He loves me, he loves me not

  • I am a LIBRA 10/10/70 and I have read all there is to know about my sign, usually other Libras are attracted to me but I am with a Gemini 6/21/63 I thought I was supposed to be good with gemini, but I must admit the only other man I knew that was Gemini was my abusive ex-husband. Opps, I did a bad thing didn't I?

  • You can only get a very general idea from looking at the sunsign compatibility. You really need to compare all the planets in each chart for better accuracy.

  • I have the same question too..

    my firstlove, he loves me, he loves me not?

    I want to seduce my firstlove and propose to him 🙂

    Will he turn me down?

  • I am an intersex Gemini, currently in a (non sexual) relationship with an intersex Libran. As far as I can ascertain, and from soulmate checks via tarot.com, we are soulmates and are meant to be. I too have been in unsatisfactory relationships in the past - I'm 53 now and I need stability. I feel that my ideal birthsign partner would be an Aries, but I'm not really sure. Both my parents were Librans with only a day separating their birthdays. I feel that I am attuned somehow to Librans and am attracted to them. The fact that I am Gemini - born a twin - so-called boy with brain damage and intersex - my twin sister died- and also being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder- well, you can imagine how my life is! My partner (who I hope to keep for ever), she says I'm the only friens she's ever had. All Gemininis tend to be tarred with the same brush but wer'e not all the same - the big thing to remember is, is that we're all different!

  • it would depend a lot on whether or not you are suited to each other. What you need to do, is to put in to tarots soulmate system, both of your birthsign details, to find out just how compatible you are!

  • All I can say it to take it one day at a time and be true to your inner feelings. What we want is not always good for us. Keep your date book open for others.

  • I have been going out for 2 months with a virgo man. I am a virgo myself with Taurus ( he is a Virgo with Pisces). This is the most intense relationship I have ever had! It's my first time with a virgo and I don't know how to handle things! He has repeated stated how much he admires me! I can see that every second we are together, yet he isn't expressing feelings at all verbally! But he is complaining that I am very cautious and do not let myself get carried away.., which is partly true because of the mixed signals he sends me! I have fallen for him, bug he can't see it. I have stopped talking about my ex ( he hasn't) , I am at his service in every way yet in the morning and while we both work he never calls or texts, he will do so in the evening to either meet or say goodnight! Still, sex is amazing even after some conversations that make me have cold feet..,it is as if he can sense that what he said depressed or had me thinking and he is trying to make things right in bed. What made me thinking yesterday was tge following " You have been the most sincere helpful caring woman so far, and I feel so obliged! I don't know what to do to pay it back to you! I don't know why you have done the things you have done for me!" Half an hour earlier he told me that I never let any emotion carry me away always thinking carefully whereas he does so! I am so confused!! Where do I stand with this Virgo man? What should I do? I don't want to lose him!

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