So lost :(

  • I feel like I am begging but I don't know where else to turn without money. I'm having relationship issues (severe) which always makes me feel invalidated about my path. All I want is to be loved for who I am and for who I am not...I need loving arms around when I'm sad...I need emotional security. I am a good person who wants the one person in my life who I am going to spend the rest of my life with unconditionally. I fully believe in twin flame/soul-mates and know the right when come when I least expect it...was hoping my current relationship would be it, but, then I get emotional/verbal/mental abuse. I am better than that and deserve so much more but I always second-guess myself by the thing he says to me. Then I start feeling negative about myself. I go back to my teenage past (I am now 32) with someone whom I have unfinished issues with...thing that need to be explained. Then maybe I can let go of felling so unworthy of anyone's love. I know I deserve what I need, I just need the confidence. I am just so lost and confused...

  • ForsakenDragoness, the relationship you are really seeking is with yourself. When you repair the way you feel about yourself, you will be ready to attract loving companions. But at the moment you feel bad about yourself so you attract bad people. You seek answers outside yourself when really the answer you seek is inside YOU. Stop looking for what you need in others - they can't provide the self-love and self-forgiveness you need. Forgive yourself and everyone who has hurt you - that is all finished now. So you made mistakes - we all do. None of us is perfect. Go forward into the future with only love in your heart - nothing else.

  • Write down every good thing you can think of about yourself. Look at the positive things you have accomplished and don't dwell on the bad.

  • Thank you Captain 🙂

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