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  • Notshy2bme, can you put your pride aside for a moment and focus on the welfare of your pet? We both know you treat him like a human baby which is not healthy or appropriate for either of you. I didn't suggest you 'knowingly' humiliate him, but he feels ill when you put pressure and responsibility on him to be your substitute child. Unless you want your cat to continue to decline, you will give him the dignity he deserves and let him live without the added pressure of filling a position he is not designed to fill. Treat him like an animal - for example, his fur is there to keep him from the cold - he doesn't need human clothing. On cold days, it's enough for him to be in a room with a fire or heater. Use your intuition to understand your cat and you will realise that you are using him to fill a void for a baby in your life.

  • Suramya, unless you intend to feed these wild cats permanently or adopt them into your home, It's not fair to try and make friends with them, if you later leave them. The little kittens could indeed bond to you if you keep feeding them and sending them love. The mother cat is still very wary as she has learned that humans can give care and love but withdraw it just as quickly. If you don't intend to take them in, then just leave them food where they can find it and don't put yourself into the picture.

  • Aquagurl, I feel like Tahoe's hearing is impaired.

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  • Gee, Notshy2bme, only a couple of days ago, you were saying I had a heart of gold. I guess that only applies when I am telling you what you want to hear, huh? But you yourself even called your cat your 'baby' so why would you then say that's incorrect?

    I guess you are one of those people who doesn't like to hear the whole truth...

  • And you're right - I do get angry at humans who treat their animal companions like dolls or their children, feeding them human treats that are unhealthy for them and dressing them up in degrading human clothing. If you could only feel how sad and unhappy these animals are to be treated like this, you would understand why I get mad. We humans put too much of a burden on the animals who are meant to be our friends and helpers, not our crutches. Give them their dignity, please.

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  • Thanks Captain you are right.I do intend to feed them permanently but I will try not to put myself in the picture.

    Thanks for this great forum!I enjoy reading everyones posts here.

  • Captain I also agree that animals must not be treated as substitute for humans or dressed like them. And kudos to you for starting this thread to help our animal friends.

    Sending you Love and Light

  • Be nice ladies! Forgive and forget and keep your lights shining! OK everyboy breath in and out. ahhhhh 🙂

  • Captain, Thank you for telling me i've noticed the change in behavior a few days ago but couldn't tell what was wrong, is it a serious medical problem such as cnacer or something less severe, i want to help him so he can be happy again

  • Auqagurl, I don't feel that it is anything that will get better on its own so best to get your dog checked over by the vet.

  • Captain - I need HELP!

    The cats are not eating and I have tried different cat foods, even turkey cold cuts, tuna, they barely take note of it. In the old days they's come running as soon as the heard the can opener or the flip top that opens the can. Both are No-Shows - I have to go find them and try to coax them to bring it to there attention - still NOTHING, they won't even go near their dish. The boy (name has not been fully established) won't even go into the kitchen. He sits out in the dining room and starts talking up a storm. Both have been talking intensively directly at me, I just can't understand them. I tried giving them cat treats, Pueppe will slowly nip at one here and there but geez at what a slow pace. I don't know what to do any more. I know they won't starve they are able to endure hunger better than been without water.

    ..... and this lack of languages barrier between them and me is beyond sad and it makes me feel absolute helpless. I just took new pics of them maybe you can help me with your insights what I can do, how I can help or if I missed something.

    Thank you so much!


  • ME, your cats understand now about Mutze and are in mourning - the boy is also trying to comfort you by 'talking' to you. He feels it is his place as a 'man' to be supportive. They will return to normal soon after they have grieved properly.

  • All,

    Please help us keep the forums a safe, peaceful and enlightened place and think twice before posting anything that could be hurtful to someone else. This is one of the reasons we don’t allow personal readings here on the forums. At some point feeling will get hurt, and we’ll have to intervene. We know that it is always unpopular when we need to delete these personal reading threads, but we have our reasons and this case is a good example of why.


    Forum Admin

  • So one upset person can outweigh the results of all the other satisfied 'customers' here? That's a pretty precarious situation for all readers and those who are seeking answers, then.

  • And if anyone thinks that my replies were made out of pure spite or to hurt, then I guess they don't really understand me or how I work.

  • Captain,

    did I cause this upset? THAT was absolutely NEVER my intention ~ you have so wonderful helping with this as a Pet Grief Counselor. I never meant to upset anyone! If I would have read my story coming from someone else, it would have given me a lot of information should I encounter such situation (as mine is)!

    To everyone on this Thread - my sincerest apologies if Admin removing this Thread was my fault.



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