• Hi TheCaptain I am in a relationship with a guy L.A.K pisces me.T.D.V leo....we started off great....never apart and all of a sudden hings started to change....his ex girlfriend keeps telling him that I am no good for him that I will use him and this is far from the truth but I think he questions our relationship behind this....she also tells him he will be miserable...just wondering if this relationship will work out.... urrrgh

    him 3/4/72 me 7/24/79.....thanks

  • Well of course his ex doesn't want him to be with anyone else - she is biased and no doubt wants him back.

    This can last for the long term if you both work at it. As different as you two are, your relationship can be relaxed, natural and easy. Each of you can compensate for the other's weaknesses without stress or strain. Your friend is strong on introspection, and will influence you to develop your more sensitive and spiritual side. Your social strengths will help your friend come into more meaningful contact with others. Thus your difficulty in getting in touch with your feelings and your friend's tendency to isolate himself can be very much helped by your relationship. You may even become unduly dependent on each other and on the relationship. Make sure you assimilate what you learn into your characters so that you can augment your personal growth as individuals and interact with others more effectively in the future. Retain your individual styles and personalities.

    In a love affair or marriage, each of you is usually open to the other, psychologically and physically. There is a sensuous connection here. The relationship's practical grounded outlook benefits both of you, expecially your friend who sometimes has difficulty discharging his everyday responsibilities. Neither of you tries to create problems and both seek out the relationship as a relief from life's stresses. But don't avoid difficulties, either - your understanding of each other will deepen as you share your thoughts and feelings. This can be an easy, enduring, and comfortable match.

  • thanks sooo much TheCaptain you are by far th are always comforting in whatever you have to express i love also make things very easy to understand I really do appreiciate your help.. Just hope we can over come this girls negative she tells my man that he is evil and so on.I kind of laugh at the whole thing..he is just folllowing his heart and not trying to hurt anyone even though they were not in a real relationship if you know what I mean...have a blessed day...MAY YOUR DAYS BE FULL OF HAPPINESS AND JOY...

  • ALMOST FORGOT....I apologize about the multiple threads my pc was acting up...sometimes it has a mind of it's own lol....

  • That's fine. 🙂

    What your man wants is to be in love and feel adored so make sure you lavish him with lots of affection and care. That will keep his attention on you and keep him from being distracted by the nasty ex.

  • YOU ARE BY FAR THE BEST........Thanks for everything....may your wishes come true.....

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