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  • OPS - I am sorry!

    Appeaars I posted the pics in wrong order.

    Angel is the white one and Pueppe is well the other one!


  • Pueppe feels very pampered and loved - she adores all the attention you lavish on her, the spoiit little girl. She is very happy.

    Angel is more independent than Pueppe. He doesn't enjoy the attention as much as her - he feels it is his job to look after you and not vice versa. He wishes you would treat him more like a male than a female.

  • Thank you so much ~ I will make sure that Angel is "The MAN" of the house.

    Can you tell me if they are sad?

    I had another cat, her name was Mutze, she grew up with Angel for 13 years. A tiny little, scared of her own shadow runt, rescued out of a trashbag in the gutter, she liked snuggling with me. She started breathing strange 2 days ago so yesterday I took her to the Vet but I came home with an empty pet carrier, heart broken and hurting so, never say that one coming.

    I was put in a position to decide her living or provide an easy transition. It was horrible ~ she was already quite sick at that point, needing so much hospital care ~ and there was no guaranty she'd be ok then. So I kissed her goodbye, thanked her for the love she shared with me and had to let her go ............

    ..... sorry I am stil quite upset!

  • Captain can you tell me how my dog is, his name is JJ


    hugs sheila

    i hope this works:)

  • MysticalEnergy, were those photos of your cats taken before or after Mutze died? Because older photos will not give up-to-date emotions of recent events..

  • Shatz, the photo is a bit too foggy.

  • arrr:)

  • Hi captain, i will try another time, I'm feeling a bit frustrated because i can't resize the picture. Krista and i had to give him to a good home when we moved...i miss him.

    hugs sheila

  • Shatz, if you want to know how your dog is now, I would need a photo of him in his new place.

  • I have one the family sent it to me, he looks so skinny. :(.

    i can't resize it though

    thanks captain

  • ok i found a site i really hope this works thanks again

  • awe patience:)

  • Shatz, your dog still feels confused about his new family though they look after him. He doesn't understand why he has new people around him. But he will gradually get used to his new life. At the moment he is a bit depressed and not eating but he should be OK when he settles in.

  • Re: The pics ~ Before she passed over. Would like to send you updated pictures if I may!?

    I can feel it, the energy in the house changed. Angel was the first cat and when I brought Mutze home, that sick, skinny, tiny little runt ~ he took to her right away, was very protective over her, always the gentleman watched & waited til she was done eating than went for whatever was left over. I think he has been searching the house looking for her, he either keeps to himself or comes up to me talking up a storm ~ I am just not "hearing" him.

    Funny that you brought up his wish that I treat him more as a male. Yes, well he was an Ops, as I used to call it. He came from a shelter, a whole litter of white kittens and I had picked out a little girl and named her Angel but the shelter couldn't release any of them until the next day. When I came to pick up my girl Angel, someone had given her already away and only the boy was left, adopted him, gave him a home and the name Angel stayed. Since your Post, I tell him he's the MAN of the house ...... he just came up to the computer, probably knows I am writing about him. I try to sooth him, he must be mourning Mutze, they were very close.

    I'll ask him if we can sooth each other while mourning Mutze.

    Pueppe ~ oh my, I needed a 3rd cat like a hole in my head ........ but rescue again. Some ones neighbor moving van left including family leaving her behind ........ she was put in my arms and layed there like a doll, looking at me with those big eyes .......... "Done Deal" for me ~ Welcome to your new home! She taught me a lot, came into my life when socalled friends weren't really friends taking advantage of my kindness. Well Pueppe was only 6 months old, the "new" one in the house but timid was not in her dictionary ~ her attitude "Hello, here I am, now move over and let me get to the food dish! I just got here but I won't put up with anyone walking all over me!" I don't know how Pueppe feels about the loss, it took quite a while for them to be in the same room at the same time.

    Would like to send new photos tomorrow and get your insights!

    thank you so much


  • Yes, an up-to-date pic will help me assess their current feelings. Have you ever explained to your cats what happened to Mutze? They won't understand your words but they will understand your thoughts and feelings.

    And I know how you feel ME. I still miss all my ctas even though the last one died over three years ago. I will always think of them as my furry children. They were nicer more loving souls to me than many humans.

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  • Here you go notshy2beme, this is a link to a good resize picture website, I use it a lot 🙂

    hope your little dog will soon be well 🙂

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