Silateer, When ever you have time?

  • Good Morning/Evening,

    Good luck with your classes, whenever you have time could you please see whats in store for me in the next few weeks? Curious! dob 11/20/65. Thanks for your time and kindness and may the Universe repay you! 🙂

  • Hi Poetica!

    I see your past is marked with wrongdoing in response to some tough times. The reversed Queen of Swords is a deceitful, or sly woman with half truths and evil words maybe. Perhaps it is a sign that there was a struggle in which one person over came the situation with intellect in the matter causing a win for her side.

    Your present is the King of Cups showing respect, though not very much love. This I think is in work. Somebody might be keeping secrets from you to move ahead with their own motives. They are smart and powerful, often mistrusted and feared.

    The 9 of Swords is the immediate future for you is going to be hard coming up. There will be despair, and distrust. Again this is carrying through from the present. You will have to go through this alone I think.

    The not so distant future looks very good. I see well-being, and security in finances, love and family-life. The Empress here tells me that you have the power to achieve your goals grow through the troubled times coming ahead.

    The next few weeks ahead will be tough, but you will get through it and move on to much, much better times! Be careful of lies and manipulations from others.

    Stay on your path with an open heart and keen eye!


  • oops I meant Poetic555, not Poetica! 😃

  • Thank you! A little scary but I will overcome! I think we are the leaders of our own destiny and it's about choices we make! I so appreciate it you! God Bless you!

  • I like Poetica!

  • I'm wondering who the "Wicked Witch is"

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