Psychics have messed up lives

  • I have been "special" my whole life and along with extra gifts given me some had been taken away. I have no problem counseling others on their problems while my life crumbles beneath my feet. I always was told by others that plumbers always have a leaky faucet , a mechanic always has a junker on blocks in the back yard and a psychic always has a messed up life.

    After admitting to myself that Love was an impossibility I have settled in a kind of arranged marriage, and my finances is better left to others to handle all I seem to be able to do right is raise my children and trust me I cross my fingers as I say that.

    Does anyone here feel like I am right? Or is it that I feel the need to live all 22 life lessons in just this life. Rape, Abuse, House burnt, Lost job.... pushed out of neighborhoods. Come on! how do I get a break?

  • I think it depends if you are taking more care of others than you are of your own life. You are a person too, who should be included in your "care for all people' philosophy. Don't feel selfish about taking some time out from helping others to tend to your own life when necessary and take time to relax and rest as well. You can't help anyone if you burn out..

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