Tarot Magick?

  • Have anyone heard or does Tarot Magick?

  • i just read about it. it sounds interesting enough but being christian im not exactly sure if i would go and actually try it...just saying

  • I'm a Christian too and have studied Tarot Magick a bit. In fact, I've even practiced some.

    Nothing to be frightened of. Nothing in real Tarot Magick goes against any Christian principles.

    It's really just using energy in different ways as they resonate with different cards.

    Tony Willis has an excellent book out about it., and there is an actual Magickal Tarot deck, which you can find at US Games Systems.

    One thing you might want to look into (to change the subject a bit) is The Tarot of the Saints.

    It is a wonderful blending of essential Tarot lore with the lives of various saints.

    As a progressive Christian, I've found it interesting to work with, although I'm still just a beginner with the deck.

    Another great deck for those of a Christian bent is The Master Tarot, which is based on the life of Jesus. Very interesting deck.

    Just my take on it. Take what you need and leave the rest, but remember my main point, which is that there's nothing harmful in Tarot Magick. No evil is done. Check out Willis's book.


  • Wow that hard to believe. I'm actually Taoist and I sometimes used chaotic tarot magick.

  • @qwalchmai60:thank you for explaining that for me(:

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