Dream of a psychic message

  • First of all, I normally do not remember my dreams so this is what has me mystified.

    The other night I had a dream that I was talking to someone who I knew was a psychic. The message they gave me was to be careful around the end of July. When I questioned them, they said specifically between 28-30 of July. I left there and went and spoke to someone else (I don't knew if I knew them or not) and told them the message I had recieved. They stared at me for several moments, then repeated the same message to me. I then was woke up by my dog, as if I was supposed to remember. The feeling that I got from this dream was that something bad was going to happen, so I'm dreading the end of the month. I'm feeling that this was a prophetic message, but any insights on what may be happening?

  • i consulted the tarot for insight on this and the 3 cards that i got were the 5 of wands,9 of cups and 7 of pentacles. looking at these cards i do get the sense that it will most likely be something work related. the strong vibe im picking up on while looking at the 9 of cups tells me "be careful whose advice you take". i also feel like you may meet someone somewhere between those days that you may have to watch out for. i feel like it will possibly be someone corrupt and he/she(i get most likely this person will be male) will either take advantage of you and/or get you into trouble.

  • hi kageroninaja,

    I had a dream of a strange lady.. i don't remember the whole story...

    she said something about who cares for me and who doesn't

    she judged me that I didn't really love my ex-boyfriend and it's me who is not serious about relationship.. (my ex dumped me for his ex)

    and she said that I'm pregnant with his baby.. (well, I don't)

    that dream made me feel regret.. I haven't figured out why I had that feeling..

  • Thank you kageroninja,

    Is the work issue and the person I may meet related or are they two separate instances to look out for? I work in a non profit in a not very desirable area. There have been instances of attacks and holdups in the past before I started. I am often in the office alone but I've never felt unsafe, but am curious if it could be related to that.

  • all i can tell you for now is be very careful around new people when it comes to discussing anything involving business or financial issues. may i ask what it is you do where you work?.

  • your welcome by the way

  • I am an Admin for a behavioral health agency which deals strictly with kids and their parents. We also have a program for kids who are on juvenile probabtion. Our agency works with the kids in the form of advocacy, therapy, and medication management.

  • i just did a 10 card reading for you. first card that came up was the star which means you should have hope. the hanged man means you may have to prepare for humilliation. 6 of pentacles means you wont be alone,somebody will be there to help you. now we have the queen of swords and the empress,these 2 cards may represent 2 female figures in your life,one being like a sister to you,somebody you trust alot and the other maybe your mother or a very motherly older woman. 5 of wands once again. i think that says you have control over whatever problems you may come across,dont be afraid to take action. then we are down to the knight of rods,10 of swords and 4 of pentacles. the person this dream may have been warning you of i feel from looking at these 3 cards may or may not be somebody you know from work. this person may act like a good guy and do all these good things but actually has an alterior motive of some sort and you may get caught in the crossfire possibily costing you your job and maybe more while he continues to sit on his pedestool of lies. i may be wrong about some of these things but i do definetly get the sense that there is corruption around you.(but it is avoidable) please forgive me if im wrong about all this i just want you to know that my heart is in the right place,this is just what i keep getting from your readings.

  • Thank you kageroninja, for the reading. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for me.

    There is a man at work that runs the other program. I do not work with him or for him, but we work for the same company. He has always been very nice acting towards me, but I have heard that he is a little intimidated by me because I am a strong person and I do not have a problem stepping up and making decisions if my boss is not around. I have heard that he seems to be threatened by this. His admin has told me that he is very lazy and lets others do his work, but will step in and take the credit, and he has no problem throwing others under the bus if it will make him look good. Your description above immediately brought him to mind. The rest of your reading, the 2 female figures, also make sense to me, my boss, who, while I don't think of as a sister, I trust a lot and know she would stand up for me, and the motherly figure would be my oldest sister, 20 years older than I, and currently staying with me. Our mother was killed in a car accident when I was 18, so she has a tendency to step into that role, which I appreciated, but have also resented over the years. She is a true caretaker, and has been taken advantage of time and again for that tendency.

    I will take your reading to heart and be very careful. Again, thank you for your insight. I can tell that your heart is in the right place and that you are just trying to help me and I very much appreciate it!

  • your welcome. it usually is when im not sure about something that i get it right lol dont know why that is.

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