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  • We mustn't neglect to help our animal friends. If you have a pet behaving strangely, post a photo or tell me about them and I will try to pick up what's going on.

  • I'll take another crack at this. My pet isn't acting strange but I'd like to know what's on her mind, how she's feeling, any wishes/wants, etc . . .

    Posted this pic before for Twinsoul but the thread became a little overwhelming - as they tend to do whenever free advice is offered.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Tenchi2go, I feel your dog lives in the past a lot - like she is pining for an old friend. Has she lost somebody who she was close to? She wishes that her human companions were home more. She is a very social creature who likes to have lots of people and animals around her. She hates to be alone and feels frightened when she is.

  • She may be thinking about my ex (and perhaps his dog). I cut off all ties with him late last year. She was pretty close to him although it took her a long time to warm up to him in the beginning.

    She doesn't behave as though she is very social. When I take her out she is either confrontational or fearful of other people and other dogs - she's very particular about who she likes.

    She also doesn't seem to like having other animals in the house. I will eventually get another dog when she gets better and I find a place that will allow bigger dogs. She has always had this "air" about her that she would rather be in a one dog household. Everyone who knows her has expressed concerns about my future plans. Consequently, I'm making sure she has the final say on which dog I get.

    Obviously, I can't do much about there not being anyone at home during work hours. However, when I come home from work she always looks very rested and relaxed. She barely even gets up or acknowledges that I've entered the room except for a brief light thumping of her tail.

    Maybe she just wants another human to be there during the day or else I could try to find a job that would allow me to take her to work.

  • She is fearful of losing anyone she gets attached to but she does really want to be part of a big family group. It began with separation from her mother - people think animals don't care when their young are taken away or babies are taken from their mothers, but they do. They seem to stoically accept the loss as something that happens but inside they remember. It is humans who are the ones who don't understand the lingering effectof separating the animals. We don't realise how we are abusing our animals in that way because we have trained ourselves to become insensitive in order to survive the harshness of the world.

    You must try and get her used to socialising more - she is only afraid of strangers. As you say, it took her a long while to warm up to your husband in the beginning. Once she gets to know other people and animals and feel confident that they are going to stick around and not hurt her, she will relax and enjoy the company. It is so very important for this dog to mix with others, otherwise I see her pining away or becoming ill from loneliness. This is a very sensitive dog who needs company. Waiting until she gets better on her own won't work - she has to be around other animals to get used to them. It would be wonderful if you could take her to work.

  • "However, when I come home from work she always looks very rested and relaxed. She barely even gets up or acknowledges that I've entered the room except for a brief light thumping of her tail."

    That is resignation and dispiritedness, not relaxation.

  • "She is fearful of losing anyone she gets attached to but she does really want to be part of a big family group."

    Sounds like me 😉

    This year I was going to join the dog park to help with her loneliness and boredom. Somehow, she injured her leg in Jan. and we've had to follow the vet's advice until she's ok to get her surgery then heal - another reason I delayed getting her a companion. Didn't want her to think I was trying to replace her.

    Hopefully she's lost enough weight to get the operation this month. If so, she may be ready to play again by September.

    Thanks for the advice. I see she and I are even more similar in personality than I thought.

    P.S. As for her behavior when I come home, she's usually in her sun spot. She won't move from that place for anything 😄 - at least, not until I'm dressed to take her for a walk. At other times though, I can clearly tell she is just in a state of resignation esp. since she can't exercise or play like she used to.

    Thanks again.

  • "another reason I delayed getting her a companion. Didn't want her to think I was trying to replace her."

    She wouldn't think that way.

  • Hey Captain I enjoyed reading this thread .What goes on inside an animals head and heart fascinates me.My question is about a colleague's cat That I visited recently.This male cat is friendly and seems well adjusted.My friend told me that she had recently got him "fixed"for his own good.I got the distinct feeling that the cat was unhappy about being sterilized, and that it 'wishes'humans would understand that.Once again,I am asking you whether I imagined these feelings of the animal or was i 'tuning'in.I dont have a pic.It is a plump,white cat with beautiful emerald eyes.

    And do you think we humans should tamper with animals sexuality?

  • You are not imagining it, Surayma. It is extremely arrogant of humans to assume they are doing the best for their pets by automatically 'fixing' them. They don't even ask their animals for their permission. I include myself in this as I had all my cats fixed due to the advice of vets. One of my girls was extremely depressed for the rest of her life about not being able to have babies and they all seemed to exhibit a dullness or apathy after their operations that never quite passed. I carry much guilt and regret over it but I was not as aware then as I am now.

    The fault is not the animals breeding naturally as they should - it's just that too many animals on the planet becomes an inconvenience for humans who want to freely over-populate the earth themselves.

    The way we treat animals is appaling. We have become so desensitized to everything in this world that we no longer enjoy the telepathic connection we once had with animals. Now we just do what we think is best for them without consulting them or considering their feelings. I can't abide going to zoos or circuses where animals are kept in small confined places and forced to entertain humans through demeaning undignified behaviour or doing 'tricks'. Most people would be appalled if they opened themselves up to feel the distress of such animals. it makes me feel ill and extremely upset to pick up their misery at being caged and gawked at. Some animals in particular like monkeys and elephants are very sensitive. I have picked up madness in some zoo elephants that is very upsetting.

    I am hoping for a more enlightened attitude as people become more aware again.

    End of rant...

  • Ghandi quote: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

  • Now that Ghandi.......well he REALLY gets it!

  • Dear Captain ,

    I cant seem to open the first page of this thread today.So I missed what you wrote,before this:(

  • Surayma, just copy and paste this into your website address section at the very top of this page -

  • Thank you so much for

    a)taking the trouble to help me read the page and

    b)for sharing your feelings on this .I completely agree with you.and most of all

    c)Thanks for validatimg my feelings and your patience .I seem to feel dogs distress very deeply so I know what you mean about the pain of opening up.I feel my neighbours dogs loneliness when i play with them ,and they seem to want to "talk "to me.Thanks again and hoping more people open themselves like this...

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    Hope this message finds you well. I was curious to see what could you perhaps gathered from my Lil Sophie? She has quite a personality but sometimes im not sure if im understand what she's trying to say in between her "trying to talk funny noises". Thanks! 🙂

  • Hmmm weird that it didn't worked. I'll try again...Let's see.

  • Sagibaby, your dog worries about you. She feels your emotions quite easily and she tries to cheer you up when you are down. She senses that you have been very unhappy and anxious lately so she tries harder to amuse you.

  • Captain, yes i can certainly noticed how Sophie has been trying to do that and keeps following me everywhere as my little bodyguard with all her 4-lbs. Haha. Even if i sit or lay down, she'll lay on top of me as if she's trying to protect me.

  • Captain,

    these are my babies Angel (boy) and Pueppe (girl) ~

    Can you please tell me if they are ok?

    Thank you so much

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