The Return of Your Power

  • Thank you Captain. People tend to see the Lioness of my see my Cancerian self:-) I didn't think I was expecting lack in the funds I need.

    Protecting my heart? Yes, well aware of that protective arm. Got any DW-40 oil?

    Thank you for saying that WE need to begin re-applying the old techniques & that WE now have the energy. I've been very very tired, and working non-stop for others--in my own life-- & what's been happening in our world. Thought maybe that was why the old techniques weren't flowing for in me the way I was accustomed to! I'll keep working for the world--but now will apply my Self more to my Self as well!

    I now commit my Self to my Self to lower that arm, let go and allow ABUNDANCE & LOVE flow in.

  • Rising Phoenix....I know you'll come back to this thread. You mentioned wanting a reading from Captain who has already responded to you. Just because I admire all you do...I wanted to pull some cards for you and see what I came up with. Here's the results. I'm not sure that it tells you any new but I do know that it confirms quite a bit. :0)

    Page of Pentacles - Attitude suggests he wants money or the means to achieve it.

    Page of Pentacles shows one who is so intent on his lessons that he misses everything

    else going on around him. He brings good news regarding the acquisition of money or material

    goods. He is someone intelligent, sensitive to the arts and appreciative of the

    good life.

    Reversed 7 of Pentacles - You are experiencing disappointment or failure in some

    enterprise. Financial difficulties, usually the result of unwise investments or an

    unpaid loan may be causing you concern. It's time to adjust your attitude about how you

    use money and how you yourself are responsible.

    King of Cups - A benelovent figure. A man who is kindly disposed. He can signify

    an older man who you either have or want to have a love relationship with. Whether as

    a friend, advisor or lover, he is utterly trustworthy. He can be relied upon to come

    thru for you when you need him. Most interpretations consider this man interested in

    the arts and a very creative type himself.

    7 of Swords - Urges caution in all dealings. Underhanded or indirect communication could

    be happening. Nothing is quite as it seems. You need to keep your wits about you to

    achieve your aims. You may have the upper hand over a tricky situation but you will still

    need to exercise caution. Discretion and discrimination are required, as are diplomacy

    and evasive tactics. You may not like to deal this way but it will be the way to achieve


    Reversed 6 of Pentacles - You need to recoup after a period of loss and confusion.

    You want to help others but you don't have the means, and that makes you unhappy.

    You may be required to find a pattern that will create a sense of security for you so

    that you can find peace of mind.

    Reversed 9 of Cups - This is not a negative card even reversed. It tells you to

    relax, have faith in the universe and don't get in your own way by trying to control things.

  • RisingPhoenix, I also wanted to add that when people owe you money and you don't chase it up, you lower your own value by putting yourself second.

  • TheCaptain,

    I just read this and HOMG wow. Thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  • Thank you Captain for being with us every step of this journey!More power to you:)

    Love and Light

  • Also RisingPhoenix, I am picking up a conflict in you between having money and being spiritual. Part of you feels guilty for wanting money which you feel will be at the expense of your soul.

  • yes thank you capt!! everything is starting to turn around and I know doors have started to open

    I have been meditationg on releasing all old hurts & building up my trust again

    many blessings to all

  • Captain & Aunt Buck THANK YOU! It's 6 am here in my neck of the woods--I begin my day with tending to Mother Nature, my prayers, & coffee with🙂 And a fine thing THAT is. Here's how magical this moment in time--and how powerful what we DO once we become aware & ACT with clarity--can be:

    After reading your first response last night Captain--I had a FLASH about how my grandmother had that protective arm out against taking love into her life. Having had two husbands--my grandfather I never knew her second--she was so content to let her daughter my mother tend to her all of her needs that the men who came around intent on courting her (she was a great beauty) were all rebuffed. One very intelligent & charming man--considered a "great catch" in our family circle was known to have said she was an "impenetrable fortress!"

    I've always been "STRONG." SHE was a delicate flower from a forgotten time! The sterotype of a helpless woman needing protection. She used to always ask me: "Were't you afraid .." to do whatever I'd done...then shake her head in wonder. I was so fdifferent from her--yet here's something she "taught " me I seem to have taken on! Oh no! I thought! THAT's a family program I give up right now!!! And did a quick release, a meditation, and visualized myself taking that arm DOWN! Almost immediately--my cell phone made that little sound, alerting me to a text in. It was a text from my GF--telling me she was on the road back home. Sent just a minute before it came in. But I noticed I had 6 MORE texts--that had NOT come into my phone until just then--they all logged as being sent on Friday. This happens occasionally--a vm or text takes a day or more to show up--& I KNOW they had not come in before--because I'd been texting with a friend on Saturday! The first "late" one (logged as sent Friday afternoon) was from the young one I'd asked "and what about this new younger one?" A simple enough message--yet upon reading it I was absolutely CLEAR about the nature of this friendship! The 5 other messages logged as being sent just before midnight Friday night--from my friend who'd gone incommunicado--telling me of present big obstacles in his own life--the last one saying "be patient with me..." ! Amazing what announcing "I now take down that arm of protection!" can do! Had I read those messages before you busted me of that self defensive/protective arm Captain--I may have read their words from behind that arm!

    Intellectually--I've no conflict between being Spiritual & having money. You picking up that up tells me there's still a residue of that & I NOW RELEASE ANY CONFLICTS ABOUT WANTING MONEY! ABUNDANCE DRAWN IN WELL ALLOWS ME TO FULFILL MY SOUL PURPOSES WISELY & WELL!

    I actually am in process of chasing it up! With your Spirit message that FLOW is now opened for ALL of us--I'm focused on GETTING it rather than TRYING to get it. That situation too will self-correct! MANY THANKS--I am very grateful.

    Aunt BUck--you are a BIG sweetheart & A BIG thank you!!!

    YOU GOT IT! I've always preferred "straight above-board" business dealings. And to NOT do business with those that don't deal that way. Yet embroiled with this neighbor-- That 7 of Swords "Discretion and discrimination are required, as are diplomacy
 and evasive tactics. You may not like to deal this way but it will be the way to achieve
 success" hit home!

    (Captain that's part of my conflict: wanting to get what I'm owed, playing those tactics to get it-- & being spiritual--yet Spirit had me raised up in a world of diplomacy--I know how to do those 3 D's and pull evasive tactics! THAT's been my conflict more than anything--yet I'm clear that HAVING that money opens up the door for me to DO MY GOOD WORKS! So I NOW USE MY TRAINING TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS!

    Aunt Buck--I know you've said "I'm trying my hand at reading" so let me tell you your hand is steady & SURE! That Reiki energy is really opening you UP Congratulations & my thanks! The 7 of Pentacles--exactly my situation--YES attitude adjustment!!! King of Cups--this can be one of a few men advisors--the message of trustworthiness is JUST what I needed to hear. That arm of defense is now down there too! Working on the Reversed 6 of Cup--finding pattern that works.

    And your last card--that Reversed 9 of Cups--well it just give me the SAME message that our very WISE CAPTAIN gave me--RELAX, have FAITH, & refrain from getting in my own way!!!



  • Captain i jus wanted to say thank you for this wonderful post and message..i felt it resonate very strongly for me and in my i have had several talks with 2 close friends about this energy shift and vibration we are moving toward..and this was spot on reflection of how my life has worked to date and progress or 'feeling of lack thereof ' but this changed me and sent me back to the place i need to go ..thanks and blessings to all on here 🙂

  • Oh yes I can feel the power coming back to me - it is flowing gently rather than flooding back, luckily, or it might be too overwhelming. I have started to feel this euphoria that doesn't have a particular reason or source.

    Isn't it amazing and glorious, RisingPhoenix, how just realising what specific blocks we have makes them begin to evaporate! Self-awareness is the key to everything.

  • Wow, I can feel the power coming off this forum and it makes me feel quite giddy! Wheeeee!

  • Self-Awareness Captain--is my 2nd Key to 21st Century Wellness in my book Zeeva the Art of Wellness 🙂 Always a student, always learning more & more. It is really true--once we are clear on something--how flow opens up!

    (The 1st Key is Holism, the 3rd Ecology, the 4th Creativity. Living by those--I saved my own life. More than a few times!--ergo the RisingPhoenix moniker.)

    Captain & Aunt Buck--I AM chasing it down--I've been waiting for advice on a letter to the deadbeat neighbor that I wrote last week. From my friend's husband, HE's my 7 of Swords!--(though there's another connect I made long distance--HE found me--who may also fall into that category) GF's hubby's a very busy older man who loves the arts & has been an angel of fine support. My friend told me he's been madly busy, would respond soon "but this is what he said."

    No sooner in the afternoon had I decided "OK--I NEED to get this to her NOW" and wrote up a shorter version per what GF'd told me--opened up my e-mail to send for "approval" there was his e-mail with comments! I incorporated his WISE advice into the first 2 paragraphs, deleted two others--& sent it!

    It will either come from her or another source but I've been focusing my SELF to be a receiver and to release any conflicts I might have been holding on to! That reversed 6 of Pentacles so right on! I've always had an ability to raise up big sums for good causes--MONEY is GOOD because of the good works that can be done with it!

    Now I make my SELF my own good cause! (I thought I'd learned this lesson 15 or so years ago!--guess I needed that kick in the pants & getting busted by you Captain:-)

    My day's been astounding--while posting news--I was chatting with an artist across the ocean who had messaged me when I couldn't accept any new friends last week! I looked at his page & LIKED his work so much--I deleted someone who'd not participated at all in the last 6 months! Chatting just earlier with another "regular" friend in India. People are sending me so many blessings & "you are doing amazing good work" feedback! My Indian friend told me I was "an icon of Love."

    Your messages this morning--Captain & Aunt Buck, started me off with that WHOOSH of POWER you're feeling Captain. I felt FOCUSED & CLEAR & POWERFUL all day & still DO!

    Aunt Buck--how very kind of you & how PSYCHIC you are--I"m not in the habit of being a reading junkie--but I'm so pleased that you'd jumped in--I HAD looked to see if you'd filled up--was just grateful & delighted you'd taken the "liberty." You must have felt me:-) Thank you for the compliments & the assist. Right on the money!

    NOW I go to compose a message to the one who disappeared now asks for patience....It's 9:20 here--already did my Moon Magic & prayers. I HEAR you Captain--Wheeeee!


  • I know....there is excitement in the air tonight for me too! I am feeling things coming together for me too. It's really been just a wonderful journey these last few months. I went to a class tonight on how to feel energy, project it, expand it and send it to the universe. I have watched other be able to scan energy fields with Reiki and being new at this...decided to observe rather than just ask. HOW DO YOU DO THAT??? Well...after I hemmed and hahhed over going to this class, I decided at the last minute to jump in and do it. I was able to feel energy...and project energy at will. A another step in learning for me. I love that fact that I have finally opened up and it is all flowing little steps because if it came flooding in....I may get overwhelmed and back off instead of feeling excited and thrilled to move forward.

    I have jumped in on a couple other people and gave readings. I had this wonderful response this morning to your response Rising and just as I was finishing it up...I hit some key and it went into never never land. I have learned that when this happens....maybe what I had to say didn't need to be said. So...I will try again later....and here it is. Later. I am so glad that what I was able to come up with on the cards was so helpful. That is my complete intention with doing the cards and Reiki. It truly is incredible to be able to help....sending love and blessings to all.

  • I miss coming in for a couple of days and I feel as if I missed out on school, had to go back and read what I missed, but boy am I glad that we have got the my forum settings link, I always have to read everything otherwise I might miss something important even if I dont put my little bit in, I've worked out if I just bump a thread I can sort of keep it on file so to speak, to read later I would feel a bit funny about pasting it into a fileof my own for later as that's copying someone elses work so suppose that's good ? I wouldn't want to be bad mannered.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Aunt Buck--Thanks for saying all that. Feel big connect with you:-) & want to underscore how “on the money” your reading is! I’m at the moment where MONEY is a survival issue. EVERYONE! Please send this Rising Phoenix as much money mojo as you can! LOVE mojo for my right partner too please--Love’s coming in big time from the world--5000 + FB friends--can you imagine? I’ve a lot of world-work ahead. People are messaging me many blessings & love. I need INCOME to keep doing my work and LIVE WELL & I want-need-am-readier-than-I’ve-ever-been for MY OWN LOVE---that personal right next-to-me Love--my mate--to be WITH me, inspire me, nurture me, keep me balanced & strong!



    First house Virgo Moon speaks to: the disappearing composition. Here & other places--I clip lines I want to comment on, paste into word doc. Go offline. Compose. When it’s what I WANT to say--I go back ONLINE & paste it in! No disappearing posts, no conflict there, chrissicat--I delete it all off the doc when I’m done! BTW--NOW I get why I see all those “bump’s” on forums! Was wondering what that meant! I’ll do it too for e-z access to “my” forums.

    True: the POWER flow is astounding. I have this great level of TRUST the Universe IS bringing me what I need. Crazy--no money to pay my phone--internet bill or my electric--both days late. Food to last a week or so. I should be eating "better" but I’m eating healthy. Down to the young-broke-dancer-needing-to-keep-energy-up basic-healthy-spartan- diet. THAT's OK--my pleasure’s: tending Nature, creating, connecting--ART. Food’s just fuel right now though I’ll be glad to be able to buy occasional treats & good wine again:-) I’m now OPEN to RECEIVE!

    The advice you saw coming came in Aunt Buck--my e-letter to debtor now sent. Clear I must paid by end of this week. I'm projecting she will--AND that income also coming to me from entirely different sources too. Focusing-praying-visualizing-keeping myself OPEN. Captain you really WOKE ME UP! It’s like I was sleeping-dreaming-working now awake & aware again how my Guardians, Angels, & the Goddess protect me plenty enough! I'm reminding SELF multiple times daily to keep that protective/defensive arm DOWN & mySELF OPEN to RECEIVE!

    My “multiple-sources-of-income-stream” online--last few years of setting up--all looks great--have been so "blocked"& literally NO inflow! I was so frustrated. A week ago this last Saturday I woke up feeling so very unsupported I wanted to cry--I'm a Cancer--but I hardly EVER do that! Going over to CWB's whine forum to vent some of that:-) I actually began to participate in forums here this Spring because I couldn’t figure out WHAT was preventing the inflow I need from coming in--felt time to get some assisted perspective! Captain--such a relief to read your Message saying we who’ve been so focused on the world--now it’s done--we can relax & open up the flow to ourSELVES! For months I’ve had the sense that I’m DOING WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. I know it’s coming--I FEEL it--where IS it? Your message made me say “D-uh! OF COURSE!” HAPPY that now the “old” techniques can work for me again! Working!

    Your bust on seeing that arm up--thank you. I’m very grateful for that insight. Checking my SELF on my personal-Love acceptance. THINK he’s already in my picture--very special developing friendship that all of a sudden got “interrupted.” From the start--this has felt like an “old-time” courtship with both of us getting scared, pulling back & reaching right back out. Appears we just went through that first stage of almost losing one another. He went so incommunicado after 3 months of constant communicado & then did something SO out-of-character-inconsiderate--I expected timely communication about it that didn’t come. I texted last week “losing a friend stinks.” THAT woke him up: “you’re NOT LOSING ANY FRIENDS!” A back n forth--him saying “lot going on, crazy--be patient with me.” Then nothing. Put my thoughts in e-mail Thurday night. Nothing.

    Then 5 msgs reading as sent Fri night that didn’t come into my phone til Sun night (end of the Ascension, huh?) My reach-out last night--a simple txt to connect. Thru-out this getting to know one another--both being slow & careful as something very powerful & lasting being built needs. He’s awakened me to my SELF many ways. I’m asking for the Mate who’s the right one for me to come in.

    Q: Any of you have a sense on this? I’ve been saying if he’s meant to be friend--it will be long special friend--it he’s meant to be my mate--he will be life-mate. By my “this or something better” attitude-- am I being chicken & keeping myself from really receiving THIS one? Or is that “this or something better” the way to go? Captain--you’ve made me question myself here: am I actually keeping myself from committing with my “this or something(one) better?” focus?

    Sisters-in-Love-for-the-World: please send good thoughts & major MOJO for Rising Phoenix! Time for another MIRACLE in my life! This time--I feel perfectly OK--like it’s not “just me” anymore--I’m requesting help from my Friends!


  • RisingPhoenix, does quantity of time matter more to you than quality? Does it matter how long people stay with us or how they help us grow while they are here - however short that time period may be? Live in the present - it is all we really have. Enjoy your friend and the people around you without needing to be reassured of future moments. Else you rob yourself of the joy you could be exepriencing in the present. The most satisfying sort of love is unconditional - where you just enjoy people for their mere presence and companionship, not for what they can do for you. Don't peer over your friend's shoulder to see who else might be coming - look deep into his eyes and heart and just love the day you have together. Today he can be the most perfect person for you. That is enough.

  • I find it SO hard not to wonder what the future will be when thinking about relationships especially those with the potential for long lasting partnership & love. To keep myself in check & in the moment when having a great time with someone, especially the man I'm seeing, I thank the Universe while we are together. It has helped me to pause & realize how happy I am & appreciate the time we have together. Not to say i never have moments of worry & anxiety but they are less often & I can snap myself out of it quicker. It'll be even easier now that the cloud has lifted & good things are happening for all!!

  • Captain. I am most profoundly schooled. You've just returned me to how I always I felt about relationships & what I communicated to any who wanted marriage--when I was younger. That kind of Love the One You're With for as Long as It's Good for Both Freedom was my desire, song, my "speech" to the tie-me-down types! What I wanted & was seeking almost all my life.

    Since my Mama died, I'm an orphan--except for very long estranged (both alcoholic) brothers thousands of miles away. Many years ago--I said "when Mama goes--I'll probably want to marry then-- there is that "practical matter" of who they call--who gets to "decide" if I can't decide for myself. I'd hate for it to be either of my blood siblings who not only couldn't make good decisions for themselves--but did not even make a phone call much less visit when my accident happened!

    Yes--I see I need to return my self to myself. And go from there....

  • What a trip this has been so far and what i understand we havent seen anything yet RisingPhoenix you tickle me you sure must be able to type fast it would take me about 2 hours to write all that LOL i have gotten a little better since coming here ,but what a trip and i have gotten so much from everybody here and the journey is just getting started every day i get to look and deal with things that is helping me grow in the light ,i just know if i keep trying to live in the light it will be ok whether it be a mate or money or a job and it could be a place to live but i know it will be ok i had been having trouble making contact and threw that i have had to deal with more fears and doubts i still had and will probably still have them to some degree, but its like fear of being broke ,how do you deal with it if you got plenty of money? or a mate or anything else. Today i understand a whole lot more of the why and what for of the way things are now . What has changed for me is ,i am ok i dont have a job would i like one yes, i dont have a mate anymore threw divorce ,i could not understand how these things happened and why and even blamed God .

    Today i am ok with being with just me but its not just me i have a mate its me and i deserve the respect and love i would give anyone else and i deserve the good things in life that make me feel good about me and getting back to loving me i can love you and as i grow i can help you grow and threw finding my higher self or my guides they will give me every thing i need to exist in this world and to make this a better world. I have also found a sight i found a way for me to meditate its allot better for me i can focus better and i like it .I feel secure there to and comfortable and i like what i am learning and trying to aply in my life and to me the whole core is love and feeling secure is a good feeling and RB i know when it is time there will be someone to share my life with there already is all of you here and Captain you have been so patient with me and i am so grateful and right now its ok what ever tomorrow brings i look forward to a new experience . Love freely given i give to you Tooter

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