Can somebody help me with these cards.

  • I have a question because I just had a free tarot reading for me for my birthday on the 12th of this month. But I do not understand the cards can you please help me.

    Card 1. The Magician

    Card 2. Two of Swords

    Card 3. Eight of Swords

    Card 4. Ten of Coins

    Card 5. Justice

    Card 6. Seven of Cups

    Card 7. Death

    Card 8. Ace of Coings

    Card 9. Ten of Swords

    Card 10. Knight of cups

    Card 11. Page of coins

    This was the Celtic Cross can you please help me understand what they are saying

    Thanks Illona

  • I'm afraid you're between a rock and a hard place inasmuch as there are numerous variations on the Celtic Cross spread, so it's impossible to know which card stands for what.

    Why didn't the reader give you an interpretation? That's kind of odd, don't you think? What good is a Tarot spread if it's not explained?

    If I were you, I'd wait a bit and have the spread done again by someone who's willing to explain it to you, and there are many capable readers in this Forum who would be happy to read for you.

    Blessed be.

  • Hello gwalchmai60

    This was something that was sent too me. I get my horscope everyday from a site and for my birthday it gave me a 11 card celtic spread for free. And there was not a reader it was not done by a person it was done on the internet. It told me to ask a question and I did and it was about money and then it shuffle the cards and then told me to pick 11 cards and that is what I did. And then it showed me the cards that I picked. And what position they were in. I don't understand how to read them so that is why I was asking somebody if they could for me.

    Thanks for your help Illona

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