Everywhere I look I see 11, 22, 33

  • I'm not sure how to explain this, however, I want to make sure that I'm not missing a subconscious message. I am in the process of a major life transformation, and now all I see are these number, it seems, everywhere; especially via any clock, adding numbers together, etc.. I just started reading about numerology and its meaning / purpose in hopes that I can figure this whole thing out. Is it just my imagination?

  • This is a very common occurrence now for many people all over the world during this time of change. It is just the angels and guides reminding you that they are near and always ready to help and protect you.

  • The captain is right! Just remember, Elvis Presley, JFK, and Martin Luther King are examples of people with 11,22,33 in their names or birthdays....that is to say that is why you don't count them as 2,4,6! They are so special!

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