His mars is in scorpio my venus is in capricorn ?leo scorpion?

  • i thinki did that right? what will the relationship be like?

    blessings!! :)x

  • feel free for anyone to leave their opinion

  • katie

    I can't do reading with just mars and venus

    this is only a very small part of relationship reading

    I won't do anything specific but I can do a general, I just need DOB dd/mm/yy of both

    I will do it when I can, right now I am catching up with other readings OK

  • 30 12 1990

    him 27 feb 1984

    thankyou 🙂 no rush

  • hi katiess

    sorry for the delay

    there was a death in the family

    I was going back and forth setting up memorial, work and home

    will do your reading tonight it's Friday

  • Katiess

    Your sun is in Capricorn together with 4 more planets. Your north node, Is also here.

    Saturn conjunct Venus and your North (life purpose). Shows that all you need to do is follow Saturn to achieve your purpose. You are a Cap at heart, and Saturn will show you the way to become a more aloof and detach – you. Coming from Cancer South node, you can be too emotional and rely on emotion. Nothing wrong with being emotional or emotional attachment, but doesn’t mean you should rely on it 24/7. There will be times when you need to use logic, stay cool and unaffected by events or actions other people take, and focus your energy on achieving personal and career ambitions rather than wasting it on other people’s emotional cobweb. Just watch not get carried away by Saturn’s restrictive influence. Think out of the box, and don’t be afraid to explore possibilities, be it romantic or career. Before you let fear control you and makes you let go of something that is actually good for you, think it over and opt for a heart to heart discussion with everyone involved. Venus here can make you selective and possibly discriminative when it comes to relationship. This is good, if you are doing it out of fair and informed assessment, not based on fear or unfounded concern.

    Your Sun conjunct Neptune and Uranus. This placement helps you find new ways, breakthroughs to achieve personal and material success. You are also quite generous and may be doing charity or volunteer work and become popular by it. Neptune’s illusion here is kind of ‘boxed in’, courtesy of Capricorn practicality. It’s probably a bummer if you are in artistic field, but then again if you can let it out of the box now and then, Neptune can enrich your imagination and intuition. Moon in Gemini, you are great at communicating / sharing your feelings. You know just the right words. But this placement may hinder you from depth of emotion, and so other people may think that you don’t ‘mean’ what you say, you’re just playing word game and so on. Nurture yourself, this is a good way to improve many areas in your life, including your emotional life. Everything starts from within. Mars in Taurus takes time before you do anything, but once you start, you’ll keep going. Try to stay alert at all times and always have contingency plans, rather than putting off decisions too long. You may not like changes, but some changes are necessary.

    Staying alert will help you avoid manipulation and deceit. Indeed your compassion can make you fall prey to abusive manipulative people that will only hurt you in the end. Mercury conjunct Pluto, may add sharpness to your words. Embrace Capricorn, be more aloof, cautious and formal.

    His sun in Pisces, but Scorpio and Capricorn are dominant in his chart. Jupiter conjunct Neptune may bestow him luck in artistic field, but he needs to learn to separate reality from illusion, or he’ll run out of luck. Mars conjunct Saturn can make him take one step forward and two steps back. On one hand he wants to act, on other hand he wants to delay it. One day he wants to exercise leadership, the next day he wants to follow. Pluto in Scorpio shows a great deal of sensitivity and intuition, he has to watch not to get carried away by Pluto’s intense inner strength and not become violent, a bully or simply too sensitive making small things big.

    Venus in Aqua, he enjoys being with friends and probably rather find love among his friends than outside his friends circle. He is a fast thinker, absorbs information without much delay. Discussing ideas with him can be really interesting, although he may avoid heart to heart discussion, or actually becoming too absorbed in it that he lets imagination takes over.

    Uranus conjunct his South, he may value freedom and individuality so much that he is not willing to listen to other people or to devote in one relationship. With North in Gemini, Logic and intellect are emphasized more than imagination here. Neptune rules Pisces, where his Sun sits. The good side is he can be compassionate and generous to those in need, but has to watch not falling for false belief or unfounded fears that Neptune’s fog can lead him to unhealthy habit or even addiction. This is where logic and intellect can help him see people and things who they really are. He will be able to appreciate the good things he has and get rid of what is not necessary, including past hurts that may have scarred his sensitive nature.

    Hope this helps.

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