Are you lost at fixing things

  • I may not be able to read the tarot cards or tell you much about Tarot but maybe i can help guide you if you need advice own fixing things around the house . I know times are hard for allot of people and sometimes things break and allot of people are lost when it comes to fixing things so maybe i can help guide you or direct you to what you need to do . Tooter

  • wow delbertc... that is so cool of you!!!! I know the feeling and appreciate your sentiment. Somebody replied to a plea for help from me, and I have nothing to give but my thanks and the willingness to be kind and openminded. While I have many things that need to be fixed...they are probably not things that you could talk me my sumppumpmotor burnt out and I need a bit of time to come upwith the cash to replace it AND I need the time and energy it will take to clean a path to the closet it is in so I can let a handyman in there to get at it!!!! also I have a van broken down that really only needs minor repairsbut again cash is key as wellas tools andtime.A man had offered to help my brother in law fix it forme and he seemed sincere but he never came back. I will ask you to sendme positive energy andprayers though if you will!!!

    Thank you somuch

  • This is such a WONDERFUL thing to do, reading this first thing in the morning (for me it is 🙂 .. has really given me a good start to my day!! just knowing there are ones like yourself willing and giving in love of your time to help us in this way, excellent idea!!....

    this has really warmed my heart, it's like a breath of fresh air... and when I get stuck on something I hope you wont mind me taking you up on this very generous offer, as a woman living on my own I do find a need to know how to try and fix things sometimes, I have found of late though that "stuff" in my home has been behaving, 🙂 but as we all know, that could run out...but, it may take a little pressure of of my family of me ringing when the "luck" runs out, and just saying....can you just ?!!...

    much love and gratitude to you Delbertc,


  • Hi everyone ,have you ever made that statement i have no ideal how to !!! Well i still hear it from one daughter and i have told her i will show her how to fix it and she comes back and says i do not want to know how i want someone else to fix it ,and that is why i try to avoid her phone calls she is always wanting me to do something for her . I did my best trying to raise them right and to be self sufesiunt but she is a Leo two she rather use all that energy getting someone to do it rather than just doing it ,she is a user but sometimes that girl has a heart of gold just not very often LOL.

    Anyway when the girls got thier first car i told them i will show them how to change the oil fix a flat and take care of the matience and i did and i took a lot of worry from me if any thing happen at least they had a little knowledge to take care of a situiwation they might have away from the house.

    I even taught my ex how to run every piece of equipment i had and how to take care of them and use them and what to do like if a water pipe busted in or out of the house, how to put out a greese fire you dont use water use salt . I have a aunt and when my uncle died i seen her one day and ask how she was doing anyway she was telling me she had to get her son to take her car down and fill it up with gas and i ask why she didn't she said she did not know how because my uncle had always took care of all that stuff and my first thought was what if you did not have anyone to do it for you, i did not say that to her i didn't want her to feel bad but i did say you need to go with that son and let him show you how and she did and she even learned how to check her oil , she was around 65 years old then and now she is about 83 so its been a long time since her husband died and i am sure she has learned allot more since then i hope anyway.The next time i seen her she was like a little kid telling me how she knew how to put gas in now and can even check her oil.

    You know sometimes i get so locked up trying to find a solution i look right past the answer and if i can ask someone or ask my guide most of the time get my answer real quick i have gotten allot of answers in my dreams.

    Thanks for your support i am grateful, there has been so much given to me here own this forum from so many and i want to give back what i can with what i have . Tooter

  • Hello Delbertc, what a very kind and generous offer you have made here. I will certainly take you up on it but first, I have to tell you that all Leo's are not like your daughter...hahaha. I'm a Leo and found myself on own after 20 years of being married. So far, I have tackled replacing a kitchen faucet, staining a deck and putting up a canopy on my own and I tell you, I was so proud of myself after I did those things. I'd much rather be able to do things on my own to hire someone else.

    The question I have for you is as follows, I have some small potlights in my home that plug into the ceiling. They are attached by way of a small rectangular metal box, they have two little metal plugs that go into the box to operate. It seems that the holes in teh box have become too large so when I plug the lights in they don't stay on, they seem to lose the connection. Is there any kind of tape I can put around the plugs on the lights to make the connection more secure or do I need to replace the little metal box?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts. It was really a kind and generous gesture for you to offer to help with stuff like this.


  • I tell you what Delbert, I was the one who tried to fix most stuff during my 27yr marriage to my late husband, he couldn't even change an electrical plug bless him, also at one time we had news that my inlaws were coming to visit, I was in panic to get the bathroom decorated, he did it but it was just awful, he just said if you can do it! I did....and it wasn't a bad job at all, even he said it was good for a first time wall I love to put my hand to most things if I'm told how ...Now, if you had given my late husband a huge pile of bricks he would make a beautiful walled garden, he was so good at that so I didn't mind doing all the little stuff 🙂


  • Torgirl144 That is a very good feeling to be able to tackle somthing and look back and see i did it !!! You cant beat that feeling and its great to hear you do them things and i know all Leos are not like that most of us do not want to ask for help its took me a long time to learn that two minds are better than one LOL

    Now about the light if i understand you right do not put tape own there it could cause a fire if you have a straight round pointed like a nail but allot smaller and make sure ( no electrical is coming to it ) there are two brass plates inside own each side of the box were you plug into it you can try springing them out some and it will make it tighter when you plug into it sometimes you can use a knife to do this with just be carefull and not break the edge let me know if that works or if i am understanding you Tooter

    Denise i had uncle who was a brick layer and his wife use to get so mad at him he could do just about anything he was a good electrician two but just getting him to do it and she was the type would hound him constantly it was funny to watch them remember that show with paw kettle and he would always say ( I am gonna have to fix that one of these days ) thats who they reminded me of is ma and paw kettle LOL

  • Man glad this went threw i hit send and i had lost my INTERNET connection so i had to reconnect but i didnt lose it i hope that was what you were talking about. Tooter

  • Thats a good story about your uncle and think it's quite common that tradesmen's houses are the last to be done...I remember a time when we took the wallpaper off in living room, I wanted to have nice smooth walls just to paint, because by this time I'd had enough of doing the wallpapering, you see, he said I made such a good job of the bathroom all the years before I was, craftily on his part, delegated to all the decorating....he knew how to butter me up and save work for when this paper came off, half the plaster came off too, and as he was a good plasterer too I thought, ok, no problem...but he had other ideas, he said, "how about we do an artex finish on it" you know the rough rustic look that apparently was all the rage in them days, so I agreed, he decided to do it whilst I was at work.....well he must have rushed through it like lightening, I didn't know whether to laugh or looked like one of those "snow scene" christmas cake finishes...I decided to laugh because if it hadn't already dried I would have stuck santas and little snowmen on was so funny, but so typical, he always rushed our home jobs..he never had complaints from customers

    thank you so much for this thread Delbert, not only are you helping us with our fixing of things, you have bought back so many wonderful memories for me by going down memory lane, he has been passed for 15 yrs now, but I feel he is here enjoying all this too, this has been very therapeutic for me...thanks are a gem!


  • Thank you Denise you know i have worked since i was 13 and i never was out of a job longer than a month at the most except when my back messed up .But being out of work now for 17 months and i like to work and the rewards of it . I hear and see that allot about tradesmen but when i sobered up in 2 more days will be 27 years i realized i deserve just as much respect and quality of work i give to my customers and other people i have worked for so the place were i did live we called Gods little acre and it was like a garden when me and her got married you couldn't even walk in the yard barefooted with out getting a foot full of stickers but as of my divorce you could walk any where and not get a sticker i had completely redone every thing even laid rock in the ditches it was nice hope she is enjoying it all cause she got all of it i guess thats mean but i have my trailer and some tools and i have planted trees and flowers and made flower beds and a garden here at my daughters we been kind afraid of what the neighbors might do or complain this addition is just about 6 years old my daughter was one of the first ones to build a house own this street and i helped her allot then i am real proud of both of my girls they are both single and have kids but they both been divorced but they got their houses own their own . I run water and electric to the shed here and thats were i get my water and electric i still have to empty my septic tanks into her sewer could be allot worse i can not afford to pay lot rent anywhere so i am kinda stuck here, so its been a pretty humbling experience for me i am the kinda person i have always tried being self sufficient but times have sure changed and i am a lot older and doing this helps me . Tooter

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  • Tooter..(I hope you don't mind me to be so bold to call you this, but I just love the name!)...

    I feel the energy of you, you are a wonderful caring man on your your journey like all of us, you are doing SO well!!...I really admire how you have moved on and dealt with so much in your life, I can tell what a hard worker you are, I have seen some of your posts about gardening, I too have a passion of growing, but sadly, I haven't been able to do the sort of growing like I used to, my back and my circumstances have prevent it for some years now, I do have some beautiful containers of flowers in my tiny garden, I just could not live without seeing flowers, they are one of my greatest loves.....

    but, all that aside I just wanted to say to you how much I can see what a wonderful hard working caring man you are!!... and you have obviously passed this wonderful thing on to your children, how proud you must feel that one of your children actually built their own home...and Tooter, you certainly do deserve respect from all, I for one do!!....I just feel your humility,your love and care of nature and people, I know you will soon surely be rewarded!...I really do envy your self sufficiency, this is what is on my mind to achieve in the should feel the utmost pride for yourself!!


  • Hello Delbert,

    Thank you very much for the information, I will try that for sure. I agree with you, it does feel so wonderful to do something on your own. I don't mind asking for help every once in a while but I do like to be independant, I don't like to impose on people.

    You seem like a very kind and wonderful person who has had their share of challenges in life but it seems like you have never given up and I commend you for that. I wish you all the very best.


  • Notshytobeme How are you doing i hope better i have sent you healing and i am sure so many more have i am just glad you sound better and as far as your car your brother is wright and wrong the new transmission fluids of now could effect the gaskets some but i do not think so because of their resistants to start with but the old fluid could crystallize and cause damage to the gaskets and transmission the more the fluid is circulated the more it breaks down and when it starts breaking down it starts getting hot and will cause the transmission to get hot until it breaks down completely and cause your transmission to go out or burn up. You are just changing fluids not replacing gaskets so i would suggest changing the fluid to protect the transmission that is what the fluids are for but you do not need to change it every time you get the oil changed i would say every 50 thousand miles but the new fluids should last a long time .Well i just got back my daughter took me for a ride in the mustang convertible she is taking own vacation tomorrow she called at 10:30 and said come own i am taking you for a ride so we just got back .Her friend she works with is letting her take her mustang it has the strips and spoilers own it the grand daughters and grand son think its cool so now its midnight i am just glad they get to go anyway hope that helps Tooter

  • Denise i do not mind at all my parents nicknamed me that when i was a baby my dads name was Delbert to ,but they named me that because i was into every thing like a ring tailed tooter well threw the years i lived up to my name i was wilder than hell out of nine kids i was the black sheep of the bunch but Stacy is the one where i am staying and she is going own vacation tomorrow they are going to San Antonio you know its sad own this street there are two houses vacant cause people could not pay for them anymore and the lady across the street told Stacy she will probably be losing hers cause she got laid off of work here last month. All my friends and family call me Tooter and i consider you all friends own here i told captain how neat it was to have friends all over the world i have met and talked to allot of good people I have got to see a little of what is to be and believe me you haven't seen nothing yet, it is hard to Imagen and Denice if you go let me just put it own here next tread.

    Les thank you and if you need any thing else let me know Tooter

  • Here is that place i found and she has a video there that really helped me to meditate better and Denise i added allot of things to this meditation area i put passion vines over the entrance and the walk ways a white granite and the pyramid shape with amethyst all in the structure except for the top so you could lay there at night and see the stars threw the acrylic dome and i put fountains all around in the main area with all kinds of ferns and different flowers i added what ever made me feel more comfortable and i got to meet my higher self with in two minutes she came also Michael and Gabriel and my other guide another women her name was Marsaie but my higher self her name is Andrea she is the one i seen in my visions and a dream and i can go and see her any time we have our private time together its almost like being in a fairy tale but it comes as clear as if they are setting across the table from me and i even get a smile out of Michael once in awhile Gabriel is a little reserved but he laughs and Mersaie is quite and always serious but i really enjoy being there and its like i dont want to leave but i have to come back and do what i need to do but it has really turned my meditation around and now i want to make that time and it gets easier and easier each time it is just neat but Michael wants all light workers to start using their higher selves as their guides i wrote about it in captains tread about getting your power back . (MegentaPixie 2012, own you tube ,Meditation Meet Your Guide or Your Higher self , it really helped me to meditate Tooter

  • Hi Tooter, I just loved the your description on how you got your nickname :) really made me smile...if I had been given a nickname it would have I was a very quiet shy

    but on to the meditation, I saw your post yesterday morning telling of Magentapixie's video, I used to watch many of her excellent videos on Y/T about a year and half ago before I let "life" stop me for short time on my path, I'm glad I'm back on track with it now though..she's a very informative lady, who is a channel to the white wing collection of 9... so I knew I had to go and check out the meditation one, it is wonderful!, I have saved it on my pc and really do intend to meditate with it, you see, I have always had a bit of problem doing meditaions and fully letting go, I think I have some fear blocks with it, Ive been trying to find a solution to it for quite some time now, but, I will certainly try this and let you know how I get certainly given an excellent link to us all on here and many will love her videos on ascension 🙂



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  • Well i am trying to wind down and get in bed its after 3 getting a little late for me but i usealy dont sleep about 5 hrs or so some times i will sleep longer .

    I two have had a hard time meditating and trying to calm my mind once i get out of bed my mind goes to lining my day out and its hard for me to stop and meditate but that has really helped me and you can have the garden you want in there and i am fixing to go there now as soon as i get ready for bed have a good evening Tooter

  • Notshytobeme You are very welcome

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