Psychics? can anyone tell me what my dream meant?

  • i had a dream that my grandpa (rip) was a ghost in my house(where he lived his whole life). it was vivid and i was exactly where i was laying in my bed, trying to sleep(in the dream). I was frightened by his angry approach toward me not sure if it was directed to me, he was yelling but couldnt hear what it was about. my older and only sister was sitting there next to me holding my hand while i layed there trying to sleep because i was so exhausted, while i lay there crying she whispered to me the whole time telling me it was okay that i could sleep and she would protect me... then somehow my father was in the picture(whom i havent talked to in three years) and was fighting with my grandpa, my grandpa being on top of him yelling at him in the form of a ghost and my dad being a real person like myself and my sister. my dad was not saying much sort of just taking the rath. my sister stood up on the bed at one point and started yelling at my grandpa to go away but it did not budge him it just made him more angry. I finally started to get to sleep because of my sister being there and then i woke up to my alarm clock with the most eery feeling considering it all happened on my bed...

    can anyone please tell me what this means?

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