First a Suspicious suicide, now a murder

  • Hi, to anyone who is a genuine psychic I implore your help.

    My brother committed suicide two years ago, now his wife has been murdered. Can anyone give me a real impression?

    I need to know if they are connected and who did it. If anyone is out there please send me info.

    His birthdate: Nov. 7, 1980

    Hers: June 1, 1984

    Please and Thank you,


  • I do feel your brother committed suicide because he was unable to deal with the problems and challenges in his life. He was very emotional and felt that suicide was the 'easiest' option than staying to fight a battle he felt he was losing. He didn't want to share what he was feeling or reveal his secrets, pretending everything was OK so his death was probably a shock to everyone. I do feel drugs could be connected to both cases but not necessarily by the same people.

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  • I do feel your brother may have gotten involved with a dangerous gang through drugs and that his wife was also brought into this world by the drugs. I do feel that the person whose name you know is more involved in your brother's death than with his wife - although he is in the gang that was part of her murder. Her death was both a warning and a revenge killing.

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  • Will do.

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