The Return of Your Power

  • Message from Spirit:

    During these past difficult years of Ascension, there have been many of you lightworkers who have generously given of your energy to help this glorious change come about. You have unselfishly donated your power - energy that you could have poured into your own life but chose instead to use it for creating the Ascension for all souls - at the sacrifice of your own abundance, vibrancy, and even your love life. You have suffered loss of money, health, and companionship in order to devote your life force to bringing about the desperately needed changes. Much was asked of you and much more was given freely by you.

    Now it is time for you to take back your power, for the changes have been implemented. YOU are the Ascension! Now you can reclaim all that was lost and assume positions of responsiblity for those who are slower in remembering their GODliness.

    You now have back the power to make your life whatever you want it to be - use this power wisely.

    Blessings and many many thanks to you!

  • Does nobody see the significance of this message?

  • I see wonderful significance in this message. I feel like I was the one that needed the guiding for the last couple years but now....finally, I feel like I can give back and help people now. I feel like I am truly where I was meant to go. sacrifices just came about....I feel...for the most part...even as I was on this journey for so long....9 years...before I got distracted for 3 years...but I'm back on track and ready to rock and roll so to speak.

    I just got done talking to one of my childhood best friends and after talking for an hour....after knowing each other over 35 years...we are actually on the same track. I always admired her for working for what she really wanted and she now has a doctorate's in nursing and is just doing so many things to help people. She told me her latest research project that she is a part of is along the lines of ascension and bringing things forward. I am so excited to see us come around on the same concepts and beliefs after all these years. To connect with someone from my past that I was so close to now and we are still on track with each other is wonderful!!!! Great message Captain....thank you for all you have done and for what you have sacrificed in order to bring the message to people and help the massives that you have helped so unselfishly.

  • I guess people have felt so powerless for so long it can be hard to believe it or to know what to do with the return of their power.

  • i think your probably right, i know for me i began to lose my footing on my life at the end of 2002....then i went back to school, thinking things would get better but things just continued downhill, i completed my education without problems but things continued to get even worse. But yet i continued onward, what else was i to do? Please dont misunderstand me i am grateful for the blessings in my life & realize i have more than some other less fortunate, but i do feel "powerless" to the things i have lost in my life, So please forgive my ignorance but if knew how to regain "power" myself obviously i would have done so long ago, so any guidance would be appreciated. I know i deserve better but have know idea how to advance past where i am now.

  • You have regained your power, LEO1968, but it is dormant until you use it. Now is the time to really go after the things you want without any fear of failure or loss. Put the past behing you and dive deeply into the New Age of Empowerment.

  • Thanks for everything.

  • I can feel my power returning, well at least some sort of power, feel like I have been doing everyone else's bidding for a long time and now I am standing on my own feet again. Not sure if it is related to this but it sure is a big move in a different direction.

  • Good for you!

  • Amazing! I just received two e-mails and one phone call today from THREE different friends from the past. Each one contacted me to relay the news of how they have recently made some major life changes and taken charge to drastically changed their lives for the better. Then, tonight I see your post. Very inspirational and very cool. Thanks Captain.

  • there definitely is something going on, I've actually had answers to questions that had bothered me for years in the last few months, and they were answers I didn't believe I'd get, at least , that I wouldn't like them if I did, but they were what I'd hoped to hear, and apparently I make people feel positive just by being there,or seeing my picture and I hadn't even noticed I am doing it, so I think that has to be good doesn't it ?

  • Oh yes, good changes are afoot!

  • This post is deleted!

  • As I read this forum I recalled recently hearing from past friends whom I haven't spoken to in +15 yrs. I also have made decisions lately that I have struggled with for a long time. Problem is I'm now feeling a bit impatient for things to fall into place & the timing doesn't seem quite right. I also have a strong need to clear my home of ANY unused or unnecessary items& giving them away. I can't seem to have enough empty house is beginning to feel as if it can breath more easily ! I also am strongly encouraging my boys to do the same. I am also more sensitive to be with people who have a tendency to be negative or seem stuck- like magnets repeling......... any thoughts

  • What this means is that the Law of Attraction and all the old visualisation and creative techniques you might have tried without success over the years to get what you want will now WORK for you. So get meditating!

  • Amused59, you are just realising what you truly value in life - and it doesn't include a load of material possessions. It's all about people...

  • Thank you Captain..... I do believe I could now be happy living on a boat......a has been giving me great pleasure to give away the items I no longer feel the need to possess.

    Mediation I've done inconsistently but will make a priority again

    Blessed be

  • Wow Captain--HOW did I miss this when you first posted this message? I've been so busy--just been giving "forums I participated in" a quick check--had some time today so went to new discussions!

    Your Message so resonated--talk about sacrificing ALL of those--my own abundance, vibrancy, & even my love life! When my sight returned--I COULD have just gone to see the world, enjoy life after years blind & sick--yet I KNEW I had a job to do! Both for masses of people who only knew me online & for my own late Mom. It's been beastly hard--yet always felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing! Yesterday--I found Edith Piaf's song--Je ne Regrette Rien ("I Regret Nothing") listened to it myself 5x, sent it to another friend, and posted it on FB--both the video of Piaf singing it--AND the last line "It all starts with you!" as my status!

    The strangest thing--how can I feel OK? I do--but I'm now literally down to NO money, NO present income has yet begun flowing in--to the point my phone & utilities are again--in danger of shut off! A neighbor owes me a substantial sum--for a shared utility I have to keep paying--should she come up with it after disputing and ignoring--hurray! I have no idea where my immediate relief will come from YET-- I feel that it IS about to hit--not because of some "great good fortune" but because of all the work I've been doing!

    The last few days I've felt pretty shaky and ALONE. Kept working. I put out a call for help & support weeks ago--via crowd-funding. I keep posting it. It's been a bit of a shock to me that of many many many people I've helped, so few have responded!

    I'm so READY to take back my power, reclaim all that was lost, and assume a position of responsibility! In many ways I already have. I feel very balanced & strong. Influence?

    Imagine--50-5000 on FB in 5 short months of simply posting & accepting friends! THEY're finding ME! At almost overwhelming rates & from around the world! This is virtual Love.

    The few social times--after being almost completely sequestered for 3 years--I've had--meeting new friends--have been satisfying. YET...

    Captain--Can you read please read for me on these two things? I'm caught between feeling a trust that all IS coming-- and feeling very alone. ALL my answers say "wait. patience. almost here." I came on forums today to ask for a reading----it's almost like your Spirit message GAVE me the answer but I still feel like I'm somehow missing something--somehow something is holding back the inflow--in 2 crucial area's I greatly sacrificed and now very ready for.

    When I focus--it feels like I'm experiencing a lull like the moment the ocean is eerily still before the tide changes. I FEEL like "it's all going to be OK & begin to pour in." No movement YET.

    INCOME--am I somehow blockading what I know is out there, already mine & coming to me? If so--how can I open up the channels? Is there some reason it's been & still is SO hard? What can I do that I'm NOT doing?

    LOVE-- After a long time alone, I 'm very ready to have a mate. Have I already met him? If so--are the obstacles that arose his or mine? And what about this new younger one that's entered my picture? If I haven't met him yet--is he coming (soon?) Virtual love is wonderful--but I'm really feeling the desire for that one who knows & loves me personally, holds me at night, inspires me, & lives & shares life with me.

    Thank you--these are two areas I feel are somehow tied and not tied--I'm being patient &I'm doing something. What else please? I am grateful.

  • I cannot believe the connections I have started getting. I really is amazing, each day a new surprise....I love it.

  • RisingPhoenix, now that we all have our power back, we have to begin re-applying all the old techniques like visualisation and the Law Of Attraction. They will work now that we have the energy to put into them. What we must overcome however is the old expectation of hurt or lack. I see you poised with one arm out to defend/protect yourself from harm. Lower that arm and allow abundance and love to flow to you. We all used to be water that was dammed up - now the barriers are gone but we are still holding back our flow - maybe because we fear the power and strength of it. We have been tensed up for so long that it's hard to release and trust.

    Just let go!

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