Gwalchmai60, Do you have time?

  • Welcome I think you are new here, can you please, please, with sugar on top do a reading for me? Near Future or whatever you see. Don't know if you need a birthdate, 11/20/65. Muchas Gracias and Blessings to you! Thanks again.

  • poetic555,

    Would be happy to read for you. How involved do you want to get? And most importantly, tell me what's on your mind. What things would you like to see the Cards address?

    BTW, thank for giving me your birthdate without me having to ask. Your Soul/Personality card is Strength VIII. This is who you are regardless of incarnation. You might want to study this card in depth as it indicates who you are at your deepest essence.

    Many people have a separate Soul card and a separate Personality card, but you have been blessed with just one card (keeps things simple, huh?) as have I.

    My Soul/Personality card is the Hierophant V.

    And your significator is the Queen of Cups, correct?

    Any time either of these cards turn up in a spread for you, pay extra close attention. The Universe has something very important to tell you.

    Okay, I will wait to hear from you. Peace be with you.

  • Wow! Thanks so much for replying. I want to go as deep as you can if it's not too much trouble. I'm on a path of Acension now and awareness, my life has changed lately so much for the better and I'm going thru a "growing" process with God and my Universe and the Angels etc but I still have not made the connection to my "inner me." I believe that I'm a lightworker, I know I am, I do have obstacles to overcome. The strength card you mentioned is news to me, don't know much about it, I never give up no matter what life throws. I really, really appreciate your help! God Bless!

  • This calls for a Celtic Cross in my estimation. If you'd like, I can do the spread for you and publish it here. If you want to make it a bit more personal, let's do it by phone, which is how I usually read. Just let me know how far out you want to read, but remember, I don't read out further than six months. Let me know how you want to proceed. Peace.

  • I don't know what ever's easier, you can put it here if you don't mind, I'll be away after today till Monday. I pray it's not too painful! I believe in the greater good and the light and I believe we can always change the outcome by the choices we make, good or bad. BIG SMILE!

  • You are absolutely correct. The future lies in our own individual hands even if the Card that turns up is karmic or destined (Aces, Court Cards, Trumps). I mean, you can always choose HOW you're going to meet the karma or destiny, as well as WHEN.

    I made a mistake in your birth date numerology, poetic555. You're not Strength VIII at all. You're The Chariot VII through and through. This is who you are regardless of incarnation. There is no mask. The Chariot VII is a card of a very high order, so I would suggest you begin your study of it immediately, perhaps by sleeping with it under your pillow. Record any dreams you may receive. Study the image. Research the history of the card, etc.

    And remember, the magic in The Chariot VII is that it always gets where it's going. No matter how many hindrances, obstacles or challenges. It is assured safe passage to wherever it's bound. A perfect card for a Light Worker such as yourself.

    You also didn't tell me how far out you want me to read the Celtic Cross for you.

    Please do so before I begin reading. Thank you. Be safe and well. Peace.

  • God Bless you! You are doing me a favor so I appreciate whatever I get. I find this card thing fascinating and what a gift to have, I bought a tarot card set once, didn't really understand it and who knows what happened to it. I'm going to get this card and try it. I don't know the next few weeks or months, whatever is easier for you, beggars can't be picky! 🙂

  • I'm taking a guess here you don't have to tell me, or you Spanish or Oriental? Just wondering? You have that image of a male in the pic, or you female?

  • No, poetic555, I am a male who is thoroughly Anglo-Saxon and of Nordic descent.

    I use my avatar because as avatars go, it's really quite accurate!

    I'm a Viking.

    In fact, gwalchmai is really my name.

    However, it has evolved over the centuries into something different.

    If you can discover what gwalchmai means and how it's evolved, you will know my given first name.

  • Hello gwalchmai60 ~

    Been up all night at relay for life so my brain is working a bit slow today, but you have presented a challenge to discover your first name, lol! I'll post to you in a new thread.

    Poetic555, please excuse me jumping on your thread for just a moment .

    Have a beautiful day 🙂

  • Okay, love a puzzle, just got back.

  • The name means, "Hawk of Battle" and its a Welsh name or English.

  • Thought to be the original version of Gawain, a knight of the Round Table. Gwalchmai is also a village in Wales

  • Oh you're so very close...well, what is the modern day equivalent of the name "Gawain"? It developed into one name in Ireland and another in Scotland, but very similar. Brava to you for unraveling the "mystery". Gwalchmai can also variously mean "White Hawk" or "May Hawk", which I find fitting since I was born in May. Keep going...

  • TADA!!! Gawain is pronounced as GAAWahN †. Gawain is used chiefly in English and Welsh. Its origin is Welsh. Gawain is a variant of the name Gavin (English, Scottish, and Welsh).

    HI GAVIN!! I've never heard the other versions before! 🙂

  • Well done! Nothing like a good mystery to keep one on one's toes, especially an etymological mystery...the other version (Irish) is the name "Kevin"! Kudos to you, poetic555.

    Peace be with you. Your pal,


  • K! Feel like I won the Lottery!

  • Don't forget my reading, when ever you are ready.

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