Real Soulmates?

  • I'm starting this topic because I really want to share my "love" life story with someone besides my boyfriend.

    Some say you can never find your soulmate because your real soulmate was born from your spiritual self in Heaven or wherever else you choose to believe. And others say they HAVE found their soulmate ,but have no justification for this claim except the fact that they have a lot in common and are head over heels.

    Well, my situation is a tad odd,but I find it extremely exciting. I met my boyfriend almost six years ago when I joined his band. We started dating about a month after I joined and have been together since. We have always sent a positive message with our music whether it be spiritual or just about finding truth in yourself and such. Anyways, basically,we have a a strong desire to help change the world with our music,that's the main thing.

    Now the odd stuff: I was born September 4th,1985 and he was born January 3rd,1985. We have the exact same Tarot card(The Hermit) and the exact same Numerology number everyday. I have entered random dates to switch these two up just to make sure it wasn't a coincidence but it isn't! When I took this further by finding out the exact time we were each born,this is what TAROT.COM brought up:

    "This ultra idealistic duo pairs up with the heroic agendas of Superman meets Superwoman. Not only to both aspire to save the world", but both have the temperaments to pursue lofty humanitarian ideals without losing faith or patience. Often much of the relationship is about joining forces in an endeavor that inspires others and makes use of the knowledge and wisdom these two naturally have. Passion and romance take a back seat to discussions and debates, but in end you two have a heartfelt understanding of each other that weathers almost any relationship storm. Your love can reach transcendent heights if you both choose to salute the spirit in each other, which you often do. Rather than take things personally, you both know how to see the innocence beneath it all."

    We've been through our hard times too,very hard times that any other couple would have walked away from each other . Yet,we become closer with those tough moments and our goals become brighter. So, I really honestly believe we are soulmates. What do you guys think?

  • I like to think that you have found your soulmate...that's the ole romantic side of me coming out!

  • Hi, You all have a lot in common. Besides age, music, goals, ideas and a positive message. Looking at your grammar, I would say you both are smart. Don't discount the role that God plays in your life and His plans for you and your friend.

  • thank you! I definitely believe we are here together for a noble reason! Thank you for an uplifting response 😄

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