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  • I do apologise notshy2bme, I got it wrong, I thought he was a little dog...(red face)

    Blessings to him!!

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  • Hi Captain, firstly I must say respect to you for helping so many people but mostly for this- our pets are so important reminding us of what's truly important- love.

    My own girl has had some rough times, she's old and happy but she now has a tumour that the vet won't remove because she doesn't think she wake up from the anesethia. I won't know if it's cancerous or not and she's coughing now, I just want to make the right decision for her. She still runs and gets hyper and playful so I don't think she's ready yet but has been somewhat miffed because one of my cats that I thought was fixed had 2 kittens one of which needs me to feed her since she wasn't getting enough milk from mom. Her brother does though- they do take attention away from my Angel. She still gets attention that the cats don't but I still worry that I won't be able to make the proper decision regarding what's best for my girl.

    Thank you and peace...

  • Thank you for your kind response. Can't locate my camera, looked til late last night. Will search in the garage this morning maybe put it there for who knows what reason.

    .... and No I didn't in details explain to them why she passed over, explaining that she was sick. Just picked up acknowledging/assuming that I understood they miss her & that it's ok to mourn but to please understand mom (me) made that decision so she wouldn't suffer anymore.

    I will let them know that she was really sick. BTW: my favorite number is 16 petains to my birthday ~ Mutze passed over at 16:16 (4:16PM) when she got her wings and the Angels took her in flight.

    Silly maybe but that's how I saw it, my story and I 'm sticking to it.

    Thank you for letting me share!

  • Hello Captain,

    Camera found ~ here are the pictures of Angel and Pueppe after Mutze passed over!

    Thank you

  • OPS - I am sorry! It happened again that the pics posted in wrong order.

    Angel is the white one and Pueppe is well the other one!

    Are they hurting or mourning the loss of Mutze?

    Thank you so much for your insights!


  • Notshy2bme, your cat gets very overheated and uncomfortable in those 'clothes' you put on him. It makes him feel ill because of the overheating. He feels you are punishing him every time you make him wear extra material around him and can't understand what he is doing wrong. It means he can't clean himself all over which cats need to do and so he feels dirty and frustrated. He is suffering very much from the stress of it and this is making him ill.

  • Bighorn, try laying your hands over where you think the tumour is in your dog and send all your love through your hands to him. Imagine in your mind the tumour shrinking and your dog looking fit and happy. Then massage and stroke him all over. Do this as often as you can. Your dog will really love and appreciate this healing and the special attention.

  • Yes MysticalEnergy, you really need to explain more to your cats about Mutze. Your little girl is very confused about where Mutze is, and Angel (you might think about changing his name as it carries a feminine association for you and he picks that up) is worried that he might end up being taken away like Mutze becasue he thinks Mutze did something wrong.

    It's so important that we explain things to our pets - even just when we go to work to tell them we will be coming back - because though they can't understand your words, they understand your feelings and the tone of your voice. When you go away or take one of the other animals in the home away, they feel afraid because they don't understand what is happening. It was doubly puzzling for your two cats, ME, because when you took Mutze to the vet, you didn't know she would not be coming back with you. So your other two did not pick up that fact from you.

  • That absolutely breaks my heart that they feel that way, now I'm hurting even more. I am VERY familiar with abandonment issues myself, I don't want them to feel insecure.

    I will rename the boy. He won't let me get near him today, keeps escaping, hiding. When he looks at me his eyes look/reflect mad or judgemental than he snobs me and walks away.

    About Pueppe being very confused - not sure if it's cuz now she can't tease or chase after Mutze and getting her scared or if they did care for each other just enjoyed rough housing with her. I always thought they didn't care much for one another.

    The energy in the house is horrible and depressing. The boy pays no attention to Pueppe and she appears she could care less "whatever" ~ they're not even ruffeling each others feathers so to speak. Just downloading again but it feels like Mutze was the glue that made them a team, associating with each other on their own individual term. It's tearing me up because Mutze was so frightened all the time, if she was curled up in my lap and I'd have sneeze a bit, she'd hit the ceiling, jumping out of her fur but when she loved OMG, she'd be like in my face, slept on my chest and loved curling up under the blanket with me when I layed on the sofa. God I miss her! Sorry I am getting all upset again!

  • Well, Mutze is not scared any more - she is feeling very loved and blissfully happy. She does miss her old friends but it is not a sad feeling (as we know it) because she is aware that we will all be together again eventually.

  • Thank you for letting us know ~ the tiny one is safe ~ she is so easy to love (earth bound, ones trust was established), remember her tiny face sleeping on my shoulder, purring, been at peace. I hope I was a good mom (friend) to her? As I wondered today Who really rescued Whom? I might have fished her out of the trashbag in the gutter but she gave me love, sweetness, the feel of her silky silver fur, meowed for me to get off the computer cuz it was time for bed, I had to be there first then she'd follow me.

    We miss her and I had a great talk with the boy, even making eye contact often, he sat and listened, talked also but I didn't understand, I gave him all the details and asked him to watch over me, needed him, help me mourn her, remember how funny she was and I'd do the same for him. She is no longer in pain and he can feel secure that He is here to stay, we are a family, we need him cuz he's The Man of the house.

    I also told him to help me pick a new name for him~nothing yet but I'm making every effort to stop calling him "A". I feel everyone here needs some time to integrate this sudden event of loss but I will suggest some more name for him and see how he reacts.

    I also had my talk with Pueppe about losing Mutze, assured her she wasn't going any where ~ we are family.

    Thank you so much for all your advice on dealing with this for them and for me! Maybe in a few weeks I may send you new photos of them, hopefully to have you say that they are feeling better and doing fine.



  • It's very special when cats talk to you, ME. They don't use these sound with other cats - it's something they have created just for humans.

    I have often wished I was smart enough to be able to talk cat. My cats were all definitely angels. You can never be lonely when you have a pet. They are God's great gift to us so I get so upset when they are abused.

  • Thanks Captain, already being done, it always worked well when she used to have seizures more or less auric brushing - it was like I could pull it out of her (such a nasty feeling!!) and they never lasted that long with me, whereas with my ex they'd last so long that she would have needed meds which sometimes end up being worse. I'd also visualize her running outside and happy which I think she felt too. Thank you again and good luck!!

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  • Dear Captain

    I am just curious to know what the three wild cats that i feed and take care of think of me.The mum is ginger auburn and v wild but sometimes blinks at me"saying" she trusts me.The kittens ,one is reddish brown and reserved like the mamma cat.Its the other kitten I want to know about mainly.Its white with brown spots and adorable.I know that does not tell you much and I have no picture...yet.I wonder if this kitten will let me touch it?!It does respond to me from a distance.

    Thanks again!Meow:)

  • Hi Captain, this is a picture of my doggie Tahoe, i was wondering how he was doing, since he seems more calm and less hyper than he usually acts

  • sorry pic didn't work i'll try again

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