Hurt my knee

  • today i slipped in the shower because the tub was extra slippery for some reason. i dont wanna get into too much detail but i was in alot of pain and i could walk but very awkwardly. i tried to move alittle more because i cant take sitting down all day im a very hyper person lol and it started to not hurt as bad. im just alittle scared that i might have to be like this for a long time and im having alittle trouble dealing with the pain. im trying to take care of myself the best i can i dont expect pity im just scared. any words of encouragement? loving prayers would be appreciated too. thank you.

  • This happened in order for you to slow down and take some time to think about your life and what you want from it. Use the time well. Your recovery will be speeded up if you reflect on why you are so hyper. Learn to relax.

  • lol im hyper because of a combination of things such as too much caffeine,too much sugar,indulging in junk food and on account of hormones. i know very well what i want in life but its not that simple when your life is always one thing after another. this year i had a cousin commit suicide on mother's day(dont judge her she was very physicaly ill ever since she was a baby and i guess she could not stand being in pain..i miss her so much)so i needed some time to grieve and take care of my family. i also have financial issues and alot of the things i want to pursue happen to be something you need to be financially stable for. i just have alot on my plate.

  • Are you feeling better? I noticed you'd hurt your knee. I broke mine in March took about 2 months before I could begin PT. It does take time especially for energetic ones. I'm at about 90% now am back to commuting on my bicycle and working since 6/1. Grunting a bit more than I used to. 🙂 When this sorta thing happens I take it as a message from the Universe to slow down, pay attention and not push the river. I empathize w/ your family and your loss, a lot of us have been there and it is a unique kind of grief. .



  • i am starting to feel abit better,still cant do too much in the way of physical activity(i even put on -few pounds)but i know i"ll be all healed up soon enough. thank you pfree(: and even though i miss my cousin i have faith that god is taking care of her now and that she is no longer suffering.

  • Some of the things I did to help my knee was take arnica internally a few times a day and externally on my knee w/ Sumbra heat and of course ice. I do think it healed up a bit quicker for it. It's a very unigue kind of experience is it not to be thrown(literally) out of your element and have to sit and just witness. My weeds got over 4 ft high I kid you not! :)What I learned the most was how uncomfortable I was not having control. Feeling so vulnerable. My ego was not happy w/ that plus not being able to work,(can you say cranky) but the wait was worth it. I am the sole provider for my family so we all were a bit ruffled. I did try to do my stomach back and upper body exercises almost daily after the severe pain left but I lost a lot of muscle after not using my leg. Bit lopsided now.:) I'm glad you are feeling better. The Universe has a mighty hand when she wants us to pay attention eh?

    Cheers Pfree

  • what is arnica and thanks for the advice.

  • Arnica is an herb. Taken in homeopathic form. You can find it in health food stores and Vita.cost

    Hylands brand is the easiest to get and the cream is Arnicare cream, Sombra is both a hot and cold I chose hot it's a tad more expensive. It's no miracle cure and it's not pain relief like motrin but after a few months and I saw I was healing faster than the 4plus mos dr had estimated(I was on my bicycle commuting to work by June1 and the bike accident was March 24th) I can't attribute it to anything else beyond my desire to get off my butt!! Best of luck.Just remember dear this too shall pass 🙂

    Cheers Pfree

  • oh ok thanks.

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