Pet Detective

  • Thank you so much! I absolutely love this gal and my Roo! I was praying that's all it was! That's what I felt but just wanted some clarity!

    I appreciate your time! I feel so much better!

    The crate is being set back up as we speak!! :O)


  • One other question that I am wondering. What does she think about the flies that have appeared in the house? At first she was running around chasing them, but I am wondering if they are a source or stress somehow for her now?

  • They were a distraction at first but now her fear and stress has become too overwhelming for her to be distracted.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Fanaa25, Honey is deeply connected to nature and can seem a little dreamy or out of it at times because of his spiritual connection. He needs to be outdoors as much as possible, even if he is used to being inside. He is a very wise dog with an old spirit. It's hard at times to know what he is feeling or thinking. He is very patient with his human friends.

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  • Still having problems with Lilley and things have actually seemed to gotten worse!

    She hangs out on my sons bed about 23 hours out of the day now. Unless she is outside she's on the bed. Bought the crate out but she doesn't really seem that interested. Not eating and not drinking.

    I don't know what to do for her! We take her out of the room put her by us, sometimes she'll shake like crazy and then it's right back to the bed. Sometimes curled up in the same position for hours!


    I'm enclosing a picture of her from around March. She adopted us in January.

  • Lilleys birthday is January 21 2004 by the way in case you need it

  • Lilley is really tired of life - she needs something to excite her. Do you let her run a lot in a wide open space?

  • Captain this is definitely my favourite thread at the moment.Love looking at all our lovely friends here and reading your insights.Sending all of you healing energy!

  • Yep the back yard is fenced in! One of the prime reasons why I got this house was for her and Roo so they'd have a back yard to run! Maybe I should try a change of scenery for her though? Park, ball field or something. I don't know.

  • Endless, it may be time to just take her to the vet. My neighbor adopted a retired Greyhound and it had symptoms similar to your dog - shaking all over for no reason, didn't eat, wouldn't walk, sad depressed look on his face. The only thing that helped in the end was prozac. She never did find out the source of the depression but the rescue thinks it may have been that his foster Mom died. The dog was placed into another foster family briefly and then adopted out.

    Here's an article I found. I just recently discovered that webmd has a pet section.

  • Endless1987, I feel she needs to be able to run and run, though she may be very timid at first of a wide open space. Maybe you can encourage her by trailing something that she can chase? I feel she will feel free and happy when she can run so yes, a change of venue to a park or field would really be good for her.

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