Online dating site, is it worth to find real love

  • The online dating concept is new one for me. I would like to know a good online dating site that is reasonable. I do not have a lot of money to spend now. I am a newbie, don’t have that much information .Can you direct me to a low cost dating site?

  • Hi there, this type of option is a great way to meet someone and not spend allot of money. I recently bumped into a site .

    It is new and you pay nothing, ever.

    That should help you.

  • I have no idea how much it costs if anything at all, but I hear is one of the best.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have been on Yahoo, Match, e Harmony and Singlesnet. I met one guy, on Match, We dated for 3 years, then he dumped me out of the blue. Most are not who they 'claim' to be! They start out nice and sweet, then turn into who they 'really are'. All the sites send you people who do not fit what you requested, especially in age and distance. I request within 50 miles of my address, and between the ages of 52 and 60. All 4 sites have sent me guys up to age 80 and anywhere from 2 to 5 states away! Guess the bottom line, for any one is, always BE SAFE if you chose to meet someone...DO NOT give personal info, like address, phone etc, and if you chose to meet, do it in a very public place and bring a friend to be close by! GOOD LUCK!!

  • try love is universal deaf dating site

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