Silateer....A reading please

  • Silateer

    (2) Could you do a reading for me (8/28/195)8 and my interest(11/01/1974)?This gent contacted me through a chatroom.We chatted for some time aand found that we had much in common.I have an inexhausable supply of questions and he seemed sincere in answering though he didnt mince words or waste time idly.Over the last 2 months,we have opened up to each other but my over active imagination has gotten me into trouble (I have hurt his feelings twice thus far) .I don't thnk he has had much relationship experience and is taking this very slowly.I am anxiety ridden because our only form of communication is chat and I need more than that.Should I allow our corresponance to continue or have I botched things up with my impulsiveness.He is leaving it all in my hands.

    (2) Some months back,I had a very frightening event occur on my job which has created much fear and anxietyfor me .I stuck with the job until last week,when I no longer could deal with the stress and handed in my 2 week notice,knowing I had no other job lined up.I am not lazy but my confidence in job,people,in my judgement and in my self has diminished greatly.what do you see in this area for me.

    Thank you for your time and energy.I realize that you have abundant requests for readings and will wait patiently.

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