Diagreement with my reading and my opinion of accuracy

  • Ok first off, if you don't agree with my reading and if you are not satistified, well don't.You have every right to. But don't make a big deal out of it. Also this is my opinion, so you debate all of you want but I'm sticking with it my opinion. Tarot isn't always 100% accuracy all the time. The time is tricky depending on the reading. Feel free to discussed. I'm all ears and I'll be happily to reply.

  • Bartmanhomer,

    I don't know about the situation at hand. I agree with you. Tarot is tricky and even the questioner can alter the way the cards fall. Not only that the amount of experience that the reader has can make a difference as well (which is why people to practice readings). I myself am guilty of not asking the question exactly right and thus, not getting the answer that I am seeking.



  • For what it's worth, the card you pulled for my situation was dead-on. I actually had a professional reading done a while back on the same situation, and that same card was pulled.

    So I say, kudos to you!

    And yes, there is MUCH to interpretation, not just of the cards themselves, but of the question. It's also important that the questioner be open to what the universe is trying to tell them, and not just what they want to hear, which can be difficult...


  • Please read my final comments on the thread that has your name on it!

    Be at peace, Bartmanhomer, and as my late father would have said, "Don't run before somebody is chasing you!"

    NOBODY is chasing you. And I beg your pardon if you thought I was.

    Follow your instincts. You have them for a reason, but don't forget to check them out with someone you trust once in awhile.

    I have as much respect for your abilities as a reader as I do anyone else's on the Forum. We readers need to be open to suggestions from other readers. After all, that's how we learn and we're ALWAYS learning, right?

    Have a good day and remember, thoughts become things...always choose the good ones.

    Blessed be.

  • I know.I forgive you.

  • Thank you.

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