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  • I have recently lost my husband whom I truly adored. He was very ill. Now I am coping with the adjustments both within myself and those associated with the necessities of life. I must move forward, and of course, make money to support myself. I am a self-starter and have built a good reputation for myself in the community. I love my home and the area and would prefer to stay here if I can, rather than sell and move nearer other relatives.

    DOB 2/1/1958

    Any help out there?

  • StMichael, I feel that a reluctance to change or a lack of focus (easily distracted) may be holding you back from finding the answers you seek. Perhaps you got used to your husband doing everything that needed to be done. You will need some mental discipline here if you want to move forward - set your sights on concrete goals and do not veer from the path once you have decided what you want. You can get caught up in the wonder of your visions but may not actually do anything about acheiving them, or simply move onto something else before completing the last project. Set your willpower to achieve what you want and nothing will stand in your way. I believe you have a particular craft or skill that if perfected can bring you much reward. If you can generate some income through your own devices, then you can certainly remain where you are with perhaps a home business.

  • You are correct about this. I often start things and move to something else before the first is complete often because I lose interest. I sell real estate and have an excellent reputation in that field. People like to work with me and I enjoy these individuals and friendships very much. I do have other talents as well and have considered another source of income from my home and am in conflict as to what that might be. Of course, my family loves me very much, but I would prefer to stay where I have put my roots.

    My husband was a wonderful person and did, indeed, help me very much even in my business. He was very kind to clients in need and helped them in many ways.

    I am curious about how you gain your insights. Tarot? Intuition?

    I consult tarot daily and have been absolutely amazed at the readings.

  • My sincerest condolences on the loss of your dear husband, St.Michael. The gaping hole that a loss of that kind leaves is hard to fill and there will always remain a place in your heart that belongs only to him.

    I lost my partner 3.5 years ago and I'm still not "over" it. In fact, I don't think one ever really does get "over" it. One just gets more and more used to it, to that person's absence.

    Flannery O' Connor once remarked that "Pain is more instructive than a trip to Europe; it's the only place you can go and no one can go with you." She, of course, was speaking of physical pain, but I think it's just as true for emotional pain.

    Anyway, the reason I jumped in here was to tell you that your Personality Card is The Star XVII and your Soul Card is Strength VIII (this is who you are regardless of incarnation). Two very powerful cards. You can do whatever you set your mind to and I'm sure you have a lovely personality.

    If you ever have the cards read and these two cards turn up, pay extra close attention to them. The Universe is REALLY trying to get your attention and tell you something.

    Ditto your Significator, the Queen of Swords. That's all.

    Blessed be and peace be with you.

  • Thank you. I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness. We can't change what's happened, but must learn to live with the new order of things.

    I know already that there are things I need to understand more clearly. This is my final incarnation. I am, indeed, very strong. It was clear to me from childhood that I "knew" or "sensed" things before they occurred. It scared my mother.

    Perhaps your knowledge could assist me in my understanding?

    Take care.

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