Request for help from the admin & bartmanhomer

  • Admins I've noticed that on the "Yo this is crazy" thread, barthmanhomer did a reading for me that now is missing. I wanted to go back and review it and it is now gone. What happened?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't know what's going in this forum but I feel like that I'm being censored.

  • Well guiys its happening to may posts members has made. I lost 2 plus topics i had participated in. They went AWOL in the topics i participated in list. twice i had to spend time relocate them. so its possibly a quirk the system has, or mayb after so n so many dAYs it juss goes poof. or mayb one has exceeded limit amount of topics on ones topic i participated in list.

    i dont think its an delete for good ban for good thing, but A system flaw.

    ReASON i deem it that is bc i found the ones i had lost reposted n they r back on me list.

    So uhm mayb ya need to go hunting like i did, n mayb mayb juuuusss mayb like me, u can find em again? worth a try no?''cwb

  • UHHH n SOORRRRYYYYYY for jumping on ya thread, my bad. sorry sorry sorrrryyyyyy

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