Could I please have a reading ?

  • I am a Cancer female /07/15/1966 and have had a very rough life up to this point. I read cards myself and am seeing a move(which I badly want) after coming into a sum of money(which I badly need). The cards and spirit keep telling me the same thing, but logically I don't see how that could happen ! I know we should take some things on faith, but ?? I just would like some clarity on this, because chasing my own tail is making me tired !--Many Thanks

  • If you are waiting for things to happen logically, you will wait for much longer than if you left yourself open to a miracle, which is what the universe has for you. Any doubts or negativity will block the flow of abundance.

  • I see you guys says a lot about spirit saying to you.

    is this literally a spirit talking to you or is it some kind of signs or inner self beliefs coming on inner analyses etc ?? what is really like when spirit talks to you?? How??

    peace a

  • Dear Captain, Thank you ! I know the energy involved in doubt can block what can happen. I just tend to over think things ! Thanks for the reminder !

  • Dear Art10, I think that Spirit can speak to you in a number of ways. Not always in full apparition form ! For me I will "stumble " across things related to my question or situation, or when I am doing a reading for someone else (its hard for me to read for me !), I will "hear" a voice. Mostly one of a guide of the person I am reading for. I am fortunate that I can read for others, but lack the same clearness for myself at times. Thus here I be !

  • thank you thecraftywitch!!

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