Cancer women are runned by the moon

  • Since cancer women are suppost to be runned by the moon, does that mean they'd have more characteristics & personal traits of their moon sign? I personally, having a cancer sun & aries moon, seem to fall more under the moon sign. I have a temper, dont like being tide down anywhere for everylong, get bored easily, spend alot of money at a time, love nice things, usually am pretty calm & tend to get very anxious if I'm not on the go very much (alot of energy), & I hate listening to people when they're telling me what to do, it's more of a self diciplinary thing for me. After ready all about cancer, I didnt find very much that fit me to that sign, but after reading that cancers are ruled by the moon, I started reading about the moon sign (aries) & it fit me to a T. Both mentally & physically(being medium height, slim, & having muscle from burning off energy from working out)

    Has any other cancers seemed to fit more with their moon sign?

  • I feel you on that, i think that it is true we are ran by our moon sign, mine being a leo... if not entirely at least half of us is ran by that other sign - it shows in our personality... you should check more into your chinese sign also, i find that i am exactly like mine being a horse.... i have every trait, more than i can say for being a cancer... i hate being at home and i hate cooking, i just generally dont care for food lol... i love adventure and i have to be queen of my pride, im very outgoing and like to take care of myself(hate being babied)... so definately look more into your chinese sign i know it has helped me understand myself more 🙂 hope i helped

  • I know! LoL I hate cooking too. I dont know much about chinese horoscopes. I'll definately check it out though! X)

  • women relate better to their Moon sign than their Sun sign. Men are ruled by their Sun signs and less so on their Moon.

    No you are not necessarily runned by your sun or moon signs, but your are ruled by your sun and moon signs.


    Ms Sunny

  • BTW, I don't mean any disrespect, but their is no such word runned

  • and yes, I do fit or relate better to my Moon sign Taurus, than my Sun sign Leo

  • I'm a twice cancer. My moods are diversly related to the moon and it's many changes. I feel fun and friskey when the moon is in Aquarius. This energy usually carries over until Taurus. Then I introspect. My menstrual cycles are in tuned with the lunar phases. Overcomming this constant pull of emotion is a challange. In a given day I can go through at least 5 different moods which can be quite irritating. I seek to get as close to balance as I can but know I may never achieve perfect balance. I find myself sensitive to the planets but learn how I can use this comsic pull to enlighten my life.

  • @ MsSunny - LoL Didnt mean to put 'Runned' & I didnt know women were ruled by the moon signs more than the sun. Wouldn't it seem like you read you moon sign when you read your horoscope then?

  • And arent different signs ruled by different planets?

    Aries - Mars

    Taurus - Venus

    Gemini - Mercury

    Cancer - Moon

    Leo - Sun

    Virgo - Mercury

    Libra - Venus

    Scorpio - Pluto (Mars)

    Sagittarius - Jupiter

    Capricorn - Saturn

    Aquarius - Uranus (Saturn)

    Pisces - Neptune (Jupiter) ?

  • I have been studying astrology for a long long time, and I am still learning. it's easier to learn the Tarot LOL Based on my studies, your ruler planet is in your Rising/Ascendant sign. for example, my ascendant is in Pisces and my ruler planet is Neptune.

    my signs are as follows... Sun-Leo; Moon-Taurus;Ascendant-Pisces. that means my ruler planet is Neptune that is the sign of Pisces ruling planet. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter? so I would guess that I would have two ruling planets, Neptune/Jupiter.

    as I mentioned earlier, Men relate to their sun signs, and women relate to their moon.

    the sun's archetype (action/protector)is the Father, the moon's archetype feeling/nurturing is the Mother.

    The sun represents who you are, your soul's true you, your moon is who you are when you remove your mask. when things in your life do not go well or is not smooth, you will relate to your moon sign. your moon is your true inner you. your ascendant is how you project yourself to others.

    the above also applies to men.

    your ascendant is the first sign on the horizon at the time of your birth. that would be your ruler planet.

    The sign Aries is the most aggressive sign in the zodiac. Aries usually know what they want and are not shy about going after it. it's aggressiveness can be a problem for others however.

    you probably feel impatient often, and like lots of action. you probably make a good nurse/doctor, or any field that requires you to think on your feet. you like don't others standing still too much, it drives you nuts. you are an actions girl.


  • and I do read or refer to my Moon sign as well as my Rising. better yet, if you really want to know someone? look to your /their Mars, and Venus. those two planets will tell you how a person projects their energy in the world, and how they love another.

  • So for girls their actual sign is their moon signs?

    And since my rising is in gemini that's how people see me, till I'm comfortable to me my real self, then the aries moon comes out?

    And your rise about the 'action girl' part. It actually makes me angry when my friends come to me to ask for advice & talk about it, but they never act on it. I'm more of a 'actions speak louder than words' kind of person.

    And my venus & mars signs are

    Venus - capricorn

    Mars - virgo

    is that a good or bad addition to the cancer/aries/gemini combo? LoL

  • Sorry, read the venus chart wrong. My venus sign is gemini

    full chart is

    Sun: cancer

    Moon: aries

    rising: gemini

    Mercury: cancer

    Venus: gemini

    Mars: virgo

    Jupiter: scorpio

    Saturn: Aquarius

    Uranus: capricorn

    Neptune: capricorn

    Pluto: scorpio

  • your ruling planet is Mercury. from what I know about Virgo is that you are very patient, kind, and love to nurture, and you make a good provider. virgos are thinkers, take pride in their looks, and you most likely have keen observation skills and do well in the health field. from what I see here, your rising is in Gemini, and ruler planet is mercury, you are a good conversationlist, chatty, you like to talk on the phone a lot lol and you may want to try your hand with writing if you like to play with words. have you thought of going into acting or a local play even? you have a lot of energy and you need to find outlets to support you and your goals.

    venus in gemini you are not shy about expressing yourself, and maybe a bit forward or open up too soon. variety is the spice of life LOL you can take that anyway you prefer. lol

    I know there is someone here LeoScorpion that is g ood with natal chart reads.

    good luck, Sunny

  • Thanks for the help 🙂

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