CHARMED WITCH BENTE --requeset from the thread "anyone need a reading.....

  • me 9-21-65

    him 6-30-76

    I love him

    can you tell me about my love? my career? my health? my weight and how to balance it and when it will be balanced?

    thank you in advance!

  • I'm obviously a trainwreck when it comes to relationships/love advice , so i may not be of much help in that area. Nor do i have psychic powers. However, i do enjoy fitness/working out/im a yoga addict, (lol) and do have quite some knowledge when it comes to fitness/weight and could help u a bit in that part if u want. 🙂

  • Oops, sorry Kmuse, i just realized i put this in your wrong thread. Sorry 😞

  • sagibaby come's can be in my thread hahaha

    I need all the advice I can get PLEASE!!! lol

  • Ok, so like what are your exact concerns when it comes to weight? What are you trying to achieve? Weight loss? Toning/Sculpting? Etc? Also, if you won't mind i would need to know your age, weight, how tall are you and how active are you? Any sports and "moving" activities that you enjoy doing? And what are your eating habits? What do you like to eat? Very important: portion sizes? Do you go for repeats a lot?

  • I am 5'2 and have gained ALOT of weight working with children eating kids food and pizza and even soda which I don't even like.

    I am about 80 lbs overweight!!!

    I want to lose and tone.

    I have been so lazy and I start stop constantly!

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