somewhere that the best way to keep a Pisces around is to break up with him! I believe this. When he sees that I am getting tired of his BS, he starts calling and clinging.

    I am a Leo and he really tries my patience! Yet, I'm not ready to be done with him, yet. So, until I am, I guess I have to deal with Mr. Wishy Washy - push me/ pull me.

  • To quote my crazy pisces "When i want something, i've gotta have it. When you say no, i'll just keep trying. Maybe i won't have you today or tomorrow, or even next year but i'll keep trying."

  • OMG Ladies! I think I have the same pisces LOL

    I know how you all feel. Just this week I decided I am so tired of the yo-yo act and have decided that after over 2 years I am completely done......

    Being a Sag I know that we are not the greatest match but the connection is awesome...

    but the (bipolar desire) is just getting too old for me.

    Time to move on and find something real.

    I wish you ladies all the best with your fishies I am getting out of the water HAHAHA

  • i think they like the chase! and once they catch us they freak out! nI*told my Pisces that I feel like a catch and release fish. He throws out the bait til I fall for it, reels me in, plays with me a little, and then throws me back out to sea to catch me again another day. I think we Saggs are way to up front and open to play games like that.

  • bayrab you are so exactly on point with that!

    That is exactly what the 2 pisces that I have been with did....

    just told the latest pisces last night to please not contact me anymore since we clearly have different ways of thinking and want different things. Just got tired of the "catch and release" method. We deserve soooooo much more than that!

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