Confusion on future of relationship

  • My boyfriend is workng abroad for a year,i dont know if i should wait and hope he will want to come back to me and stay faithful or just end it and move on.automated tarot still left me in the dark.

  • well this all depends on how long you 2 have been together. but ill tell you what. something similar happend to me about 5 years ago and now im happily married to the woman of my dreams. granted ive only been married to her for just under 3 yrs at this point but tis still just the same as it ever was.

    anyway, this whole idea is based on the "giving a bird its freedom theory". like i was saying...the girl who was to be my wife at the time and long time friend had plans to spend the summer out of state with her father. just at that time we had realized theat what we had was more than just friendship. but neither of us wanted anything serious at the time as we had both come out of serious long term realationships that didnt work out. also we didnt wanna ruin our friendship.

    so the point of this whole schpeil is that we went on for that summer and did our own thing and when we came back we still had the same feelings and here we are today. if it wasnt meant to be then you wont be wasting any time. so just go and do your own thing.

    however. if you 2 have been together for a reasonable amount of time and things look promising then go ahead and wait. but whatever you do...DO NOT "take a break" youre just wasting your time then and things will never work out.

    BTW sorry it was sooo long

  • It depends on how you really feel about your boyfriend. I would personally go out & socialise,keeping faithful & keeping in constant touch with each other. If, on the other hand, you don't trust him or yourself to remain faithful then perhaps splitting now would leave you both free to get on with your own lives.

  • Hi, I guess I would look at how important the job is. It's never a good idea to chastise someone because they are working, but if it's a non-sensical (sp?) job, wait and see if he is going to like it. Also, consider how long you all have been together. Consider your own feelings and needs. If it gets to be too much to deal with, I would let him know. Hope this helps.

  • ya its been two months now so its starting to get a bit hard.We were together for over two years and he had to leave as there is no work at home cos of the recession so guess ill just wait it out and see.Does anyone know whats the best tarot spread for a really good idea what way this might turn out.I always find them so confusing.

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