The Return of Your Power

  • I think we often look for others to be our 'safety nets' in case times get tough. It really means we don't trust ourselves to be strong enough to cope alone. But we don't survive this long (and go through as much as you have, RP) without having gathered enough strength and experience to cope with anything.

    Of course, we are all social animals and need to feel connected, but I think we need to focus more on strengthening our psychic and spiritual connections more than the physical one. We need to feel that immortal soul link that connects us all but that we often ignore or forget and thus end up feeling isolated and lonely. When we dare to open ourselves up, we can feel our unity with all life on this planet and beyond - it's our God connection. When that spiritual link is strong, we never feel alone.

  • Here is that place i was talking about MegentaPixie 2012, own you tube ,Meditation Meet Your Guide or Your Higher self , it really helped me to meditate Tooter

  • Let's all take a moment to pat ourselves on the back and raise a glass to each other for all that we have sacrificed to bring on the Ascension - the time of Enlightenment. It's been no mean feat - we gave up having a partner, money and possessions, jobs, even our best health and strength in order to pour all our energy and heart into this amazing project.

    I toast you to you and me - we have suffered and endured much. But our reward will be a wonderful New Age of love and light in which to live. I reckon it's all been worth it, don't you?

  • I will drink to that and yes it has and even tomorrow brings a new day of adventure Tooter

  • Thank you, Captain I raise my glass to you--a class act--and to all here! To LOVE & LIGHT & LIFE!

    Delbertc--I've been typing since I was a kid--that saved me when I went blind! Made it way easier to learn talking computers! Speed read too--each week I made my talking computer talk a little faster so I could read as much as I wanted to! Got to the point no one but I could understand it--like that guy in the commercial who speed-talks:-) Captain--I've been alone but rarely lonely--I've felt Unity with the Planet from very young age. Went thru the blind pretty much alone too. These last 3 years of almost complete solitude were predicted for me from childhood--very good for me to be so far away from everyone & everything & so in Nature. I made it through the Blind alone too--because of that Unity with planet--people asked how I got around--I said I cast my consciousness out like a net. Alone--yet never lonely. Now I am ready for that physical friend too--to walk beside me--and be in my near space. He is not yet with me but here already. It will be an adventure. & yes--all WELL worth it!

  • all I can add to that is wishing you all Love ,Light and Brightest Blessings

    Blessed Be

  • RiseingPhoenix that is neat i am about a slow reading as i am typing the only training i had was teaching my self own this computer to type and you can tell but i get it slowly but surely LOL Hey try that meditation it has really helped me allot and i got to meet and see my guides and the one i had visions about and i finally found out her name but that meditation made it simple for me and i added things to it to make it real comfortable like flowers and ferns and waterfalls its like a safe haven to anyway later Tooter

  • Cheers Captain!

    It has been a tremendous ride and yes I have been noticing/feeling the change for a couple of months now. A few more bumps here and there but we are getting there.

    I am glad to read that you feel energized.

    Cheers mate.

  • Our personal power is immense and would be too overwhelming if it all came back at once. So expect a slow but steady trickle of things turning out for the better.

  • Captain a message from Michael he wanted you to get in touch with your higher self and all the light workers to start using their higher selves . What i understand we need to make that contact with our higher self for our guidance along with our other guides and by using the higher self when the connection is done it will be threw our higher selves it will be a conduit to our direct energy source and the higher self will guide you in how to use you power we will have the power to heal and send healing and direct healing to our selves and our DNA will be changing some are already changing thats why i mention the food organic food helps the process the food we normally eat now i say this what i eat fatty food ,meat,and food that is not natural slows the transformation it will still happen it just takes longer but alcohol and drugs should not be used just passing a message i would suggest talking to your higher self and asking about these things we will also be able to communicate with each other threw our higher selves and i was told all light workers will have this power and eventuality all will but in the beginning the light workers will be the ones guiding the others and the one who have gone and been threw the emptying out phase are the light workers.Love freely given i give to you Tooter

  • This post is deleted!

  • Captain,

    The topic you posted does reflect what I have experienced over the past 9 months. I am unsure how to explain what has happened, and how I can regain my power, as I have been physically and emotionally down for so long. I had major surgery March 2nd of this year. Recovery did require determination, and strength. It was very painful. My physical body is better now, but I still have limitations. I am facing the same surgery in January of 2011,. (Total knee replacement).

    That aside, I recently left a chat forum attached to a shopping channel. It was my very first foray into the wind wild webb. I figured it would be fun and safe, because everyone there had one thing in from this particular channel.

    To my surprise and dismay, it turned out to be a snake pit. Within 10 days of my first post, I was dogged, beratted, called names, taunted...You name it. I don't know why a group of women did this. But in that short span of 10 days, I made very nice friends there as well.

    I tried to leave, the nice people asked me to stay. I didn't let "them" run me off...I stayed. The mean gang picked on others too. But I seemed to be a direct target.

    All I ever sought was friendship. The board could be a very friendly, supportive, bonding place. I made many friends there. The gang started up with me again about a month ago. It was unspeakable, toxic, and vile. I stood my ground with these trolls as long, as as best I could. None of my friends, and I had plenty, ever came to my side during these attacks. They did not want to be targeted too. I can understand that. But I DID stand by one of these friends, my the closest friend, when she was unter attack. I was there for her while the trolls called her names, a liar...You get the picture. Some women on that board were extremely nasty, to the point of being evil.

    As I said, in the past month I was THE target. They (trolls) did not let up. They followed me from thread to thread, trying to pick a the WORST way. It was something that could not be ignored. In other words, I stood my ground. It became much to much. The webmaster did not enforce their own community standards. I had reported these people, and wrote to the webmaster., to little avail.

    When I said 'Uncle'..."You win"..".It's not worth it"..., my friends begged me to stay. But they were NEVER around when I could have used some moral support, like I had given them.

    I did leave. Now, my suppossed 'friends' are angry at me for leaving. One refered to me as their "Leader"..I said "LOL..I'm not your leader!"

    I gave a lot of myself to that forum. If people needed prayer, I was there, if someone was down, I was there. I didn't forget anyone. I feel now, that my closest 'friends' fed off of me. It did take stamina to continue posting there. That combined with the unprovoked attacks (these women just did not WANT me there), I collapsed. Now I have learned I am an outcast even among the friends I thought I had, and I am heart broken. I miss them terribly. I almost wish I hadn't left, but I will never go back. Especially knowing my very own friends are angry that I left.

    I did not say to them, "Where were you when I needed somebody? Why did you just sit back and watch?"...But I wanted too.

    The fact that I was there 9 months is significant to me. I started in October 2009, and it is now the end of July. That is the human gestation period. I don't know if this was meant to be a lesson learned of an open forum....I don't know if I was meant to be there for 9 months, my friends thinking I abandoned them in the end...Realizing that they were not really my friends. It is a loss for me.

    Your topic spoke to me. It fits very well in the aftermath of this. Do I nurture and harbor my own strength now? Was that place zapping me of emotional energy?

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated.....Thank You.

  • You didn't lose any 'friends', Daphne. You just learned that they were never really good friends at all - just fair-weather ones. You gained awareness. You also learned how much strength you had - we never really know that until we are tested. Yes, that place was an emotional vacuum cleaner. Be glad you're out. Your power is now returning - you have taken it back for yourself.

  • 🙂 Thank You for taking the time to reply to my post. Your point is well received. I did learn a lesson. though it was painfull. I did grow from the experience, and I agree that the partucular Forum I mentioned, did zap my positive energy. I realized I don't have that inate filter most people have. I am trusting and see the best side of my fellows, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    It was a hard lesson learned, but a worth while lesson. 🙂 Thank You Captain for pointing out what I needed to see. 🙂 But I know you can't change a tiger's stripes, so will aleays see the besr in people. I don't regret that.

    Warmly, Daphne Dale

  • DaphneDale and Captain, my dad once told me that "you don't have friends just acquaintances " he never trusted many people and even my mum said that I was too trusting for my own good, but I've always tried to see the best in people too, and been burned a few times as well but I always came out the other side. I had to see a psychiatrist as my Dr thought that the pain I'd been having in my back was in my mind,(it was out of alignment) and when I spoke to her about my life experiences she was very very surprised that I hadn't had any problems from what I'd lived through and said that I must have an exceptionally strong mind, I don't know about that, but I'm told what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but I must admit it can be hard to stay positive but I've tried to keep it going so I suppose that those of us who can are survivors and the others probably will need our help, maybe that's why we get tested so hard ?

    Brightest blessings

  • I feel like crying this msg is for me and speaks in tremendous volumes to me. I'm having a weary moment the journey has been long suffering and I have endured all that you speak of. Giving up friends,family, my oldest child, and all possessions, since 2004, suffering famine, willingly being homeless and sojourning with 5 young children, serving others from one end of the country to another for slave wages "a little bit of food,gas, and sometimes a small room". I've suffered two miscarriges on this journey and severe depression. We've eaten in soup kitchen's that we served in, slept in our mini-van. My family thought I went crazy and was looking for me for several years. My marriage has suffered tremendously and my children were constantly at each other. I wanted to commit suicide but was told by "Spirit" it was not my destiny to die but to "LIVE". I was told to trust every day and every step, the depression was removed and I grew stronger. Previous to making our commitment to take this journey my husband was earning six figures as an IT consultant and I was running my own non-profit, which we walked away from. I "BELIEVE" in your msg, for this is part of my reward this is what i was told from the beginning. Thank you for inspiring me today and reminding me our time is "NOW". I have included a link to my story hopefully it will inspire someone else today - - I just received an email in synchroncity with your msg. much Love to you and continue inspiring others - "I AM ISIS"


  • Daphne, you don't have to give up seeing the good in people. But we humans are a mix of good and bad so you have to be willing to see the bad as well in order to know the difference and be able to step away when you recognise a harmful influence. At the moment I feel you are afraid to look at the bad things in yourself and others which means spirit will keep sending them at you until you face your fear.

  • Aenyu, hang in there! It's always darkest just before the glorious dawn.

  • Oh yes, I can feel it already - August is going to be one very EMPOWERING month! 🙂

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