Birth time?

  • Hi there, can somebody give me advice about the best place to go to find out my birth time. There is not a living soul on this earth who knows. It was not recorded on my birth certificate, it might be on the hospital birth records but they did not tend to record the exact time back then (1972), my Mum died when i was a baby, my Dad worked as a marine engineer and was away at sea and all my relatives are dead (the ones that might have known). My Dad has given me a rough idea but it is very rough. Can anyone help? I feel kind of one-legged not knowing and it is impossible to get any astrological things done accurately.


  • You can get your birth time rectified. Not all astrologers specialize in rectification so make sure you find one that does. It would be good if you had a general time frame of when you were born because it would get more expensive otherwise. They will ask you to list any major events (births, deaths, marriage, traumas etc) that occurred throughout your life which they can then use to pinpoint your exact time of birth. Good luck !

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