Lost in love with a gemini

  • I was with my boyfriend for 5 years. He is a gemini and I am an aquarious. The last year of our relationship he turned into this person i didn't know. He was angry and depressing and it hurt us so bad i broke it off at the beginning of this last summer. Problem was i was still in love with him so i continued "parts" of the relationship just not the title. In august my best friend convinced me to not talk to him for a while to clear my head and she took that time to get close to him and convince him i was bad for him. When i realized I had made a mistake it was too late and he now hates me. Or atleast sometimes he says he does. He sends ridicously mixed signals but all are extreme either hes driving and hour away to spend his anniversarry with me for 8 hours straight ending in a 5 min hug in the rain crying or hes completely ignoring me telling me he hates me. I am so torn b/c i cannot seem to begin a new relationship with anyone its been over 6 months and the "butterflies" just arent there for anyone else. I seem to be hurting so many boysi feel like hiding in my room b/c i don't want anyone else but my ex. I don't know where else to turn because i can't figure him out and i know him better than anyone else. He treats his new gf completely different than me. He treats her very cassually refuses to say i love u to her talks about never getting married and hits on other girls. With me I was his entire world and all we talked about to everyone and eachother was how we would spend our future together. any advice would be wonderful 😃 I feel like i'm gonna be stuck the rest of my life waiting for him and the pain is ridiculous.

  • Gemini men can be very complicated people, all I can say is, be careful, take your time and listen to your inner voice. Trust your inner voice it will guide you, you may not always hear what you want to, but, that's life, you need to take the bad with the good. On one last note at the risk of repeating myself, Gemini men are very, very, complicated people and any relationship with a gemini man will always require a lot of work.

    Good luck!!!

  • Hi, I agree w/MVP. You could be in for a rocky ride. Somewhere along the line he got his feelings hurt.

  • Hiya! I think you haven't really cleared your mind yet....if you got back with your ex now your relationship would continue like your last year of your relationship not like the first three heady years at the start! Also, he's been hurt and his barrier is up. He doesn't hate you, but it sounds as if he doesn't want to risk being hurt again. He's dating again - the girls are probably not your cup of tea...but he isn't in the right frame to begin a new long relationship yet and is not going to declare his undying love to them. You need to get out and do the same...socialise & have fun...don't look for butterflies & the ultimate "one" yet...he'll come along soon enough, don't you worry.....it may be all it needs is time away from each other...in fact, if he sees you enjoying yourself he may begin to realise what you both had was so special and may start wooing you again...in which case enjoy!

  • I totally agree with mrchick, if it's one thing Gemini's hate it seeing someone pulling away from them and truly moving on. It's not something you can fake either, you have to really be doing just that, moving on. Gemini's can spot a fake in an instant.

  • hey, regardless of his star sign, this guy is bad news for you. You are finding it hard to move on because you havent had any closure or given yourself a chance to heal. Hanging on to what you hope 'might become' is just not going to happen - you were together FIVE years and from what you say he cant distiguish what he actually knows of you as a person he spent all that time with and the lies someone else is whispering to him. Having a relationship of any kind with this guy is just not healthy - for either of you. Please take some time out to heal your heart, regain some confidence and faith in yourself. Only then will you be in the right frame of mind to choose your true partner - look into your inner self and make the time to find true happiness in yourself then you will find true happiness with someone else - whether it be fate with your gemini guy or not

  • I am a Libra woman and I am married to a Gemini and my ex is a Gemini as well as boyfirends. There are two kinds of Gemini men the good ones and the bad and it sounds like you got the bad, They are fun and loving and for the first years they work hard at what is important to them "at the time'!! As soon as it starts getting old, things go down hill and to be honest with you they stay or get worse.! I know this is hard but the other's were write get on with your life! Build up your self and be ready for him to come back "He Will" and if your not ready he will make your life hell in one way or another when it is all said and done! When I married my husband he made 65 thousand a year in one year I went from being so happy to having my whole life turned up side down. He quit job after job always the other persons fault. Started hitting had the police over all the time. We no longer live together. I don't even look at a guy if they are a Gemini and yes I know that is just there sun but it don't matter!

  • OMG! obviously, you just have poor jugement when it comes to males altogether. Look, I have Gemini's all around me and males at that. They are sensitive and big hearted, the wall they put up and coldness they seem to exhaust is purely their defense mechanism. I am the most jealous and possessive of all signs...and my Gemini looks at every single female around. He is just looking, he comes home with me, to me and loves only me. I am a detective at heart and did my research and still do from time to time. A Gemini male in love is loyal....but if you put some kind of doubt in his mind that you will go elsewhere, well just call it over cause they don't have the heart to deal with games. When they love, they truly do. They don't accept any apologies over major transgressions. So be yourself, stay true to your Gemini and if you can't, then leave for good and let someone who will be true, benefit from the twins love.

  • I think you need to get over your Gemini man and move on, I am Gemini and we are complicated and dual personalities, but we know when we are in love. I think the time has passed in your relationship.

    Better to have loved and been loved than to never have had love. A Gemini once they loose interest it is done, usually no going back.

    Maybe he is going thru some stage himself, some men just gotta do that and learn their lessons in love I think as a Gemini we move quickly from one interest to another, love new people new things. But I know we are very loyal and dedicated if we are in love, you cant get much better than a Gemini cause they will keep life interesting for you and are very much about the physical and mind relationship.

  • I agree with scorpwolf! Im soon to be married to a gemini and Ive dated many geminis. There is a bad and a good gemini. the one you want is the one who feels the mutual feelings, it cant be one sided because they will use you to the fullest! Geminis can love hard or love loosely like nothing matters but they make it seem (slightly).

    I love you Jumel and as a Taurus woman we are the perfect match!

    Jumel- May 28th!

    Me- May 3rd!

    Jumel JR- May 4th!

  • Okay, don't chastise or excommunicate me from this site but gemini or not doesn't make a difference. I agree with the earlier statement that he has been hurt, thus the mean cooment toward you and he has moved on. If his new relationship is okay with the no marriage and abusive views that is her issue. Now for you. You were in this relationship for 5 years and it died. Now you must go through a grieving process just as you would the death of someone you know. One note is that you initiated the break up in the relationship, which began the end of it. You then find yourself going through periods of sadness and anger at first and depending on where you were in the ending process you may even try to bargain, even with your God. You may very well fluctuate between those for a long period of time. You will then get yourself to accept the end of the relationship as a reality and will begin to move forward in your life. Lastly, you will find full acceptance in the end of the relationship, only this time in your heart.

    No one can say how long it will take to finally find that full acceptance in your heart. You were dedicated to the relationship for 5 years and it probably won't happen in only 6 months. It takes time, you will know when it is time to move on; and you probably will not feel those butterflies again till you have fully accepted the end of the previous relationship. Give yourself time, there is nothing wrong with you and it will get better. I wish you all the best as you move on.

  • Amen to that...sugarqueen1973!

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